Can I Use An Epilator on My Face?

Epilators are usually used to remove unwanted hair and that can be used on any body part. Epilators are convenient to use and they surely make our life easy. Using an epilator regularly can also help people in reducing hair growth and hence they usually don’t have to epilate for 4 to 6 weeks after one session. Now, a lot of people have a question if they can use the epilator on the face and the answer to this question varies. Alternatively, many women are using bikini trimmers as well.

Giving a simple answer, we can’t say that you can use the epilator on your face if you have an epilator that supports facial epilating. Most of the new models are compatible to be used with your face but still, you need to check if the model of the epilator you own can be used on your face.

So you have the answer now, it is totally right to use the epilator on your face. In addition to this, you must go ahead and purchase the epilator that is compatible with facial use. Don’t forget to check the best epilator reviews.

We are now going to talk about the process of using the epilator on your face. Follow the process and if you face any sort of discomfort then you may discontinue and resort to other techniques for hair removal.


Steps to Epilate Facial Hair Using An Epilator

Epilator for Facial Hair – Epilators that can be used to epilate the facial hair is usually very small and compact. This not only enhances the compatibility but it also reduces the surface area of the epilator so that it matches the surface area of the skin. You can purchase the epilator which is usable with the facial skin and remember that this is the key hair. Do not try to use the regular epilator on your facial skin.

Prepare the Epilator – The second step here is to prepare the epilator. You need to prepare your epilator and what we mean is that you need to charge your epilator for the use. In addition to this, clean the epilator with an antiseptic liquid or rubbing alcohol to ensure that you kill all the bacteria on the epilator. Once you epilator is prepared, you can go ahead to the next step.

Trim Hair – If you notice longer strands of facial hair then you need to trim them first. The optimal length of the hair is 3 mm to 5 mm. This makes epilating easier for you. Do not try to epilate longer strands of hair as they can get tangled in the epilator and it can be extremely painful.

Exfoliate the Skin – Just like regular epilating sessions, exfoliate your skin properly and ensure that there is no makeup or moisturizer on the skin. This will help you in ensuring that the hairs do not stick the skin which makes it difficult to epilate. In addition to this, you also need to ensure that the skin is dry.

Test Before Use – Before you use the epilator on your skin, try and test it on the small portion. This will give you an idea if you should go ahead or if you must abandon your plan. It is quite an important thing to do. This is not required if you are not doing it for the first time.

Epilate the Facial Hair – Once you are happy with the test, then go ahead and start epilating your facial hair. Press the epilator against your skin using the optimal pressure and hold the head perpendicular to your skin. You can now start epilating the skin easily.

Moisturize and Ice pack – In this step, you need to moisturize the skin after you epilate the hair. Also, you can use the ice pack of you can wrap some ice in a towel and use it on your face directly to sooth your skin. In the worst case, if you feel that the sensation is unbearable then go ahead and take an over the counter pain killer. Most of the people do not experience such discomfort so painkillers are usually not required. The sensation usually subsides in about 30 to 60 minutes.

Clean the Epilator – This is the last step of epilating the facial hair. Simply go ahead and clean your epilator. You can wash your epilator if it’s a waterproof model or else you can even use a brush and some rubbing alcohol to disinfect the epilator.

This was our take on using the epilator on the face. Using the epilator on the face will help you in getting the smoothest possible skin and you will surely be happy with the results. A lot of people have also reported that they noticed a glow on the skin after epilating the skin. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and epilate the facial hair for amazingly smooth skin however, do not forget to take the precautions listed above.

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