cbdMD vs. Medterra – Head to Head Comparison & Review

Compare cbdMD vs. Medterra CBD Products

Specification Comparison and Reviews

Welcome to another edition of CBD Wars :). This week we are comparing products from cbdMD vs. Medterra. The way we do the comparison is through many different factors in each product where we compare them head to head. Additionally, we will point out the differences between the two so that you can decide which brand will work better for your needs.

cbdMD vs. Medterra
Full or Broad Spectrum
Smart flight modesFor video and flight smart ways
Flight Timemaximum time with cameras on board
Items Per Bottle
Speed supportedSpeed in km/h in sport mode
Camera Camera resolution and fps
4k 30 fps
4k 60fps

mg Per Serving

This first chart shows the differenced in mg per item. The items head-to-head are the companies highest dosage bottle for their gummies.

You will notice that both offer 50mg per capsule and both offer a months supply of 30 in each bottle. However, cbdMD tops out higher in the pocketbook compared to Medterra. Let’s keep comparing to see if the price differential is warranted.

  • cbdMD Capsules Bottle
  • Medterra Capsules

Broad or Full Spectrum

Now we are getting into some differences between the two brands. cbdMD capsules offer a broad spectrum blend which also contains CBG, and CBDV which are other canniboids and have their own benefits.

Medterra offers 99% Pure CBD (Cannabidiol), Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil, Bovine Gelatin.

This is the main reason for the price differential. cbdMD’s broad spectrum offers additional health benefits that you won’t get with Medterra capsules. That’s not to say that not using broad spectrum is superior, it just offers additional benefits. It’s like taking a vitamin that only contains B12 compared to a Multi Vitamin, for example.

  • cbdMD Capsules Bottle
  • Medterra Capsules

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