Funky Farms CBD Cartridge Review – Complete Review of All Flavors

A Deep Dive Into Funky Farms CBD Cartridges

funky farms cbd cartridge review
Consuming CBD as a way to manage stress and anxiety, improve sleep and focus, relieve pain, and manage chronic conditions is becoming increasingly popular. The FDA does not recognize any therapeutic properties of CBD, which prevents companies from making specific claims about CBD-related benefits. You can rely on CBD enthusiasts to gladly share the ways in which it has changed their lives.

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The more traditional method of CBD delivery is an oil or tincture that you apply under your tongue with a dropper, allowing for rapid delivery into the bloodstream through the cheek and tongue tissue. Other popular methods of CBD delivery are softgels, gummies, and topicals.


The latest trend in CBD consumption is vaping. Inhaling the CBD vapors provides the fastest onset of relief and also has a higher rate of cannabinoid retention. However, vaping means you are inhaling not just the CBD, but any additives.

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That’s why it’s extremely important that you know exactly what ingredients are in your vape cartridge or pen and that you order from a company that is trusted and tests their product regularly. That’s where Funky Farms comes in.

Funky Farms, based in Florida, is a known and trusted maker of CBD products. Clients love the fun flavors and trendy packaging and rave about the efficacy of their products. All Funky Farms cannabinoids come from hemp farms in Oregon, a trusted production state for hemp and CBD production.

One of the things Funky Farm is known for is their clean product — they don’t include any additives or fillers in their products. Their flavors get top reviews from consumers and you can count on that all the flavors are natural, nothing artificial is included. These high standards apply to their vape products, too. Their newest line of vape products only includes broad-spectrum Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD) and pure hemp extract.

Let’s take a look at what CBD is and its mechanism of action in the human body.

The hemp plant has a number of different cannabinoids, CBD being the most popular. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD are the two most popular of the cannabis genus, but THC is not present in CBD.

According to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, “every chemical substance, regardless of structure or origin, that joins the cannabinoid receptors of the body and brain and that have similar effects to those produced by the Cannabis Sativa plant.”

You probably didn’t know that cannabinoids are naturally present in our bodies. Supplements containing plant-based cannabinoids like CBD are believed to interact with the human endocannabinoid system, which is the center for homeostasis. Should this be true, Funky Farms vape cartridges may well have therapeutic benefits.

Next, we’ll dig into what vaping CBD involves.

Vaping CBD involves a low-temperature, smokeless heating of CBD oil that is inhaled. In order to heat and dispense the CBD, you’ll need a vape cartridge, which is concentrated cannabis oil that has been formulated to be used in a vaporizer or with a vape pen. Funky Farms also carries disposable vape pens for single-use vaping.

Very important note: It is not safe to vape with the CBD oil that goes under your tongue. The MCT oil and other thinners added for the correct consistency of the oil are toxic when heated. It is vital that you use a juice or cartridge that is specifically designed for vaping.

