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The way that we interact with our new iPhones 6 models is getting faster and and easier to use thanks to new features that are available in the new iOS 9 OS. This means that app developers can now tap into these few programming features to do some pretty cool things in their apps. One such app is called Contacts Pad and this new app will allow you to access your most used and favorite contacts at faster than ever speeds. This is really how contacts should be by default on your phone.

The overall look of the app incorporates the latest iOS 9 features by offering the flat icons for that pleasing look and feel. You can easily see what each icon is and easily leads to the connection option of your choice. Need to send an Instagram picture, no problem, just click the Instagram icon. Would rather send a quick Skype message, then choose that option to do so. How about a quick Facetime chat, again easily done.  And on and on…. With over 10 ‘connection’ options to choose from, connecting to your favorite people in the way you want to connect is easier than ever with this app.

Not only can you connect to the people on your contacts list in your phone but you can also connect to your Facebook Friends, Twitter Contacts, Google+ audience, and Pinterest followers.  This is great news because everyone has their own favorites on how they communicate with their friends, family, and contacts.  This app will allow that communication medium to take place and will do it in the easiest way possible by offering all the choices on one screen.

How difficult is the setup and use of this app? I found this app really easy to install and configure. Since you may already have all of the connection details of your most favorite contacts already in your contacts manager, this app will simply pull in all that data so that you can start communicating easily with these people. If you don’t already have this info then its just as simple as putting in those links and the app will enable those communication mediums.

Since the price is only .99 this is a no brainer to have as one of the default apps you should install. Once you use a contacts manager like Contacts Pad you will no longer want to use the old way of organizing your contacts. I’m thinking this is an app that will be acquired by Apple so that they integrate this functionality into a new iOS release.

Download and start using Contacts Pad today!

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