2024 Gift Guide for Dogs & Puppies – Cuteness Ahead

Here it is, our 1st edition of the gift guide for dogs & puppies – 2019 holiday edition!

This list consists of the most unique gifts we have found this year that would be perfect for our furry friends that bring us so much joy. Take a look and see what you think. Anything missing? Let us know in the comments. I would love to keep this list updated.

Items published in no particular order, each one is unique in its own right.

Crown & Paw – Animal Portraits

Let’s kick off this holiday list with something that is absolutely one of my favorite gifts I’m giving this year. We actually just got a new puppy over the summer that looks just like the one in this picture here. So I can already imagine what the final piece is going to look like. But at Crown & Paw you can pick the outfit you want to use, upload your favorite picture of your pet, then pick the canvas size. Their art team will turn your picture into a digital file that can be used on any of their available options.

Starting from $49.99

Check Out Crown & Paw

Everyday Optimal CBD Dog Biscuits

These dog biscuits are a great treat for any dog. Packed with 150mg of CBD, this treat will not only taste great but will also help calm your dogs as well. If you have not tried CBD products with your dog yet, ask your vet or do some research on giving CBD to your pets first. Many are using it already for their dogs so this is something to consider for sure.

Starting from $19.99

Check Out Everyday Optimal CBD Dog Biscuits


Hearth Hounds Dog Stockings

Now how cute are these guys? These are awesome stockings for your dogs. When I first took these out of the box I put my hand in it like a puppet and my little guy was having fun with em like they were a long lost friend.

Starting from $39.99

Check Out Hearth Hounds Stockings Here


Made with the perfect blend of love and science, RestoraPet has been tested and proven to restore wellness in older pets experiencing age-related decline and proactively boost the health and well-being of younger pets. The supplement contains Vitalitrol®, a proprietary “super antioxidant” which begins working from the very first administered dose to rehabilitate and protect nearly every type of cell in a pet’s body and has already helped thousands of animals in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Starting from $29.95

Check Out RestoraPet

Vital Pet Life Salmon Oil & Natural Pet Shampoo

Wild alaskan salmon oil is the perfect supplement for your pet’s nutrition. The omega 3 & 6 fatty acids in salmon oil help your pet’s overall health by providing nutrients and vitamins to their body. Salmon oil helps your pet’s skin and coat, helps itching, scratching, and allergies, and helps inflammation. They also have a Natural Pet Shampoo which is an oatmeal aloe, jojoba oil, chamomile, and vitamin E. Plus it is fragrance free.

Starting from $13.77

Check Out Vital Pet Life Products



My wife brought this to work to clean all the towels and blankets at the kennel. All of the volunteers were amazed at how well this worked for pulling all the dog hair out of the wash. Most asked where we she got it so they could get their own for home. The two pack comes with one to put in the wash and the other to put in the dryer. Dog lovers rejoice 🙂

Starting from $14.99

Check Out the Furzapper


Next up is an easy way to wash your dog. The Rinseroo is an ultra-flexible tube that you hook up to your sink, tub, or showerhead and gives you the tube flexibility to channel the water where you want and how you want. The ‘floppy’ end fits over nearly any faucet or showerhead because it is super stretchy and seals. Makes dog washing super easy and stress-free.

Starting from $19.95

Check Out the Rinseroo

Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer & Dental Kit

Keeping with the clean dog theme here, next up are products from Oxyfresh. The Pet Deodorizer is unscented, pet friendly, and non-toxic. Spray it directly on pets, kennels, cages, pet beds, litter boxes, and pet urine to eliminate bad odor smells.

The Dental Kit will keep your canine mouth in tip top (kissable) shape 🙂 Fresh breath and clean teeth are a brush away.

Starting from $13.99

Check Out Oxyfresh Products Here

Back Bay Roasters & Brewers Cold Brew

We all like clean dogs right? Next up is an easy way to easily clean your dogs paws before they enter the house. The best way to explain this is that is a golf ball washer contraption but for your dogs feet. If you know how a golf ball washer works at golf courses then apply that to this. Simply put your dawgs paws in and out a few times to gently clean mud and dirt easily. Then simply pour out the mess down the drain or in the yard.

Starting from $19.99

Check Out the Paw Plunger


The SmartLeash quickly, safely, and automatically locks when dogs run from you. It stays locked until you pret releases tension. Push the brake button to lock legnth manually. Push again to switch back to free mode. The high strength bungee absorbs the pulling force and lessen the impact on your arm, back, and the dog itself.

Starting from $22.99

Check Out The SmartLeash

Pet Plate Real Food Cooked Fresh For Your Dog

Real ingredients made in a human-grade kitchen. All Pet Plate items use all-natural ingredients, are designed by a vet nutritionist, are cooked in USDA facility, are personalized for your pup, come in resealable containers, and you can be flexible on your subscription.

I have been giving my 5-month-old lab these for the past week and he can’t get enough. He was using a ‘better’ dog food from Petsmart and while he would eat it would take some time as he would go back and forth to it over an hour or so. With Pet Plate, its gone within 5 minutes. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not but I know that he likes it.

Starting from $15.99

Check out Pet Plate

Bandana Bowl

This bandana easily unfolds into a portable water bowl or you can fill it with ice to keep your dogs cool. Very fun to use.

Starting from $8.95

Check Out the Bandana Bowl

Resident DIY Paper Craft

The latest trend in crafts. Paper craft in the shapes on animals. Meet Mosley the Boxer. This is a fun craft kit that you can use to create a 3-D dog art that you can then hang on your wall. Not only is this a fun and relaxing time to put it together, it will also look good from years to come wherever you decide to hang it. Many animals are available.

Starting from $65

Check Out Resident Paper Crafts

Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Wax

Give your guys paws some needed relief with Musher’s Secret. Protects paws from sand, hot pavement, ice, and salt with an all-natural wax.

Starting from $20.72mth

Check Out Mushers Secret

Bow Wow Labs – Bully Sticks

The Bully Buddy is A Bully Stick’s Best Friend

A revolutionary safety device for feeding bully sticks to your dog. Various sizes are available from small to large dogs. My dog has been using this for about 2 weeks now and he loves the darn thing. Not sure why I did not get one a year ago when he was chewing everything in sight.

Starting from $33.13

Check Out The Bully Buddy

HandsOn Gloves

HandsOn Gloves handy innovation offers a helping hand to groom and bathe your pets, keeping fur shedding to a minimum and their bond with your family – to a maximum.  The gloves are also multi-purpose as they remove pet fur from boat or vehicle seats, clothing and home furnishings. HandsOn Gloves were designed with comforting scrubbing nodules and hypo-allergenic, bio-friendly components clinically proven to be safe for use with humans and animals. The gloves work wet or dry allowing for the perfect combination to clean, bathe and massage your pet. Users will find their animals wanting to come closer at groom time and will enjoy traveling with their pets. Now in Junior size for kids to lend a helping hand caring for their pets and Adult size small, medium, large and extra large) and 3 colors (green, purple and black).

Starting from $24.99

Check Out HandsOn Gloves


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