Flower Power Coffee Review – CBD Infused Coffee Wholesaler

CBD coffee is becoming the new normal to start of the day for many people. And thanks to companies like the Flower Power Coffee Company based in New York & Ohio you can now grind and brew your own CBD coffee at home. Many people are adding CBD oil into their coffee to take off the edge of caffeine but still get the benefits of being alert. However, Flower Power coffee is different. They actually infuse the CBD into the bean itself which retains the medicine so its not lost compared to other beans which coat with CBD. Infused coffee is much more potent and reliable.

Flower Power Coffee Flavors

Currently they offer 3 flavors:

  • Dawn’s Kiss which is a light roast decaf
  • Big Island Joe which is a light roast Kona
  • and the Coasta Rican which is also a light roast

all offer 60mg of CBD in the 2oz bag. Pricing from $15.99-$17.99

If you are the business minded they you would be interested in their wholesale program where you can resell their products at your store or location. They also offer a private label option where they will use their bean infusion process to make coffee for you where you can repackage it under your own brand.

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