Create Booklet App for Mac OSX Review

Vogelbusch & Co
20.72 MB
English, French, German
iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
If you are looking for the easiest way on the planet to create booklets for easy printing, or if you want to easily create a PDF booklet then Create Booklet from Vogelbusch & Co is probably what you need. By offering the ability to print if you don’t have a duplex printer this feature alone is worth the price of this app. You can directly edit PDF files by adding empty pages, images, already completed PDFs, reorder pages, remove unnecessary pages, and more.
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If you are a Quark Xpress users you can save a fortune from their Printcollection XTension by using this app. Why? Because Create Booklet will all you to print booklets from in this app.  How about creating playbills or other materials like this? That is exactly why this app was created to allow you to create and print documents that would otherwise take custom printing to have them come out properly. This is also useful if you have print driver issues with your current printer on your Mac.
Now anyone create create professional looking booklets that can be used digitally or ready to print (using any printer) so that you can create professional looking books that look and feel like what you would expect a book would look like. Save tons of money by creating your own books at home. If you already have PDFs that you would like to print this way, you can simple right click on any PDF file and choose to Open in Create Booklet to easily convert so that existing files can be turned into a booklet.
Here is great feedback already on the app:
Create Booklet is a great app and makes an otherwise cumbersome task easy. My printer does not support duplex printing (not even with a software guide), but Create Booklet makes if very easy to print booklets anyway after setting up manual duplex printing (which is a great way to get an undestanding of how the printer prints anyway).
In addition to a great app, the support team is wonderful if needed. I provided the support team with a PDF that Mac OSx was not even able to print properly and they helped diagnose the problem and in the next version added a feature which made it possible to print the document in the end (rasterizing the PDF worked)! The responsiveness to customer concerns and problems is really amazing.

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