Eight Sleep Jupiter Smart Mattress Review & Promo Codes

I received a free Queen sized Eight Rest Jupiter mattress to do a review on and to add to our overall mattress review page. I was first familiarized with these guys when they released their Kickstarter project to raise money for their smart mattress pad. This is the initial mattress pad that is also a rest tracker. What sets it apart is that it has a home heating function, can be managed by your mobile phone via your wifi network and could interact with various other clever gadgets such as a Nest thermostat. Considering that launching the cushion pad, the firm has actually additionally made a memory foam bed mattress which pairs well with it. This evaluation covers the 8 Rest bed mattress. You can acquire both together or purchase separately.

Eight Sleep Smart Mattress Promo Codes :

The Eight Mattress Jupiter and Jupiter+ arrives in a 4.5′ box and it weights roughly 90 lbs. I neglected to put it on a scale before opening it but the delivery man used a dolly to wheel it up to the door. I pushed the box on the floor to move it to the bedroom. Two people were needed to lift the fully expanded bed onto our existing queen sized base.


This is how compact the Queen mattress is when unboxed. It’s completely amazing how they can fit a queen sized mattress into a 4.5′ box. Just unwrap, unfold, and a few minutes later you have a queen sized mattress. Yes this turn into the mattress you see below… 🙂

Here is a video of an unboxing and setup of the Eight Mattress Jupiter:

How Is The Eight Jupiter+ Smart Mattress Constructed?

This mattress is best used with their Technology Layer with the sleep tracker.  I was not able to review this technology at this point as it is an optional piece that we have not picked up yet.

So if you don’t have this layer then the top is a  2 ″ layer of responsive foam. This foam recovers very well and is not too soft where you can’t move easily. One of the main drawbacks I found with adding Memory Foam was that, while it was extremely comfortable, it was prohibitive in letting you move around. This is not the case with the top layer of the Eight Smart Mattress. It is still firm enough where moving was still easy while still giving you that Memory Foam feel.

Underneath that is another 2 ″ contouring memory foam layer. This foam is slower to recoup yet considering that it isn’t really on the leading layer you won’t have issues with changing positions and you still get the advantages of stress relief.

Underneath that is a 2 ″ layer of standard foam. I like that they included this layer due to the fact that it assists with the change to the base layer. When you lay on the bed mattress it has a very regular feeling throughout and also you don’t get the feeling that you are hitting a specific layer. This is just how a well-designed mattress must really feel.

Aall this foam in a 10 inches deep design. See the example image below…

Ultimately, the bottom layer is 4 ″ of additional foam which offers assistance to the common base layer.

When it comes to comfort, Eight foam mattresses are king (…or queen, California king, or whichever size you’d like).

Eight’s research shows that people who sleep on foam mattresses get the most deep sleep: 21.3% deep sleep per night compared to 19.8% deep sleep on latex, 18.8% on gel or gel-infused layers, and 10% on innerspring.

The Eight Mattress is unique in that it has not three, but four foam layers for your optimal relaxation. Eight’s bed has four high-density foam layers that provide the perfect amount of support. This is the bed for all the Goldilocks in the world; it is not too firm, but not too soft.  It forms to your body shape but bounces back. It is supportive with no pressure, and cozy without being too warm or cool. Each of the four foams are CertiPUR-US certified.


  • 1st layer: 2-inch reactive poly foam, density of 3.0 PCF (pounds per cubic foot), bounces like latex but feels like foam, provides comfort while staying cool
  • 2nd layer: 2-inch contouring memory foam, 4.0 PCF, provides pressure relief
  • 3rd layer: 2-inch supportive transition poly foam, 1.8 PCF, adds additional comfort and weight distribution,
  • 4th layer: 4-inch high-density support base foam, 1.8 PCF, provides a durable foundation, highly breathable, adds the right amount of firmness

The high density of the foam in Eight mattresses sets them apart from competitors. This allows you to get the most comfortable, undisturbed sleep. The Eight foam mattress does not transfer movement, so it is ideal if you sleep with a partner or pet who tosses and turns during the night. Eight’s mattresses are manufactured in America. Compared to other top brands, their foam mattresses are smartly priced.

How Does The Eight Smart Mattress Sleep?

This mattress feels fantastic and actually contours well. It is a great mattress for individuals brand-new to memory foam or has not cared for memory foam in the past (like myself). Like I pointed out already, memory foam typically gives people a sinking feeling where this does not have that same effect. This cushion addresses those concerns while offering more of a bounce feeling instead of the sinking/stuck.

This mattress sets quite possibly with the cover because it thinks about exactly how the feel of the mattress cover will certainly affect the overall feel of the mattress. It is a system that works extremely well with each other.

Final Thoughts On The Eight Smart Mattress

The Eight Rest System is an excellent low cost highly functional mattress that feels like an expensive mattress from one of the big brands. When it comes to recommending mattresses to the masses, I can say that I’m extremely pleased with the overall feel. I have not had any back or side pains with this after using it for 10 nights. According to my Fitbit, I have had less ‘movements’ using this mattress compared to my Sleep Number i8 mattress, which means that I should be getting better sleep. I’m not an expert on the science of sleep and how it compares to performance during the day, but I can say that I have not had any negative effects of being tired or whatnot during the day. So overall if are looking for a memory foam type of mattress that is not too soft but still offers that softness yet still supportive then I would seriously take a look at Eight. Feel free to use the discounts on the Eight Smart Mattress below…

Here is some official info from Eight. 🙂


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