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Top 5 CBD Drip Products Worth Checking Out

CBD oil or cannabidiol has gained popularity for being a healthy and natural alternative to treat various physical ailments. In fact, athletes swear by the power of CBD oil to keep their muscles working even after tremendous activity or rigorous exercise.

Products from CBD Drip, to be specific, are safe for use. They do not contain harmful chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides. The whole cannabinoid plants sourced for the oil are non-GMO. Aside from gathering certified and EU-grown hemp, the oil extracted has undergone stringent lab tests to ensure their efficacy.

To know more about CBD Drip products, here is a short review of their capsules, sublingual, drinks, and vape.

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  1. ECOgels Hemp Extract and ECOGels Travel Pack Review

A bottle of Ecogels contains a full spectrum of the cannabis plant that produces a rich yet raw hemp extract. It contains coconut oil, omega-3 and omega-6, chlorophyll, fatty acids, plant sterols, and other nutrients. Each capsule, on the other hand, has 25 mg of active CBD. The capsules are best taken at morning and night. They can be taken on an empty stomach.

For those who prefer a sample and travel-size version of Ecogels Hemp Extract, CBD Drip offers the ECOgels Travel Pack, which includes 2 capsules. This pack is ideal for people who want to pack light yet would not want to miss out on the benefits of cannabis oil.

ECOGels Hemp Extract is perfect for starters — those who are starting out on CBD but may not be keen on using all CBD Drip products yet. It usually takes 2 weeks to see the results, but for some people, the effects come faster. The product is also a great alternative to pain relievers and anti-inflammation medicines.

Taking ECOGels first thing in the morning gets you ready for the day, especially if you have a lot of tasks to accomplish. There has been a noticeable change in the way one’s memory works — the ability to focus is improved. If you suffer from or are prone to anxiety attacks, this might also help calm those nerves. Although the product is more commonly used by customers with muscle inflammation, one or two customers have tried using this for their arthritis. The results, however, are inconclusive.

Overworked men and women DO need to take 2 capsules of ECOGels every day. The muscle pain goes away by the third day, and it becomes easier to bounce back from the pain and fatigue.

As for the travel pack, it could have been better if it contained at least 10 capsules to tide you over for the week. For those who have to be away for more than 2 days and don’t want to bring the whole bottle, toting more than 1 travel pack can be an inconvenience.

  1. ECOSHOT Energy + Hemp

This is the perfect energy drink for people on the go, or fitness enthusiasts who don’t mind cracking their knuckles and straining their muscles at the gym. ECOSHOT Energy delivers that much-needed boost of energy to help you power through your busy, hectic day. However, the drink is made from hemp extract only and thus is not a substitute for products made from premium cannabinoid plants.

Each bottle contains 2 ounces of ECOSHOT Energy, but delivers only 5 mg of calories. It has a unique blend of hemp extract, caffeine, L-tyrosine, taurine, and L-carnitine.

The best thing about ECOSHOT is that it delivers what it promises. Drink this in the morning and you’ll immediately feel the energy surging within you. The feeling is akin to excitement, and all you want to do is spend this energy in the most productive way possible.

You wouldn’t even feel bloated when you drink this. In fact, it makes you sweaty. Thanks to its L-carnitine content, you can easily burn sugar and calories, and won’t gain so much weight.

ECOSHOT is also a good pick-me-up drink in the afternoon when you’re feeling sluggish and tired. Unlike normal energy drinks, this product does not leave a weird, sugary aftertaste.

You are discouraged to consume the drink at nighttime, though — the caffeine and hemp extract could keep you up until the morning. You might also feel extra jittery if you don’t exercise or move about after drinking ECOSHOT.

  1. ECOSHOT Relax + Hemp

ECOSHOT Relax is the perfect companion to ECOSHOT Energy. When you get too excited and energetic, this beverage will help you wind down. Like ECOSHOT Energy, this drink is made of hemp extract only and cannot be used in place of medications.

The drink contains a blend of L-theanine, GABA, and kava. These ingredients, as well as other vitamins, are capable of relaxing your nerves without getting sedated. L-theanine can be found in black tea, while kava is a crop known to relieve stress. GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), on the other hand, reduces neuronal excitability.

The good thing about ECOSHOT Relax is that it balances the effect of its energy-inducing counterpart. It also relaxes the body without making you feel dizzy or drowsy. It’s best taken in the evening. Remember, you can still do less strenuous activities after you have taken ECOSHOT Relax. The drink merely reduces your energy to prepare you for sleep.

So far, no side effect has been recorded. Perhaps the only disadvantage is that customers have to buy both ECOSHOT Energy and Relax to balance their effects, which may not be budget-friendly for some.

  1. ECODROPS Focus Review

CBD Drip also offers sublingual products such as ECODROPS Focus. This product is made from CBD-rich cannabinoid hemp oil extract. It is a blend of 1,500 active CBD and 9,300 mg of hemp oil extract. Three to 10 drops may be taken, depending on your need.

This product is beneficial for those who need to concentrate, juggle a lot of tasks, and are a bit forgetful. Sometimes forgetfulness is caused by stress, and the remedy for this is a unique combination of hemp oil, CBD, vitamin E, and citrus terpenes.

If you need an instant energy boost and memory enhancer, take ECODROPS Focus. Studies have also shown that this product can relieve you of anxiety, so you can concentrate more on your to-dos.

However, results vary per person. Sometimes you need to take more drops each day; others need more time to feel the effects. The common denominator is that within a week or so, you’ll notice that your mental acuity is enhanced — your memory is sharper and your concentration is keener. One experiment is to memorize a list each day and see how much you remember. Don’t expect instant results, though — it takes practice to keep one’s mental acuity in tip-top shape.

  1. Vape Gold Single Review

Vape Gold Single can help you relax or become energized, depending on your need. Through a CO2 supercritical extraction method, the vape retains all the nutrients, vitamins, lipids, terpenes, and cannabinoids needed to give you optimum benefits and a great vaping experience.

There’s no need to worry about adverse effects — so far there have been no reported dizzying spells and headaches associated with Vape Gold Single. However, if you are not too keen on vaping, especially if it’s going to be your first time, you can use Gold Single as a sublingual product.


CBD Drip continues to create the best products for its loyal customers. Each product is worth checking out not only because it’s cheap compared to most CBD products, but also because it’s made of quality ingredients, hemp oil extract, and whole plant cannabinoids.

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