DraftKings Review – Is It Still The Best Fantasy Football Site?

This write up has been written with the aim of explaining two things to you: how to make an account at Draft Kings and how to look for the right contests to enter. We will take you through the whole process one step at a time.

Let’s get started!

Some Essential Things To Know

  • The name of the official website is www.DraftKings.com
  • The tried and tested DraftKings promo code to earn bonuses is ‘REVIEWSTER’ – 100% Match up to $600
  • You can earn a 100% bonus on your first deposit. The bonus will be paid in small installments once you start playing.
  • As of 2016, Draft Kings is one of the biggest daily fantasy sports websites.
  • It hosts completely legal contests with real money at stake

Playing on a daily fantasy website can be a challenging experience for anyone, even those of you who have years of experience playing in sports leagues. This is because the contests you have been playing have probably been the kind that go on for an entire season. That is why daily and weekly competitions found on Draft Kings will seem like a completely different ball game. However, do not be afraid as Draft Kings is a really simple website to use. It has a number of appealing features such as exciting promotions and being allowed to swap players at the last minute.

If you have just discovered daily fantasy sports and have no experience playing in either traditional leagues or daily tournaments, you might feel intimidated and confused. It might seem to you that everyone knows so much more than you but the reality is that daily fantasy sports are actually only a very recent trend. Everyone is still in the learning process and the playing field is very much equal. Draft Kings is one of the best, if not the best, websites for taking part in daily fantasy sports contests. Once you arrive on the site, you will see an orange button labeled “Sign up.” Click that button to be taken to the page where you can create your account.

Draftkings is a company in Boston, Massachusetts that provides day to day fantasy sports contest services. The company makes this happen by allowing users who are 18years and above to enter daily and weekly fantasy sport related contest and this users can win money based on individual and team performances in the some of the leading sports competitions around the world – Major League Baseball (MLB), National Hockey League (NHL), National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA), the English Premier League, UEFA Europa league, NASCAR auto racing, Mixed Martial Arts, and also American college Football and basketball tournaments.


After successfully signing up on the draftkings.com website or the mobile app, the user is allowed to either deposit money into their account while signing up or sign up and compete in contests for free. Draftkings gives the user three ways to fund his/her account: credit cards (Visa or Master card), paypal, and Dwolla. The money deposited can be withdrawn at any time, and the money remains unless you enter a money contest, users find a contest to join by checking out available daily and weekly fantasy games to join.

Every contest displayed has the amount required to enter (for money contests), the higher the amount entered in a money contest the higher your possible earnings. Contests that have entry fees attached can still be entered without paying the entry fee if there’s a little orange ticket next to the entry fee. After successfully joining a contest you are directed to a webpage on the draftkings website where you then draft your team. The better the team you’ve selected does the more cash you’ll earn.

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How To Maximize The DraftKings Bonus Match (Free Money):

Earn yourself the best bonus by using the code ‘REVIEWSTER.’ Using this when making your account will ensure you get a 100% bonus on up to $600 of your first deposit. If you want to take advantage of the maximum bonus and have enough cash to do so, then you should deposit $600. The best part is that even if you deposit less than that, you are still entitled to a full bonus on your amount as opposed to FanDuel where the percentage of the bonus increases in proportion to the amount you deposit. Only the first deposit is backed by a bonus so make sure you deposit accordingly. It will take you four months to cash the bonus and will require a large play through of real money contests.

Basic Steps to get started with your account:

  1. Choose a username of your preference! This is your on screen name that everyone will be able to see. After selecting a username and password and the state where you’re from, you can hit the ‘Register’ button.
  2. After you register, you will be taken to a page where you have to select your deposit amount. For every dollar that you deposit (upto $600) DraftKings will give you a bonus dollar. So if you deposit $30 dollars you’ll get a $30 bonus. Just fill in the box on the right of the screen with the amount you want to deposit. The ‘bonus amount’ box will automatically get filled to match your deposit.

Choose a source of funding

You are now provided with three ways to add money to your account. You can fill your account via credit card, Paypal or Dwolla. Dwolla is a way of transferring money online, which makes it a good option to use if you don’t have a paypal account or credit card. Once you have made your payment through the secure server, you will see your bonus displayed in your draftkings pending bonus account. It is a pending bonus because you haven’t earned it yet. You can claim this bonus in small increments as you play in real money contests.

Now it’s time to visit the lobby. The foremost thing you will want to do is have a look at the daily fantasy games you can join. You will see four tabs at the top of your screen and you need to click the one called ‘Lobby.’ As you scroll down you will see a long list of all the contests you can enter in. To make this selection process easier, you can sort this list according to which type of tournament most appeals to you. You can filter through variables such as prize pools, type of contest (head to head, 50/50, etc), number of participants allowed and amount of entry fees required to join.

DraftKings offers daily fantasy games in almost all sports including soccer, mixed martial arts, golf, basketball, baseball and football. The college versions of the last two sports are also available.

Exploring The Daily Fantasy Games

Once you click on a contest that appeals to you, you will see a box that displays numerous details pertaining to that contest. These details include the total number of participants allowed to join the competition, how many entrants have joined so far and their names. If you closely look at the column labeled ‘Entry Fee’ you will notice the $2 dollar amounts are accompanied by a tiny orange ticket. This ticket signifies a free contest, which is Draft King’s complimentary gift to you upon registering. You can redeem this gift voucher or ticket on anyone contest that requires a $2 entry fee. Only games that have guaranteed prize pools go underway regardless of whether they’re filled to capacity or not. Other contests are canceled if they fail to gather enough participants by the time the live game starts. Don’t worry if you registered for such a game; you will be refunded your money.

The box with all the details also shows how the prize pool will be divided among the participants at the top of the leaderboard. For instance, if a tournament has a $1000 dollar prize pool the top-ranked players would receive a certain portion according to pre-determined ratios. This is known as the payout schedule and it is shown in the pop-up box right from the beginning

Keeping track of your account

Once you have taken in all the details, you can close the dialog box and go to the top right of your screen. You will see a small icon that resembles a gear. Click on it to see a drop-down menu and select the ‘My Account’ option from the list that shows up. Here you will see your whole profile in front of you. Your personal bio, account balance and available tickets will be displayed along with your frequent player points. You can manage all this information by using the buttons located on the right. These buttons help you to add money, ask for withdrawals and keep a general check on your history.

Basically, you should know that here is where you can see your account details. I’m sure you have been pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to make an account and look for contests to play in. It’s all thanks to DraftKings super user-friendly interface. If you don’t have an account on Draft Kings yet, now is the time to make one.

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