E-Commerce Affiliate Network (ECA) Review

Review Summary

Most affiliate networks are pretty “old school.” They’ve been around forever, and feature a random collection of websites and products that have little in common. It’s challenging for merchants to meet and recruit relevant affiliates, and vice versa.

The E-Commerce Affiliate Network is the only network dedicated to e-commerce products. From subscription boxes to SaaS apps to health products, “ECA’s” affiliate programs have common threads:

  • Hot products,
  • Lucrative affiliate programs, and
  • Both are new!

For affiliates, this means that others haven’t been promoting these same products forever. When you share them with your followers, it will be the first time anyone has had exposure to these cool e-commerce products.

Likewise, for merchants, the affiliates in ECA are influencers with website, email and social media presences. They’re not just scraping the “last click” – they’re sharing your product with their followers as trusted advisors.

You can join the E-Commerce Affiliate Network – for free – as a merchant or affiliate today. 

ECA for Merchants

Merchants with online stores apply for ECA membership. ECA has affiliates and influencers who are looking for products in the following categories to promote:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Beauty
  • Business
  • Clothing
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Fitness
  • Hair
  • Health
  • Jewelry
  • Paleo
  • Pets
  • Products
  • Recreation
  • Services
  • Adult

If your product fits one or more of these categories, you can setup a profile featuring your product and your affiliate program (and membership is free for those who qualify).

You should describe your product with your target demographic – the affiliates and influencers in the network – in mind. Talk about what they can share with their followers to help them earn affiliate commissions with you.

And about those commissions – you’ll also want to clearly state what you share with affiliates. Most affiliate programs in ECA share some percentage of each purchase with their partners. The terms and amounts are up to you – but make sure you outline them clearly.

Recruitment Opps for Merchants 

ECA sends out regular email newsletters to its affiliates and newsletters highlighting popular affiliate programs. New merchants are often given priority to help with initial traction, so make sure you reach out to the team after you’ve setup your affiliate profile to get consideration for a feature.

You can also reach out to affiliates directly using the app’s recruitment function. Here, you can email potential partners directly through the system using its invite feature.

ECA for Affiliates

Affiliates and influencers looking for fresh, hot, new products to promote will love ECA. The internet’s most innovative stuff is right here!

The affiliate programs listed feature generous commission structures, which means you’ll be richly rewarded for sharing your affiliate link. Many programs are powered by industry-leading affiliate tracking software LeadDyno – in these cases, you’ll also have access to an easy-to-use affiliate dashboard and mobile app, too.

Also, most programs automatically approve ECA affiliates. This means you’ll get instant access to the affiliate dashboard for any program you join – so that you can start sharing your link and earning commissions right away.

Final Thoughts 

Merchants can join the E-Commerce Affiliate Network by creating their own profile to feature their product and affiliate program.

Affiliates likewise can gain instant access to 1,500+ e-commerce affiliate programs for cool, new products.

Click here to join the E-Commerce Affiliate Network – for free – as a merchant or affiliate today.

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