Dragify Pro Website Builder Review

Dragify Pro Review

Here is a quick look at Dragify Pro

Dragify Pro is a newcomer to the web designing scene that is attempting to catch attention to the Wix, Weebly, and SquareSpace users of the world. By offering a cloud-based website builder tool, anyone that can do basic computer tasks can now easily create a professional level website. By using pre-built ‘blocks’ users can simply drag and drop elements they like onto the main workspace and edit and rearrange as they see fit.

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In this first image, this is an example of a header block. As you can see it looks great out of the box. All you simply do is click on an element, such as the logo and specify to upload your own logo if you have one. If not you can just use text and modify the font to make it look good. Same is true with the rest of the elements, just click on it and change it.

Do you offer a product or a service? You can easily drop in a pricing table like the one below where you can easily modify and set the pricing you want for any product or service. Then add in your checkout links and you are ready to start taking orders.


Upload your own images into your Image Library where you will have quick access to add your images to any page you create.

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If you want more control of the code you can use the HTML editor.


Overall there are currently 450 pre-made blocks in the Pro version which you can use to build a great looking site, from a professional home page, to blog pages, to product or service pages, to contact forms.

This is a great service if you build sites for clients as you can easily put together a site to show to a client in under 10 minutes. This is a great timesaver and speeds up the approval process to get clients signed up.

Export The Site

Dragify Pro offers a few different options when it comes to publishing your site.

  • Export the created site so that you can then upload to any web host you want. This is a zip file with the proper structure intact for the website.
  • FTP directly to your web host – just enter you FTP info and connect
  • Host with Dragify – you can use a provided url which will be dragify.com/’yoursitename’ or you can use your own domain name.


Dragify Pro is clocking in currently at $49/yr and that get you access to the Pro builder system along with the 450 pre-made blocks which offer many different looks and layouts. Pretty much everyone will find something that will work for them with this library.


While I have tested many site builders over the years, I can say that Dragify has a solid solution here for the first time web builder or for those that want an easy DIY tool that is not super expensive.

Check out Dragify Pro here



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  1. Does the website builder optimize for mobile viewing? ?????

  2. Great info
    thanks for yur efors

  3. Is “mobile friendly” the same as “responsive”????

  4. Does this site offer business email account services to go along with the web hosting?

  5. Bro, thanks for this post – very helpful. I’ll check it out for sure.

  6. Got the Pro version last week. Quick update, i’m happy with it. I was able to create my site in few days and it works good on my mobile phone too.

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