A Deep Dive Into Budee

It’s an exciting time for cannabis enthusiasts in many parts of the country. And still, Budee takes that excitement up a few notches! Budee.org is a website with a mission: to bring the best cannabis products that California has to offer, right to your door!

That’s right! We’re talking about some of the highest quality pesticide-free and lab-tested cannabis from over a dozen brands. The website stocks cannabis products in all their forms, starting with the essentials such as a wide variety of flowers, edibles, and pre-rolls.

But above and beyond that, they’ve even got things like beverages and topicals, as well. Oh, you can also use them to get all the accessories you need to get started if you’re a newbie or update your collection if you already have one.

Best of all, Budee’s broad product selection covers multiple strain types. So, whether you have a preference for Indica, Sativa, or any other kind of strain, they’ve got you covered.

Who’s It For?

After taking a close look at Budee, it’s clear that they cater to the entire spectrum of cannabis users. So, whether it’s your first time or if you’ve been enjoying cannabis products for decades, Budee is a great place to get what you need.

For newbies, they’ll find that Budee offers a very user-friendly site that doesn’t seem intimidating or confusing at all. Instead, the website makes you feel like a kid in a candy store for the first time. Just browsing the website and seeing what all the different brands have to offer is an experience in itself!

Better yet, cannabis amateurs will appreciate Budee’s friendly customer service specialists who are available seven days a week. These specialists will walk new buyers through any product information they need so that they know exactly what they’re buying before they place their orders.

Cannabis veterans will love Budee, as well. The website offers them the chance to browse all sorts of cannabis brands and forms that they may not have tried before. Best of all, they can order all the different products through a single platform.

What We Like About Budee

There’s plenty to love about Budee, especially in terms of product selection, easy-to-use website, as well as their customer support and returns policies.

Of course, the main highlight is the fact that Budee makes California’s finest cannabis products available through very discreet delivery. California has always been the cannabis ‘promised land’, and Budee is doing a great job in making Californian products more accessible.

As mentioned before, we love how there’s a virtually endless offering of cannabis products on the website. Simply put, if there’s cannabis in it, they’ve got it on sale. Drinks, tinctures, cartridges; they’ve got it all!

Lastly, Budee has put together an impressive customer support team that operates seven days a week. That’s not something you often see with cannabis businesses, let alone any other kind. Plus, the return policies show just how much confidence Budee.org has in the products they sell.

What We Don’t Like About Budee

Even though there’s a lot to love about Budee, there’s still plenty of room for the site to improve.

Firstly, the design of the website could use an update. The website functions exceptionally well; don’t get us wrong. But the design could discourage new online shoppers who make buying decisions based on first impressions.

Aside from that, it seems that their beverages category is a little bit lacking. Every other type of cannabis product includes dozens of brands and selections to choose from. However, the beverages category only has a handful of items to choose from.

Hopefully, their selection in this category will expand a little bit further in the future.

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  • A wide selection of brands and products.
  • Open on holidays (e.g. Christmas Day, New Years’, etc.).
  • Friendly customer support through SMS, phone, and email.
  • 14-day return policy.


  • A limited selection of beverages.
  • The website interface feels dated.

How Are Products Delivered

There are two qualities that you can expect from orders through Budee: quality and discretion.

You can rest assured that anything you order through Budee is delivered in high-quality packaging regardless of the brand or type. That packaging does an excellent job at retaining the quality of the product inside, while also preventing it from being contaminated in any way.

On top of that, all deliveries through Budee go out to customers in a discreet and professional manner as possible. Recreational and medicinal cannabis alike value their privacy, and it’s clear that Budee understands this very well.

Overview Of Features

Budee is very versatile when it comes to search and filtering features. With just a couple of clicks, you can narrow down the product listing according to the brands, types, and even the strains that you prefer.

Better yet, the thumbnails on each item listing display everything you need to know about the product without having to click on individual items. With just a glance, you can see the product’s price, weight, and the THC or CBD content in the product.

By placing all of those details upfront, users can easily compare several products at one time without having to view them individually.

All in all, the search and filter features of the website make shopping for cannabis products such a breeze!

Review Summary

All things considered, Budee is an excellent way to buy cannabis products. Not only does it simplify the buying process, but it also acts as a great way to discover new ones you never knew existed!

Best of all, Budee acts as a one-stop-shop for everything that you want to buy. So, you can order the stuff you’re already familiar with and try some new brands all in the same order!

For added value, you can shop with peace of mind knowing that the website’s customer service and return policies will take good care of you. Their customer service professionals are always available to answer any questions you have. Plus, if you’re not happy with any of it, you can ask for a return. Be sure to check the return policies first, though!

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