FlySpy 2.0 Review

FlySpy 2.0 is a heat map analytics tool that can track clicks on your webpages. It also captures mouse movements and scrolling from your visitors so you can see how visitors actually engage with your site. Both of these are actually quite useful into finding out how people are responding to your site content. Based on the feedback you can do a number of things such as moving call to action buttons around, placing content in more active areas, and more. Take a look at an example heat map below:

The way the heat maps are drawn are by loading the live site in the background with the click overlay. In this example I use a few toolbars in the browser which pushed the actual click areas slightly off. But with this data I can still see that the majority of the visitors are going straight to the search bar which tells me that I need to spend more time working the search keyword analytics and to make sure that the site is populated with content that people are searching for.

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Click analytics are very telling on what is working and what you could be doing to get more engagement on what you want people to take action on.

Visitor Recording Sessions

Again, very useful to actually get a peak inside of the minds of the visitors on your site.

Take a look at this video recorded session that I found online:

I don’t have any from Reviewster since I have that disabled at the moment but this shows you how a visitor is engaging and scrolling on the site they visited.


FlySpy is a great alternative analytics tool that will give you a deeper insight on what is working on your site and what isn’t. Use this in addition to Google Analytics to get the full picture on how your site performs.

FlySpy 2.0 Discounts?

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