Girls Guide To Playing Fantasy Football

Welcome to the 2019 edition of the girls guide to fantasy football.  This is more of a newbie guide for those ladies that are looking for the ‘leg up’ on the boys that are die-hard fantasy footballers. This is the perfect intro to get the girls up to speed and to start making some bank from a daily fantasy football site.  In addition this info graphic you can also use our more advanced gameplay tips here.

So What Is Daily Fantasy Football?

This is an online game in which you will create an imaginary team composed of real NFL players and you score based on how each player does in the game. Each participant is referred to as a team owner and typically you will play in a league with 7-12 other team owners to make a league. The difference between a fantasy football league and a daily fantasy football league is that with daily fantasy you will pick your team every week and you can cash every week as well. So there are more chances to win with a daily contest.

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In most leagues there is a weekly draft or a pre draft before the season starts. The drafts may be live or they may be automated, or it could be both if some team owners are not present. Each week two team owners will face off for supremacy. The team owners are awarded points based upon their NFL players real life performance during that week’s game. The team owner whose NFL players accumulate the most points that week wins.

How To Pick Players

Generally, you will want to draft players that are on high-scoring offenses. Your first picks are the most important. Start with a quarterback that is known as a great passer, load up on running backs, and cap off your early picks with a reliable tight end and a pair of wide receivers. Last year the highest scoring players on offense were Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees.

The Most Common Mistakes Seen From the Girl Players (This won’t be you)

Daily fantasy football is not a complicated game, however there are a few things to keep in mind. First, don’t forget to set your line-up each week before the first games start (usually on Thurs now). Second, try not to draft players that share the same position and bye week. Last, do not abandon your team if you get off to a slow start. Remember, an unexpected injury or suspension can quickly shake up the standings.

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Insider Tips

If you have the ability to draft your team live (either in person or over the internet) do it! Don’t be afraid to reference cheat sheets during the draft – there are a ton of free ones available on the internet. Finally, don’t be afraid to dump well know but under-performing players for lesser known sleepers and surprise upstarts.



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