GoodBarber V4 Review – Make Your Own iOS and Android Apps

Hi, and welcome to our new review of Goodbarber! This Corsica-based app maker has already published more than thirty thousand apps – and they’ve consistently been our top-rated solution thanks to their outstanding design options and features. Since their 4rth version of the platform is introducing quite a few changes, let’s see what’s new and whether we can still recommend it. After signing up and “magical stuff” happens, you’ll see your main editor window.

How To Make An App With GoodBarber

There is a wizard to guide you, and the first step takes us to the theme selection. As you can see, GoodBarber puts design front and center, and their themes are the best proof of that. There is an excellent selection, they all look fantastic, and you get tons of customization options, from fonts to headers. Very few other app makers can compete with GoodBarber’s flexibility for building a great looking app. The next step is the Sections or features. This is the most confusing part because there is a lot to take into account – so let’s break it down.

As you can see, sections on the right appear in your app menu on the left. If you want to add one, just click the big Plus button here. You can also enable more functions with Add-Ons. These are extras, such as Loyalty cards or Chat messaging, and some of them are not free. You can then drag and drop sections to rearrange them. But notice that some can be hidden. These won’t show in your menu, but you can link to them within your app. Editing the content is also a bit harder than we’d hope. You must click on the section, then on the content.

Your left window turns into a content management system, so you can’t visualize the changes in your app straight away. On the plus side, managing the content is easy, intuitive, and extremely powerful. Quite a lot to take in right? Don’t worry, after playing with the editor for an hour or so, you should be able to wrap your head around it. Two of the most impressive new GoodBarber features are the Home section and the progressive web apps. The former is the first thing users will see inside your app. It’s like a quick link to all the sections you choose, and these can be reordered and redesigned too. Next is the progressive web app: essentially a website based on your app. The Home section becomes your landing page. You can choose your domain name, and enter SEO information, so your app is fully indexable by search engines. We’re usually unimpressed by web apps, but we have to say GoodBarber is the first to create a decent website and app combo. GoodBarber’s prices are pretty competitive. The standard plan is for a progressive app only.

GoodBarber Pricing

It costs $28 / Month. For $40 / month, you get your iOS or Android native app as well. The Advanced option, for $60 / month, gives you more push notifications, more iBeacons, and features such as user groups, chat, and maps. All the plans are also cheaper if you pay yearly. Also, note that the “Domain name” mentioned is just a GoodBarber domain name such as “”. You can link it to your own domain if you have one already. So how is GoodBarber V4 doing? Well: The designs are still excellent, and you get tons of customization options Their features are robust and powerful The progressive web app is an impressive solution that bridges the gap between app and website And their prices are still very affordable compared to other solutions On the downside, The amount of features comes at a cost for usability. The new editor can be intimidating for complete beginners and even with the advanced plan, some add-ons cost extra.

So we’ll have to say GoodBarber is still one of our favorite app makers out there. We’d just recommend you spend a bit of time playing with the platform to make sure it’s the best for you too. Comments? Feedback? Drop us a line below – we reply to everything!

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