Cytogen CBD Review

Cytogen CBD is a new to market CBD brand but they have been working on their CBD oil formula for many years now. Why? Because they only work with doctors and pharmacies.  They have recently been assigned a license to be classified as a prescribed drug in Brazil. Now that’s impressive in the CBD industry.

Just see these Doctor Testimonials and what they are saying about Cytogen CBD:

“As a homeopathic and alternative medicine practitioner, I am always seeking the best validated treatments for my patients.  Modern medical science has great treatments for acute emergency medical situations and for infectious diseases, but for the management of chronic illness including mental conditions, there are very few options that actually work. 

Someone very close to me was diagnosed and struggling from severe PTSD, the kind that puts someone in a mental facility.  We tried prescribed medications and nothing worked, in fact his situation worsened and we were running out of options. 

We were introduced to the CYTOGEN line of products and decided to take a chance and see if CBD could help with severe PTSD.  Within the first week  of starting CYTOGEN, considerable positive changes were experienced.  Today, our friend is living a normal life and has the tools to manage his PTSD symptoms.  I’m not saying these products are the cure, but I am saying I don’t know where we would be without them.” 

— Dr Gene Anthony, HMP, PhD, Alternative Medicine

I am a Holistic Practitioner that works with individuals suffering from Autoimmune Diseases and Tick-Borne Illnesses.  When a person suffers for a long period of time or has a chronic condition, they can get lost in the medical system. This population of people needs to be heard and requires a new tool box.  These products give me options to help people of all ages including animals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Sleep Issues, Neuropathy, TMJ, Migraines, Anxiety Disorders, Intestinal Issues and Generalized Pain.  The amazing part is that people get very quick results and improve their overall quality of life.  I have been using these products for over a year for all kinds of issues that impact the immune system, peripheral nervous system, and digestive system with amazing results.  For example, insomnia can literally bring a person to their knees and CBD can provide a safe option to get immediate positive results.  I highly endorse these products.

— Monica Sava Bruenn PhD, CHN, FDN, Herbalist

I am a 40-year veteran of the healing arts, clinical nutrition and functional health practices. I have worked with thousands of people in acute and chronic health crises and rarely meet a person who will not benefit from CBD. Prior to meeting Andrew Serafini and connecting with his exceptional products, I was in a pretty constant search for those with the highest quality and standards. Immediately, I could tell the difference with this CBD – there are consistent and noticeable effects.  Andrew is a man of high integrity and CytogenMD is a company of high integrity. You’ll be GLAD you invested!

–Julie Sands Donaldson, CMTA, LMT True Nature Health Consulting

9.5 Total Score
Probably the highest quality CBD oil we have tried to date.

I love this oil. The formula is pharmacy grade which is extremely hard to find.

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