Enliven Essentials CBD Edibles Review

Enliven CBD Chocolate Review

10mg CBD per piece

I have had a lot of CBD-infused chocolate but most contain THC. Typically the ones that have only CBD taste awful. This chocolate was delectable! I enjoyed it very much and could see myself having one every night for dessert. The effect was mild and not very noticeable. With 10mg of CBD, I would have expected to feel it a little bit more. I’m used to having CBD products that are infused with cannabis-derived CBD, instead of hemp-derived CBD, so that may have something to do with it. All and all, I’d give it a A+ for flavor and a C- for effect. I’d love more chocolate though – so double the size of the bar and keep the dose the same!

Enliven CBD Vape Pen Review

I was really excited to try this vape pen. The styling is very nice. It’s small, sleek and seems very modern. It looks a lot like the Hmbldt pen in terms of look and feel. As mentioned previously, most of the CBD-only products taste awful so I didn’t have very high hopes here. To be polite, let’s just say the flavor was about what I expected. I prefer edibles for longer lasting effects, so I’ll plan to stick with my edibles. As far as vape pens are concerned, I’ve had better. On the v2 product iteration, I’d recommend mixing in some flavoring to help soften the strong flavor.

Enliven CBD Lotion Review

I’ve tried a number of topical CBD/THC lotions, but never something with CBD only. I carry a lot of stress in my neck from working at the computer so I decided to try it one night after a particularly long day. The smell and effect were fantastic. From my perspective, the effects were similar to the effects I experience with BioFreeze (which is available over the counter at your local drug store). I’m not sure if it was the CBD helping me or the Bengay-type minty tingling that was responsible, but either way, I liked it and will continue to use it. As with any topical, it’s soothing until it rubs off, and you have to reapply again.

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Whats In It?This is an item that works perfectly through relieving discomfort experienced in any kind of part of your body to make sure that you continue to be comfy.

Enliven Basics CBD Relief Balm is a product that is understood in order to help in comforting your skin along with calming your senses. It is used to supply necessary relaxation on your skin and enhance * the look of your skin.

It is liable in invigorating and also kicking back the skin for enhanced * skin’s look. It is recognized to contain no psychoactives, as well as hence, the item triggers no negative effects on you when you use it.
It has actually been evaluated by the 3rd party for its quality as well as consequently, it does not create harm on your skin.

It is indicated to shield your skin from dryness to ensure that you could maintain a well-hydrated skin throughout the day.

It is an item that is declared to be safe, and it is understood to be lawful. The product is utilized to treat * pain to ensure that you can continue to be a healthy and balanced individual throughout the day.

If you notice or experience any kind of side impacts, you are advised to stop using the item.

It is in charge of nurturing your body therapeutically for much healthier and much better working individual. It is additionally recognized t work well via using the following active ingredients:

CBD– This is recognized to help in soothing stress in your muscle mass as it supplies a cooling impact. It is likewise suggested to give extreme leisure for a far better functioning individual.
Terpenes– They are valuable in combating germs, fungi and ecological stress and anxiety for a healthy and balanced individual as well as a result, they use medical impacts to your body.


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