GelFoamBed Venus Plush Halcyon Foam Mattress Review

An all-foam mattress that provides comfort and support at a great price – that is what this review of Venus Halcyon Comfort Mattress from GelFoamBed is about.

This product is a multi-layer all-foam mattress made in the US. It is durable and safe. The materials are certified non-toxic and provide great support and comfort.


Unboxing the GelFoamBed

Upon unboxing, there is not much that you have to do with the mattress other than to put it on the bed frame. The mattress can be used with a box spring, a foundation, a slatted bed or on an adjustable type of bed frame. Make sure that the frame can support both the weight of the mattress and the weight of the sleepers.

To unbox, place the mattress, still in its box, on your chosen support. The mattress comes in a compact box and needs 2 sets of hands for proper unboxing.

Remove the mattress from the box. Peel off the plastic wrappings. Unroll the mattress and position it on the support. Remove the last plastic wrapping from the mattress.

You will notice a minimal amount of gassing. There is also a faint smell, which is normal. Allow a few hours for the smell to evaporate. Some people will prefer to leave the mattress for at least 12 hours for all the smells to be released. Once unrolled, the mattress will start to form its shape. This will take some time as well.

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Materials Used in GelFoamBed

This mattress uses the revolutionary Halcyon high-density foam. It costs less than memory foam yet it performs better. It is neutral to heat and dissipates heat from the body. This helps keep the person dry and cool while sleeping. The Halcyon foam helps to keep a person cool and comfortable at any temperature.

The mattress is composed of 5 different layers. The bottommost layer is made of a 5.5-in thick Eco Flex high-density support material. On top of this is a 1-inch Eco Flex soft layer that helps in load or motion dampening.

The next layer is a 1-inch Eco Flex firm foam that allows for better weight distribution and stability. This is then followed by the medium firm Eco Flex Layer. This 1.5-inch foam provides additional support.

On topmost layer is the Halcyon foam. This 3.5 inches foam is pressure sensitive. It distributes weight evenly to avoid any undue pressure on specific body parts such as the bones of the back.

The unique combination of materials and layers provide great pressure relief and a higher level of comfort. This mattress is widely considered in the industry as one that provides more support compared to other types of mattresses.

The mattress layers are topped by a quilted cover. The manufacturer gave as much attention to this as the other layers. The quilted cover has an extra cooling effect and is composed of gel-infused memory foam to provide yet another layer of support. This layer is 1.5 inches thick.

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All in all, the mattress is 14 inches thick. It is well designed to provide both adequate support and great comfort.

All the Eco-Flex foam layers use environment-friendly materials. This means that no harmful artificial chemicals are in it and anyone lying on it will not get in contact with anything that could be damaging to his health. Even the environmentally-safe Eco Loft Fire Barrier layer does not contain any chemicals like boron.

All the layers also work together in order to provide better motion dampening. This means that movements are adequately cushioned and absorbed. The same benefit is felt when a person moves around in bed. The mattress is also more responsive to weight and pressure compared to the traditional memory foam.

The foam materials are exceptionally durable and rival the performance of most high-end viscoelastic foam. This better performance is possible because of the product density of up to 40% less than the industry standard.

How Does the GelFoamBed Sleep?

The multi-layers of Eco Flex foam provide a plush feel. This is most recommended for people who like to sleep on softer mattresses.

Firmness Level

The top Halcyon foam layer gives a good amount of sink and softness. This is aimed at relieving pressure.

The gel-infused memory foam gives a cocooning effect. This refers to that feeling of being hugged by the foam when lying down on the bed.

Side sleepers or people who prefer to sleep on their side would like the feel of this mattress.

A back sleeper (people who prefer to sleep on their backs) may like the softness. However, some back sleepers may not be fans of the cocooning and the amount of sink. It depends on the preference on firmness.

This is not very advisable for stomach sleepers. Heavy sleepers i.e., (heavyweights) are also not recommended to use this mattress. The sink is too deep and the hug could prove to be too much for comfort for these types of sleepers.

Overall, the mattress provides the comfort and cushion for different kinds of sleepers, including side sleepers.

The firmness level is more on the soft, plush side. The soft, responsive layers feel like you are sinking into the bed rather than sleeping on it. This is most recommended for those who love to be engulfed by the mattress.

Motion transfer

Motion transfer is excellently reduced. The partner does not feel movements when the other person moves. The weight, pressure, and movement are all absorbed by the dense foam at the base of the mattress.

Despite the absorption of the movements, the layers allow for ease of movement on the bed. A person can move easily on the bed but will not disturb the other person lying on the same bed.


Coolness is provided by the gel infused into the mattress’ quilted memory foam cover. It helps to dissipate heat, keeping the person from getting too warm when sleeping in one position.

However, the sink and cocooning contribute to heat retention. The person may still feel a bit too warm in bed.

How to Order A GelFoamBed

Venus Halcyon Comfort Mattress comes with a 365 days free trial offer. Shipping is free and it comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Interested customers can buy this mattress directly from the manufacturer. Its retail price starts at $500 with available sizes from Twin, Queen, Full, King, Cal King, and Twin XL.

Choose the size you prefer and place your order online. The mattress is then manufactured right after your order is placed. Then, it is boxed, shipped and delivered right to your doorstep.

You can be assured that each mattress comes with a non-prorated 10-year warranty.



The Venus Halcyon Comfort Mattress is a good mattress. It is a great value for its price. The mattress is made in the USA. Customers have greater confidence that the mattress does not contain known harmful substances. It has the CertiPUR-US® rating for being durable and non-toxic.

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  1. I have a GelFoamBed and it’s the most comfortable mattress that I have ever slept on. I find that I’m able to sleep on either my side or back with the same degree of comfort. I’ve had my mattress for several months and it actually seems to get better with time. I definitely miss it when I sleep elsewhere.

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