Garden of Life CBD – Complete Review of Hemp Based CBD

A Deep Dive Into Garden of Life CBD

Garden of Life has been in the vitamin and supplement business since 2000 and is well known for its commitment to non-GMO and organic products. In 2019, Garden of Life moved into the fast-growing CBD market, providing one of the only certified organic and non-GMO CBD line of products.

Garden of Life’s CBD products are doctor-formulated and are blends that target specific health concerns, such as sleep problems, stress, and mood. Garden of Life offers tinctures, softgels, sprays, topicals, and gummies. They even offer a blend for pets.

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Garden of Life partners with celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone of the myKind organic vitamin line. The company made headlines in 2017 when it was bought out by Nestle (owned by the notorious GMO company Monsanto) which was recently acquired by Bayer, seems the antithesis of Garden of Life’s stated values. Nevertheless, the Garden of Life maintains its essence regardless of the buyout.

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A move into the CBD realm is not a long stretch for a company involved in natural healing and therapeutics since its inception. With the United States 2018 Farm Act legalizing CBD at the federal level, hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) has spread like wildfire on the market, despite the fact that companies are prohibited from advertising specific medicinal benefits of CBD.

This restriction is due to the fact that the FDA has not yet recognized any therapeutic effects of CBD. The one approved use is as a prescribed medication for certain types of epilepsy. However, the lack of official recognition of the benefits of CBD has not prevented anecdotal news of its curative properties.

Hemp-based CBD

Cannabis plants have about 115 phytocannabinoids; CBD and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are the most common.

Distinction: While both hemp and marijuana are part of the cannabis family, they have distinct chemical compositions, directly related to the phytocannabinoids. By definition, hemp has a maximum of 0.3% THC but has a higher percentage of CBD. Marijuana, in contrast, has a high percentage of about 25% THC, but smaller amounts of CBD.

That’s important because THC is the psychoactive chemical compound in cannabis that causes the “high.” CBD does not cause euphoria or a high, so you won’t become impaired when using it.

Garden of Life’s products are hemp-based and are all broad-spectrum products. Broad-spectrum CBD has gone through an extra process to remove all traces of THC. Every CBD product made by Garden of Life is 100% free of THC.

A cannabinoid is an umbrella term for varied chemical compounds occurring naturally in plants (phytocannabinoids) and the human body (endocannabinoids). The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is responsible for homeostasis in the human body. It is believed that supplementing the endocannabinoids with phytocannabinoids helps to return the body to its natural balanced state.

Some of the anecdotal benefits of adding CBD to one’s supplement regimen include:

  • higher quality sleep
  • improved mood
  • pain relief
  • alleviation of anxiety and panic

Cannabinoids interact with receptors in the body to restore a normal state of healthy balance.

Best Garden of Life CBD Products

Garde of Life CBD Sleep Drops

1. Dr. Formulated CBD+ Sleep Liquid Drops

  • Promotes Restful Sleep†
  • 20mcg (800 IU) Vitamin D3
  • Organic Lemon Balm & Chamomile
  • THC Free, Vegetarian & Gluten Free
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Garden of Life CBD - Inflammatory Response

2. Dr. Formulated CBD+ Inflammatory Response† Liquid Drops

  • Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response†
  • 2mg Astaxanthin
  • + Entourage Effect Blend
  • THC Free, Vegan & Gluten Free
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Garden of life CBD Anti Ageing

3. Dr. Formulated CBD+ Youthful Skin† Liquid Drops

  • Anti-Aging†
  • 350mg Lipowheat® plant ceramides
  • + Entourage Effect Blend>
  • THC Free, Vegan & Gluten Free
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Garden of life CBD - Pain Relief

4. Dr. Formulated CBD+ Stress Relief† Liquid Drops

  • Mood, Stress, Worry†
  • 140 IU Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) from Organic French Melon
  • + Entourage Effect Blend
  • THC Free, Vegan & Gluten Free
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Garden of life CBD - CBD Pet

5. Dr. Formulated CBD Pet Liquid Drops

  • For Adult Dogs
  • + Entourage Effect Blend
  • THC Free, Vegan & Gluten Free
  • Delicious Peanut Butter Flavor
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Who’s It For?

Garden of Life CBD supplements is appropriate for people who want to add CBD to their supplement routine and are committed to purchasing certified organic and non-GMO products. People who are looking to address specific concerns might like their soft gels, which target certain issues like mood or sleep.

None of the Garden of Life’s products involve smoking or vaping, and they don’t have artificial flavors or additives, so they are a good choice for CBD users looking for a natural and discreet CBD experience.