Best Funky Farms CBD Cartridge Products

1. Blueberry Gelato Vape Juice
Funky Farms CBD cartridge blueberry gelato
  • A groovy blend of tasty berries and sweet cream that will awaken your senses
  • Paired with full spectrum CBD extract, it’s deliciously decadent and will leave you craving for more
  • 50/50 PG/VG
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2. Peach Tangie Vape Juice
  • Peach Tangie is a vibrant medley of juicy peaches and tangy tangerines in cloud form! Combined with our full spectrum CBD
  • Delectable combo will keep you rocking and rolling all day long
  • 50/50 PG/VG
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3. Apple Jack Pear Vape Juice
Funky Farms CBD cartridge apple jack
  • Aromatic pears and full spectrum CBD have joined forces
  • With a sweet zest and tart finish
  • 50/50 PG/VG
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4. Mango Sherbet Vape Juice
Funky Farms CBD cartridge mango
  • Transport your taste buds to sunny Florida with our Mango Sherbert
  • Bright, intense combination of fresh, ripe mangoes and creamy notes – get mango-licious with your CBD
  • 50/50 PG/VG
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5. Chocolate Mint
  • A tasteful blend of chocolate cookie and mild mint flavor
  • A concentrated blend of full spectrum CBD extract and MCT oil
  • A flavor and aroma derived entirely from a robust terpene profile
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6. Frosty Watermelon
Funky Farms CBD cartridge frosty watermelon
  • Frosty Watermelon OG is a blast of menthol accompanied by fruity and hempy undertones
  • Funky Farms 1mL 350mg Cartridges utilize a concentrated blend of full spectrum CBD extract and MCT oil
  • A flavor and aroma derived entirely from a robust terpene profile
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7. Gelato
  • Gelato delivers a satisfyingly smooth herbal and earthy taste
  • Funky Farms 1mL 350mg Cartridges utilize a concentrated blend of full spectrum CBD extract and MCT oi
  • A flavor and aroma derived entirely from a robust terpene profile
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8. Granddaddy Purple
Funky Farms CBD cartridge granddaddy
  • Funky Farms 1mL 350mg Cartridges utilize a concentrated blend of full spectrum CBD extract and MCT oil
  • A flavor and aroma derived entirely from a robust terpene profile
  • In our GDP, Linalool and Humulene provide strong floral and pine notes
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9. Lemon Cake
Funky Farms CBD cartridge lemon cake
  • Lemon Cake has a pure and refreshingly vibrant lemon flavor
  • Funky Farms 1mL 350mg Cartridges utilize a concentrated blend of full spectrum CBD extract and MCT oil
  • A flavor and aroma derived entirely from a robust terpene profile
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10. Reserve by Funky Farms Battery 510 Thread
  • Reserve by Funky Farms Battery TWIST BATTERY 510 Thread 500 mAh 2.0V – 4.0V
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11. Natural CRD Cartridge
  • Funky Farms Reserve Line Natural 600mg Cartridge is the best natural vape extract in the industry
  • Compatible with any 510-thread cartridge battery, our Broad Spectrum Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD) comes from a US-grown farm and lab
  • his product is formulated with no added cutting agents and no fillers. No junk, all funk!
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12. Pineapple Express CRD Cartridge
Funky Farms CBD cartridge pineapple express
  • Compatible with any 510-thread cartridge battery
  • Broad Spectrum Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD) comes from a US-grown farm and lab
  • Perfect complement of tropical citrus and sweet woodsy notes, which gives an energizing uplift paired with a relaxing vibe
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13. Granddaddy Purple CRD Cartridge
Funky Farms CBD cartridge purple
  • Funky Farms’ Reserve Line Granddaddy Purple 600mg Cartridge is the best natural vape extract in the industry/li>
  • Compatible with any 510-thread cartridge battery, our Broad Spectrum Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD) comes from a US-grown farm and lab
  • Our Granddaddy Purple profile is a powerful fusion of grape & berry essence mixed with floral, earthy undertones to give you a blissful experience any time you want
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14. Blue Dream CRD Cartridge
Funky Farms CBD cartridge blue dream
  • Funky Farms’ Reserve Line Blue Dream 600mg Cartridge is the best natural vape extract in the industry
  • Compatible with any 510-thread cartridge battery, our Broad Spectrum Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD) comes from a US-grown farm and lab
  • Our Blue Dream CRD profile leads with a rich earthy aroma and a sweet berry undercurrent, creating a robust daytime blend that delivers a soothing, creative lift but without a resting effect
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In addition, many vape oil cartridges have thinning agents added because CBD naturally crystallizes. Some of these thinners include propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), MCT coconut oil (MCT), and vitamin E acetate. These thinners, harmless on their own, become carcinogenic when they are heated.

Funky Farms vape juices contain PG and VG (and artificial flavors, too), and their Legacy Line Vape Cartridges contain MCT oil. Therefore, our recommendation is to stick with Funky Farms Reserve Line Vape Cartridges and disposable vape pens, which both have only two ingredients: broad-spectrum CRD and pure hemp extract.

If you’re going to vape, the Funky Farms Reserve Line and disposable vape pens are about the purest product you’re going to find.

Another possible thinning agent to prevent crystallization is terpenes. They are not toxic when heated. Terpenes are natural compounds that are found in the flower and bud of the cannabis plant. In addition, terpenes appear to increase the efficacy of CBD. Funky Farms’ Legacy Line uses terpenes as a thinning agent for their cartridges.

By safely extracting terpenes, they can be derived from the hemp plant, separated, and then added back into the CBD to create a safe, 100% natural vaping product with no added ingredients.

For the Funky Farms cartridges (both the Legacy Line and the Reserve Line) require either a 510-thread battery or a vape pen to make them work. Funky Farms carries a battery for use with their Reserve Line, but any 510-thread battery will work.

One of the reasons that people prefer vaping CBD is due to its extremely fast onset and a long duration. When inhaling CBD, you’ll feel the effects in one to three minutes (sublingual CBD takes about 15 minutes and orals like soft gels and gummies take about an hour).

When vaping cannabinoids, you will feel the effects for one to three hours. To compare, sublingual oil or tincture lasts for about four hours, and oral deliveries last the longest at about 6 hours. Some people who have panic attacks or acute pain prefer to vape because the therapeutic take effect so quickly.

