CBDfx CBD Oil Vape Additives Review (60,120,300, &500mg)


When the package arrived on my desk, I have to admit that I was fairly excited. CBD, or cannabidiol, is certainly making the rounds in the outdoor sports and recreation community right now (of which I am an avid participant), and I have several friends and acquaintances who swear by the stuff. I had heard all sorts of good things about CBD, but my curiosity was truly piqued when I began seeing stories about it in major news outlets like CNN and BBC, where the compound is being lauded as a potential future treatment for everything from epilepsy to anxiety.

CBDFx CBD vape oil additives

Speaking of which, there’s a laundry list of things that people opt to use CBD for. CBDfx, the company that provides the products I’m reviewing today, is quick to point out that they do not make any definitive claims about what their products will or won’t do (a noble stance for a company to take in 2018, quite frankly). However, they do provide a wealth of links to peer-reviewed studies and mainstream news outlet reports which detail the myriad ways in which CBD is being looked at for medical (or at least palliative) application.

A cursory glance online at CBD reviews and aficionado websites tells us that people are using CBD to self-treat conditions like anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and inflammation, nicotine addiction, and even serious problems like cancer, seizures, lupus, and Parkinson’s Disease. As COVID-19 ravishes the world, many are wondering if vaping CBD is a smart idea to start doing.

CBD For Chronic Inflammation

For myself, I was primarily interested in CBD’s purported ability to ease chronic inflammation. My main hobby is a type of rock climbing called “bouldering” — rather than climbing long routes, you stick to short, powerful moves to get up a boulder that can be anywhere from 10-30 feet in height. It’s a sport that requires a tremendous amount of tension and force to be exerted on tendons, muscles, and your skeletal system. As a result, injuries are rampant and notorious, and just about every climber is nursing a few injuries at any given time.

But acute injuries like cuts and bruises aren’t a problem for me. It’s the years of climbing that have taken their toll, resulting in chronic inflammation in the tendons and joints of my fingers, hands, and shoulders in particular. Could CBD really be part of my treatment, and maybe allow me to ease the impact on my liver from taking so many pain relievers all the time? When I first unboxed CBDfx’s 60mg CBD Oil Vape Additive, I didn’t know — but I did know that I was ready to kick back, relax, and take a few puffs off of my usual vape.

How To Use CBDfx Dropper

I followed the directions on the package and emptied the 60mg dropper into my tank, mixed with one of my usual e-liquid choices. My vape hit the same as it ever does, with the only difference being a light leafy flavor now wafting in the background of the vape’s taste profile.

I should note that I started with CBDfx’s 60mg product before moving on to the 120mg, 300mg, and finally 500mg (in that order). The company produces four different strengths of CBD Oil to allow you to dose cannabidiol in the proportion that you feel is appropriate for the effect you’re looking for. The company recommends that inexperienced CBD users start with the 60mg (lowest) concentration before moving up.

CBDfx e-liquid Tank

After taking several hits over the course of 15-20 minutes with my new 60mg CBD-infused e-liquid tank, I noticed a mild sensation of calm beyond how I’d normally feel while taking a vaping break. I certainly didn’t feel “high” or anything (although CBD and THC both come from the hemp plant, only THC is psychoactive); though I definitely felt different. But was this a placebo effect? It was tough to say. The flavor was good but mild. It became clear to me that the 60mg strength is for people looking to microdose with CBD rather than really experience the strongest effect.

Next, the 120mg, which I tried a few hours later. I inserted a brand new tank (as I did for each different strength), this time mixed with a CBD Oil formula that was double the last one. This time, after about 20-30 minutes of idly vaping while watching some football, I noticed it clearly: I felt that same sense of calm again, but this time it was way, way more pronounced. I was so interested in feeling some joint pain relief that I was totally blindsided by the first CBD effect I felt: an anti-anxiety effect! I started smiling to myself sitting there alone as I realized that it was highly unlikely that I’d ever had an e-liquid tank without CBD in it again.

The next day, I made a fresh tank with the 300mg strength CBD. This is the one I will be purchasing for myself moving forward as a CBD user and vape aficionado. With this potency, the anti-anxiety effect I felt the previous day was even slightly more pronounced, but this time some other effects came to my attention. The first and foremost one being that my hands weren’t aching despite the chill in my drafty apartment. This is a HUGE deal because my joints ache so much generally that I have grown accustomed to just tuning it out. But lo and behold, it felt like I was having a good inflammation day despite the fact that I woke up with aching hand joints. This is a big deal to me, and although the effect certainly wasn’t magic, it was absolutely noticeable.

The following day, I eagerly loaded the final tank with the 500mg strength. At first, I felt almost identically to the day I’d used the 300mg tank, but before long I noticed that I was very sleepy. The anti-anxiety effect began to blur into an almost sleep-inducing effect, and so I’d personally only recommend this strength for CBD users who want to specifically treat insomnia, or who need a very potent dose for whatever reason. Also, the plant flavor was EXTREMELY noticeable for this strength, which was fine for me because I don’t mind the kind of earthy, plant flavor, but I could see how some people might not want the flavor of their usual e-liquid overpowered. For me personally, the 300mg was the sweet spot.


Overall, this has made a huge impact on my quality of life as a climber and chronic pain sufferer. I knew nothing about CBD before hearing that I could add it to my vape juice, and now I will be a regular cannabidiol user like millions of other Americans. Best of all, I feel good when I compare CBDfx to some of their competitors because CBDfx clearly cares about quality: you can tell that based on everything from the packaging they use to the fact that they use organically grown plants and let you literally view the batch lab reports online.

I can’t speak to the other things that CBD is used for, because I don’t suffer from those. But for noticeable chronic pain and anxiety relief, I can’t imagine it getting any better than this — all I have to do is mix a dropper into my e-liquid each time I refill it!



About CBDfx

CBDfx review

CBDfx is an industry leader in providing all-organic, full-spectrum CBD products for the discerning CBD user. They are notable for a vast selection of CBD additives in capsules, tinctures, and edibles, as well as a commitment to transparency in manufacturing and formulation. CBDfx is partnered with organic hemp farms throughout Europe and completes their product formulation in Southern California laboratories, who make batch purity results publicly available online for their customers.

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