DreamCloud Mattress Review & $200 Off Promo Code

When DreamCloud says welcome to the Plush Life, they mean it. The DreamCloud mattress is a luxury mattress with a hand tufted Cashmere cover, patented springs and 8 layers of premium memory foam making it a luxury hybrid mattress that is truly best in class. You’ll get a first-class sleep experience each night on DreamCloud. Keep reading our full review of the DreamCloud Mattress to see what exactly this mattress will offer you.

Aside from the hand tufting which is only found on premium mattresses that normally cost more than $5,000 in retail stores, DreamCloud has many other incredible features for a price of $1,599 for a queen size. DreamCloud has cooling gel layers, supportive springs, and plush memory foams for optimal comfort.

DreamCloud Overview and Features

DreamCloud uses the highest quality foams to create a place where 8 layers of foam meet coil and to help you move into a deep, deep sleep and stay there throughout the night. Other mattresses do not use the same level of premium memory foams, which feel cool, luxurious and supportive (not a sinkhole like some mattresses!), nor do they use the patent-pending 5 zone DreamCoil coils which have been patented to be the perfect amount of support and spring.

In addition to their incredible list of features, DreamCloud offers a 365 night trial period where Dreamcloud will pick the mattress up at your house for free if at any point in the first year you want to return your mattress. As if that weren’t enough, they offer the strongest warranty in the industry – their “Everlong Warranty.”  Under this warranty, your mattress is protected for as long as you have it.

That’s right – when you purchase DreamCloud it includes one professional cleaning ($300 value) after one year of ownership, at no charge upon request. After 5 years of ownership, if your DreamCloud cover or support materials require a refresh, DreamCloud will recondition your DreamCloud to like new condition, at no cost, up to once during your ownership. Pretty nice perk!

Who should sleep on DreamCloud?

Who is DreamCloud best for? It is good for any sleep position, (personally I’m a side sleeper) but best suited to people that want a traditional mattress feel with all the benefits of newer generation foams and latex along with luxury elements like hand tufted Cashmere that only a best in class mattresses can offer. The level of firmness comes in at 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale with 10 being the firmest. If you want a mattress with foam layers that recovers quickly, is breathable and contours well, this would be the ideal mattress for you. If you suffer from back pain or achy joints, DreamCloud can help alleviate pain by the combination of premium memory foam that contours to the body, and Patent-pending coils.

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DreamCloud Delivery Process

DreamCloud comes compressed in a box but that doesn’t mean it is any less quality than other luxury mattresses you might consider buying from a retail location or mattress store. DreamCloud utilizes a roll pocket coil technology which allows for roll packing and compression. By shipping directly to you, DreamCloud is able to save on shipping costs.

The best part? These savings are passed directly to the consumer. However, if you do want the benefits of having someone help you set up (and with a 15” mattress, you might!) DreamCloud has a great customer service team. The Sleep Concierge can help you coordinate your purchase, including an optional White Glove Delivery which provides an easy setup of DreamCloud in the room of your choice, and removal of your existing mattress.

Forget sleeping hot

If you sleep hot, then DreamCloud is a great option for you. Cashmere is a naturally moisture-wicking fabric, unlike cotton or polyester. It will breathe on its own and you won’t sleep hot. In addition, the coils allow for airflow throughout the night and DreamCloud uses a technical gel infused memory foam layer as part of their mattress cooling system.

Construction of the DreamCloud Mattress

The DreamCloud has quite a lot of layers and different materials used in construction – so many that it can be almost overwhelming. However, as you can see, the DreamCloud really spared no expense in sourcing the best of the best out there for a luxury mattress. If you review the materials and construction carefully, you will easily see that with DreamCloud you get all of the best materials at a fraction of the price. You’ll have luxurious sleep without the typical luxury mattress price.


Dream your best life! DreamCloud’s Cashmere cover provides unmatched breathability, premium softness and is naturally resistant to bedbugs.


Welcome to Plush! Contouring support that conforms to your body, DreamCloud’s gel-infused foam is cooling and supportive.


Unique to DreamCloud and developed with lullabies in mind, resting on DreamCloud’s quilted foam is like lying on clouds.


DreamCloud’s hypoallergenic super premium natural latex layer provides a cushioning bounce for extra give and added contouring.


Luxurious high-density memory foam provides deep contouring support and the best of all possible dreamworlds.


DreamCloud’s Super dense foam keeps your back in alignment and cradles your spine no matter what sleep position you prefer.


A five-zoned foam encased pocketed micro coil compression system provides unmatched dream support from head to toe.


Don’t just go to sleep, go to DreamCloud. DreamCloud’s High-density foundation foam keeps your back in alignment and cradles you no matter what sleep position you prefer.

Unboxing the DreamCloud

What you will first notice with the mattress is the soft and smooth cashmere cover. The tufting on the mattress isn’t just for looks either – although it does look very luxurious and like a puffy cloud. It helps keep the material in place and dampens motion transfer. Looks aside, right when you lie down you will notice that this mattress feels extremely plush and supportive. This is largely in part to the Cashmere cover. Once you sleep on this Cashmere cover alone you will be sold. It is made by quilting foam into the top layer by hand, and then adding a layer of latex and springs underneath. The feel of this combination is something like a dreamy, supportive cloud. You won’t sink at all, instead, it is like you are being lifted up and suspended.

Our Verdict:

DreamCloud really is a dreamy mattress. Right away we knew it was one of the best mattresses we’ve tested. This is a luxury hybrid mattress at an affordable price point which is not an easy thing to find on the market. If you want to take your sleep to the next level, you will not regret DreamCloud (and you have a whole year to be confident in that choice, risk-free). It is much more than your typical memory or spring mattress. Its hybrid design makes it incredibly soft and supportive. It is the closest mattress we’ve felt to sleeping on a cloud. You can tell that there was thought and detail put into every layer and it all comes together to be a luxurious experience. With DreamCloud, your sleep will most likely be the best of your life. Period.

Any Discounts or Promo Codes Available for DreamCloud?

Yes, there is a limited time $200 off promo going on right now. Just click here to activate the discount.

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