Crop-Size: App Review

The iOS App Store is a wonderful thing. A lot of apps to pick from for essentially every imaginable usage. However, as there are now just so numerous applications in there and finding the right app for you can in some cases be a challenge. Case in point, we actually often regretted about the failure to crop images in iOS to specific dimensions. He was not alone in this search as I have actually heard other users complain about this evident absence of the relatively many basic capability.

Luckily I found an app called Crop-Size that appeared to do everything I was asking for.

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What we needed was an application that merely allowed usto define and set the measurements of a photo so he could crop to a precise size had to populate his website posts.


Crop-Size seems the best tool for this job at a cost that will not spend a lot. With a really simple user interface it only takes a couple of taps to import your image, set dimensions, place the image and crop, then save it out at a preferred quality percentage. The added advantage of this is that once you have your newly resized image you can use the myriad of modifying apps offered for iOS prior to finally exporting.

The app has many other features consisting of some basic editing tools and filters. If you have actually been trying to find an app that will easily allow you to size an image to specific measurements this might effectively be the app for you.

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Developers App Description:

Precise crop & resize tool with image filters support. Despite lightweight user interface app can process more than 25 photos in one go and use more than 30 image filters concurrently. It is well fit for both single and batch processing. It supports JPEG, PNG and TIFF output formats and allows to share results to lots of destinations. App provides a great deal of control over photos: exact resize & crop, crop correction, editable presets, batch processing choices, synchronised effects, history, size systems, group sharing, picture info and far more. App is designed to perform most operations with one finger.

Main features:

– flip & rotate
– photo info, filesize estimation
– units: px, cm, inch, %

– manual input
– relative size
– preview
– presets (fully editable)
-ratio control

– manual input
– move, resize, scale
– rotation 360°, angle input
– ratio presets (fully editable)
– ratio control
– 1px correction
– crop grid

– multiple effects simultaneously
– intensity slider
– effect result preview
– reset/edit previous values

Export (Share)
– preview
– formats: PNG, JPEG with quality slider and TIFF*
– filesize estimation
– batch processing options
– batch processing screen (preview/result, orientation, photo size)
– share iCloud, Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Photo Library, iMessage and more

*TIFF is available for iPhone 5/iPad retina/iPad mini 2 and newer

Load (import)
– photo library with albums
– photo preview (including metadata viewer)
– multi selection
– camera support
– “goto” feature for fast navigation through long lists

– undo/redo
– list of changes, jump to any point in list

Settings & support
– pixel per inch, pixel per cm control and more
– tips & FAQ
– support email

Suitable for de-squeeze anamorphic photos.
Max photo size varies depending on device:
iPhone 4s/iPad mini/iPod touch 5 and lower – 3264 px,
iPhone 5(s)/iPad retina & air/iPad mini 2-3/iPod 6 – 5000 px,
iPhone 6/iPad air 2 and newer – 7000 px

Optimised for new and old devices. Supports both portrait and landscape orientation.

Get it in the app store here

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