Warning: Vaping CBD results in a higher retention rate of cannabinoids, so someone who vapes CBD may increase their tolerance level rapidly, meaning that they will need more and more to feel the therapeutic effects.

Will CBD vaping get me high?

CBD from hemp, by definition, has less than 0.3% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that has the psychoactive effect. If you are using hemp-derived CBD oil without additives, you won’t get high. This is one reason that you must order your cartridges from a trusted supplier like Funky Farms that lists all the ingredients and performs regular third-party testing on their products.


CBD is the cannabinoid, while CRD refers to building resistance to crystallization so that the CBD does not crystallize. |Crystallization will make the CBD too solid to vape. As we mentioned before, the thinning additives added to CBD for vaping (save for terpenes) become carcinogenic when heated.

Crystal Resistant Distillate is the process by which CBD becomes resistant to crystallization. Funky Farms is one of the only vaping cartridges currently using this technology for their vape cartridges.

Who’s It For?


Funky Farms Vape cartridges are best for people who may already be comfortable with vaping. It is also ideal for those who are in need of a fast-acting product, such as someone who suffers from anxiety attacks and would experience more hardship by waiting 15 minutes for a CBD tincture to kick in.

Some nicotine users like to use CBD vaping as a way to step down from nicotine use, as CBD cartridges do not contain nicotine.

It’s important to remember that the FDA has not approved CBD for any medicinal purposes*, and beneficial effects of CBD are merely anecdotal at this point. That being said, CBD vape users report similar therapeutic effects to other CBD delivery modes. These reported benefits include:

  • Anxiety relief
  • Pain reduction
  • Increased relaxation
  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced mood
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Anti-convulsant

*CBD is approved for prescriptive use for certain forms of epilepsy

Funky Farms states very clearly that it is illegal for them to make claims about the medicinal benefits of CBD, so the above list is compiled from client reviews and anecdotal evidence.

If you have any respiratory conditions, including asthma, vaping is not for you. Vaping of any sort, including CBD, can cause permanent lung damage. These risks go beyond the brand, so it’s not just Funky Farms vape cartridges, but all vaping that has serious health risks.

In addition, the carcinogenic-when-heated elements that we talked about before (PG, VG, MCT, and vitamin E) add to this method’s potential toxicity, so if you choose to vape, you might want to select Funky Farms disposable and Reserve Lines, which have none of these toxins.

Minors should also avoid vaping CBD, and parents should monitor to see if their children are vaping. With all the exciting flavors are attractive to minors. Funky Farms does not sell to anyone under the age of 18. Many sellers require buyers to be 21 or older.

If you have never vaped before, you might consider buying the Funky Farms disposable vape pen so that you can try it out before committing to a method of delivery.

What We Like About Funky Farms CBD Cartridges

The flavor selection is really phenomenal. Some of the perennial favorites are Gelato, Thin Mint, and Granddaddy Purple. We like that the Reserve Line and disposables don’t have any fillers or additives.

Customers are raving about the efficacy of the newer Reserve Line. All Funky Farms cartridges come from CBD grown and are sourced in Oregon.

Many people report that the Funky Farms vape cartridges provide supreme relaxation and calms them down. And still more call it the best vape cartridge they’ve ever used.

What We Don’t Like About Funky Farms CBD Cartridges

Some customers say the cartridge doesn’t last very long. We also worry about the serious health risks associated with vaping; that’s not calling out Funky Farms, but all vapes. Among vape cartridges, the new Reserve Line and disposables from Funky Farms have less toxicity than others. In fact, their motto is “No junk, all funk.”


  • Great flavors
  • No fillers
  • Third-party testing
  • Won’t make you high
  • Customer anecdotal medicinal benefits


  • Sometimes out of stock
  • Long-term health risks
  • Vape juice has artificial flavoring

What’s Included?

Vape juices

Funky Farms CBD Cartridges

  • 250-1500 mg doses
  • Flavors: Blueberry Gelato, Peach Tangie, Apple Jack Pear, Mango Sherbert
  • Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, full-spectrum hemp extract, natural and artificial flavoring
  • Blunt needle tip for filling
  • Does not include refillable electronic vaporizer

Vape Cartridges (Legacy Line)

Funky Farms CBD catridges legacy line

  • 350 mg
  • Chocolate Mint, Frosty Watermelon, Granddaddy Purple, Gelato
  • Ingredients: Full-Spectrum hemp extract, MCT oil, natural terpenes
  • Does not include 510 threaded e-cigarettes (“vape pen”)

Vape Cartridges (Reserve Line)