The fact that all of Garden of Life’s products are broad-spectrum is another selling point for some consumers that absolutely do not want even a trace of THC. Some people are sensitive to the THC even in trace amounts, while others may have drug test requirements that prevent them from using a full-spectrum product. Even though full-spectrum hemp CBD doesn’t have enough THC to get you high, it might still appear on a drug test.

Garden of Life CBD products is good for beginners because the dosing is easy. The only product which requires figuring out the proper dose is the tincture, and the included dropper makes that simple.

What We Like About Garden of Life CBD

The variety offered by the Garden of Life includes not just the mode of delivery but that the softgels that target specific health concerns. The certified organic and non-GMO designations are important to us, and we also appreciate that all Garden of Life’s products is broad-spectrum, so we don’t have to distinguish between broad and full-spectrum products.

Consumers who have tried the Collagen CBD report great results with joint pain. The spray helps some customers fall asleep and sleep better throughout the night. The Chocolate Mint flavor gets rave reviews. Dog owners, too, say the CBD pet blend soothes and relaxes their pets and helps with joint pain.

What We Don’t Like About Garden of Life CBD

Some consumers feel that the terpene taste is too strong in the tinctures and sprays. Terpenes provide the essential oils with the scent and flavor of the plant.

There is some concern about the new ownership of the Garden of Life and whether it will uphold the use of non-GMO and organic products. Some consumers prefer CBD products to retain their purity without additional essential oils and herbs.


  • THC-free
  • Third-party tested
  • Non-GMO and organic
  • Good variety of products
  • Terpenes for increased therapeutic benefit


  • Strong terpene taste
  • Lower CBD concentration than other brands

What’s Included?

Garden of Life offers CBD tinctures, sprays, softgels, gummies, and topicals.

Doctor-formulated CBD whole hemp extract tinctures come in 3 strengths (10mg, 30mg, 50mg) and all come with dosing droppers (30ml)

Tincture strengths come in 10, 30, or 50 mg whole hemp extract, plus a blend of pure essential oils that create what Garden of Life calls the Entourage Effect. Their whole hemp extracts include full-spectrum terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids from the hemp plant. They all work together to create a synergy known as the Entourage Effect. Tinctures are vegan, gluten-free, and THC-free.

Dosage is 1 dropper daily, or more times if desired. Flavors include Chocolate Mint and Peppermint.

Garden of Life’s doctor-formulated CBD liquid blends are all THC Free, gluten-free, and vegan (30 ml):


Softgels (30 softgels)

Garden of life CBD softgel

Collagen CBD (10 and12 ounces – 14 servings)

Garden of life CBD Collagen
This product combines 20g grass-fed collagen with 15mg CBD for joints, mobility, and skin. It comes in a powder to use in shakes, smoothies, and baking.

Doctor-formulated CBD (5mg or 30mg) Whole Hemp Extract Spray with Entourage Effect. Chocolate Mint flavor

Gummies (60 doctor-formulated gummies; 30 servings; mango and cherry flavor)

Garden of life CBD CBD gummies

Topicals: 1.3 ounces (Contains Organic Ingredients, Doctor-Formulated, Tested Non-GMO & THC Free, Cruelty-Free and Vegan)

  • CBD Intensive Recovery Lotion: maximum cooling relief with Ayurvedic Botanicals including Organic Ashwagandha and Holy Basil, 800mg CBD per bottle
  • CBD Cooling Rescue Cream: soothing cooling effect, Ayurvedic Botanicals including Organic Wintergreen & Eucalyptus, 200mg CBD per bottle

Overview Of Features

Garden of Life is non-GMO and certified organic. Their CBD products are vegan and gluten-free (except the collagen). Garden of Life concentrates their CBD using Supercritical C02 extraction.

Many companies use alcohol or other solvents during the extraction process, but the Garden of Life is committed to not using any chemicals during this process, even though the C02 extraction is a much more expensive procedure. Garden of Life’s priority is that its products are produced with the cleanest methods.

C02 extraction is also cleaner for the environment because C02 is recyclable and creates no toxic waste.

Some CBD products are isolates that do not have the concentrated effect of pure hemp extract and also do not contain other beneficial phytocannabinoids.

Garden of Life is committed to regular third-party testing for purity and potency, testing for pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, microbial, and glyphosate. All Garden of Life CBD products have a QR code on the packaging so that you can check the purity of the lot.

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Review Summary

Garden of Life has an established history and is known as a company that has three primary principles:

  • The Science of Whole Food
  • Clean is healthy
  • Traceability

Garden of Life has entered the CBD arena with these tenets in mind, and their products are thoughtfully curated. Of all the CBD brands, Garden of Life seems to focus on natural health and wellness. There is nothing gimmicky about their product, just straightforward, clean, and organic CBD supplements.

Whether you want gummies, topicals, sprays, oils, or softgels, Garden of Life is sure to have a therapeutic blend that meets your needs.

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