Daniel Defense DD5 Review

The DD5V1 is Daniel Defense’s first foray into the .308 Winchester world. This direct-impingement carbine feels deceptively light. After removing my sample rifle from its hard delivery instance and checking to make sure the action was clear, the first thing I noticed upon carrying was the gun’s outstanding balance. I would certainly have sworn this was an 18-inch, pencil-barreled, 7-pound, large-receiver AR, but it was in fact a 16-inch gun with a medium-weight barrel, tipping the scales at simply greater than 8 pounds. Part of the DD5V1’s outstanding feel comes from a small-outer-diameter, lightweight, 15-inch freefloat fore-end. The barrel, too, is practically the excellent contour for a rifle this dimension– balancing the required heft for rigidity and also warm dissipation with natural “pointability.”.The.30-caliber 7.62 x51mm round is a workhorse and also everything regarding this rifle is modern. When introduced through the Daniel Defense DD5V1, the heavy.308 will accurately do the action at any kind of variety.

The.30-caliber 7.62 x51mm round is a workhorse and also everything regarding this rifle is modern. When introduced through the Daniel Defense DD5V1, the heavy.308 will accurately do the action at any kind of variety, from get in touch without to 1,000 meters in the hands of an experienced shooter. This gear will certainly put venison on your table, drop the zombies with aplomb as well as dissuade inquisitive grizzlies that could have the bad judgment to attack your space. It will certainly likewise close down any bipedal predator, whether he remains in a lorry or walking, visible or behind light cover. The brand-new DD5V1 takes everything righteous and also wholesome concerning 5.56 mm rifles and also supercharges it with adequate horsepower to really connect and touch something. If life went sidewards as well as you really might only have one, the new Daniel Defense DD5V1 uses a little of every little thing for any type of range.

DD5V1 Specs:

Caliber: 7.62 x51mm/.308 Winchester
Ability: 20
Barrel Length: 16 inches
Overall Length: 33-3/8 inches (fallen down), 37 inches prolonged
Weight: 8.3 extra pounds
Publication: Magpul PMAG 20-round box


If you are wise enough to be reading this short article, you know just how an AR runs. I’ll spare you the details. Whatever about the DD5V1 is simply a little scaled up over an equivalent 5.56 mm AR15. The receivers are billet cut as well as will certainly still be making fantastic service for your great-grandchildren.

The KeyMod lower arm rail is topped with phoned number Picatinny slots; the top receiver is railed for optics. The billing deal with sports a great spring-loaded ball bearing detent to maintain it shut, in addition to large ears so there are no locks with which to contend. The retractable supply sporting activities numerous positions for fitting body armor or variously statured shooters.

The gun hold is ergonomic, proprietary and also virtually square to the birthed axis for proper control with the elbow put. The fire selector is bilateral as are the bolt and publication launches, and the flash suppressor/ muzzlebrake is a Daniel Defense original layout called the Superior Suppression Device. The trigger is a fantastic Geissele SSA 2-Stage with a foreseeable 2.5-pound take-up in addition to a crisp 2-pound break for an overall pull weight of 4.5 extra pounds. All up, the rifle considers 8.3 pounds empty.

The essential machined trigger guard is extra-large to accommodate handwear covers, and the magazine well is flared for quick use with SR-25-type publications. Its bolt carrier team is made with an enlarged camera pin and improved extractor geometry. There are 2 repetitive ejectors for utterly flawless reliability.

The 16-inch cool hammer-forged barrel places to the receiver using one of the most interesting exclusive mounting system. Four hefty Allen-head screws connect the handguard linearly to the top receiver such that it avoids a traditional barrel nut. A mid-length gas system is concealed below the handguard and also the barrel is totally free-floated. The end result is streamlined, rigid, light-weight as well as lethal.


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