Funky Farms CBD cartridge reserve line

  • 600 mg
  • CRD formula
  • Flavors: Natural, Granddaddy Purple, Pineapple Express
  • Ingredients: Broad-spectrum Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD), Pure Hemp Extract
  • Does not include 510-thread cartridge battery

Vape pen

Funky Farms CBD cartridge vape pen

  • 200 mg
  • Flavors: Natural, Grandaddy Purple, Pineapple Express
  • Ingredients: Broad Spectrum Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD), Pure Hemp Extract
  • No vape pen needed–disposable

Overview Of Features

Funky Farms uses third-party testing to regularly check for potency and purity, looking specifically for heavy metals and pesticides. Compliance and safety are top concerns for them. All cartridges come with QR codes to look up the batch testing, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product. Funky Farms is transparent about what is in their products, so you can feel secure with what you’re putting into your body.

Pro tip: Never buy or use a vape cartridge if you don’t know where it came from and what’s in it.

Step by Step Guide for Using Your Funky Farms CBD Cartridge

    • Choose your favorite line and flavor of Funky Farms Vape Cartridge
    • Buy your Funky Farms battery or select another 510-thread CBD Vape Pen/Battery. Don’t forget to charge the battery.
    • Carefully connect the CBD vape cartridge to the battery pen. Watch for leaking.
    • Follow the directions on the back of your battery/pen: you may have to push the button multiple times to preheat, and hold it continuously when you inhale.
    • Charge the battery when you’re done. It should come with a USB charger.

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Review Summary

Funky Farms is recognized as one of the premier vape cartridge lines available; their new Reserve Line in particular is getting rave reviews and has no fillers or artificial flavors.

While any kind of vaping by any company carries serious health risks, Funky Farms has fewer toxic additives than other brands, and except for their vape juices, has all-natural flavors.

Funky Farms Legacy Line has MCT Coconut Oil, which should not be heated, but terpenes are acceptable thinning agents. Their disposables and their Reserve Line are free of any additives and use Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD) to prevent the CBD from naturally crystallizing.

The CRD vape products are between 80% to 99% pure, containing CBD and other minor cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, and CBC). The vape oil is extracted from high CBD hemp flower and hemp biomass, and contains terpenes, other plant oils, and plant extracts.

Funky Farms truly has a quality product, but vaping is not right for everyone. If it doesn’t sound like the right thing for you, Funky Farms has gummies, soft gels, and tinctures that might be more suitable for you.

If you want to give vaping a try, select a disposable so that you can take it for a test run without getting too invested. If you’re already a fan of vaping, surely try Funky Farms–their vape cartridges will knock your socks off.


What are the flavors like?

Some of the Funky Farms vape cartridge flavors include:

Granddaddy Purple – has a strong terpene taste and provides full relaxation after a stressful day. It is mixed with a full-spectrum hemp extract, so it still has traces of THC that may show up on a drug test (not enough to make you high).

Frosty Watermelon – You can really get your groove on with Frosty Watermelon, which gives a one-two punch with terpenes, CBD, and MCT oil.

Thin Mint – This isn’t your mother’s Girl Scout cookie. Thin Mint combines CBT, MCT oil, and highly concentrated terpenes. Thin Mint gets top reviews from consumers.

Lemon Cake – Did someone say dessert? The lemon cake will boost your mood and the full-spectrum hemp extract will get you going.

Gelato – No need to wait in line at the ice cream shop when you have Gelato at home. You’ll enjoy the delicious flavor of the full-spectrum CBD combined with MCT oil and terpenes.

What’s the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD?

The short version is that full-spectrum CBD still has traces of THC, whereas broad-spectrum CBD has had all the THC removed.

The broad-spectrum products go through an extra process to remove the last bits of THC. It’s important to remember that even full-spectrum CBD has very little THC. By definition, hemp products contain a maximum of 0.3% THC.

The 2018 Farm Act legalized CBD at the federal level, removing it from the Schedule 1 Controlled Substances List, so any CBD product sourced from hemp falls within the legal limit.
Still, even trace amounts of THC, which won’t have psychoactive effects, could still show up on a drug test, so if you do regular drug testing for any reason, you might want to choose a broad-spectrum CBD vape cartridge.

Funky Farms has a variety of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD vape products. Vape juice and the Legacy Line vape cartridges are full-spectrum products, containing trace amounts of THC. The disposable cartridges and the Reserve Line carts, as cartridges are called for short, are broad-spectrum products, and contain zero THC.

If you’re interested in broad-spectrum CBD, Funky Farms CBD gummies and CBD drink mixes are isolate based and also have zero THC.

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