The Similarities Between Car Culture and Vaping Culture

People have been into modifications for a very long time. Modifying something is just the best way to make it your own, and changes often bring a lot of performance to the table.

Just like adding a turbocharger to your engine will significantly increase its horsepower, increasing the wattage on your vape pen will improve its performance. But modifications aren’t all about performance. Below, we’re going to discuss the beautiful marriage between car culture and vape culture, and their mutual connection to modifications.

Let’s discover the similarities between car culture and vaping culture.

What Is Vape Modification?

Modifying your car and vape are virtually the same. You’re doing something to your desired product that changes its appearance, performance, and even function.

Through modification, we genuinely make our favorite thing in the world unique. Many kits can help modify your desired product in any way you like. Just like you’d fit a gorgeous AMG kit on your brand new c63, you’d install a stunning box mod to your vape pen.

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While a body kit might increase your car’s performance by optimizing its aerodynamics, a vape kit might give you fatter rips of smoke, bang for your buck, or make your vape pen look as unique as possible.

But there is much more to modding culture than merely changing the appearance of your car and the aerodynamics of your vape pen – some mods do nothing to improve upon the performance. One can get their hands on high-quality e-liquids at hangsen e liquids.

1. Aesthetic Mods

Some mods don’t add anything to the performance but make your vape or your car look stunning. The car world places substantial critique on aesthetically modifying your vehicle without modifying its performance, but the vaping world welcomes it wholeheartedly.

Some aesthetic modifications allow you to completely change your car’s look or your vape and make it as unique as possible.

Similarities Between Car Culture and Vaping CultureIn both worlds, there are experienced craftsmen (and sometimes, not entirely as experienced) that create unique parts for your vape or car. That is the best way to make your desired item more novel, but can potentially inhibit performance, practicality, or the general aesthetic.

The rule of thumb is you shouldn’t mess with what the factory intended unless you’re entirely aware of what you’re doing. While in the vape world, the modifications don’t cost quite as much as with cars, spending unnecessary amounts of money on impractical mods isn’t going to get you very far.

2. Performance Parts

The automotive magnate Enzo Ferrari once said:

Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines.

And he was right, to an extent. While flashy aesthetics don’t have to say absolutely anything about performance, they still matter.

While a sleeper car might outperform a flashy new race car, augmenting the performance of both your vape and your vehicle will be integral to the modification process. Everyone likes something that exceeds expectations – you’re bound to impress with your average-looking vape that produces the most massive clouds.

Just like you love doing tricks with both your vape and your car, having the proper performance parts to back the tricks up is essential.

Why Do We Love Modification So Much?

why do We love ModificcationsModifications are universal to almost every hobby out there. We adore modifying all our favorite tools, items, and everything in general because it’s a great way to add a personal touch to them.

Modifying something yourself means that you need to get introduced to the item at hand, saying that you’re going to gain a deeper understanding of the item you adore so much.

In the car world, modifying your ride, either aesthetically or performance-wise, is a great way to connect with an integral part of your life. At times, people tend to go a bit crazy with their modifications, especially in the Bosozoku culture – but that’s what makes the whole thing worth it.

In the vaping world, people adore modifying their vapes because they serve as a personal accessory, and are sometimes necessary. Ask an avid vaper, and he is likely going to tell you that he can’t go for an hour without his favorite vape pen and vape juice.

This is where all the magic happens. Modifying anything is a way to make it your own, express your creativity, and gain a personal connection to the thing you’re modifying – as there is no better way to go about it.

In Conclusion

Modification is fun, exciting, and we can get hooked on it. It’s essential to stay within the range of possibility when modifying anything, as it can get out of hand quickly.

But who are we to judge? Express yourself, your creativity, and your wildest dreams, but don’t get too carried away if you can help it.

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