Happsy Mattress Review & Coupon Code

Why Happsy?

Healthy sleep should be easy and affordable. That’s why Happsy invented the ONLY truly organic mattress under $2000 that is totally free of polyurethane foam, glues/adhesives and flame retardants, which are known to offgas chemicals into the air. Your bed is a sacred place of tranquility and rejuvenation where you will spend one third of your life. When you lay down on a Happsy, you know that you are on the best materials that mother nature has to offer.


From the bottom up, the mattress starts with an organic cotton fabric, then a layer of quilted organic cotton batting followed by a layer of individually pocketed springs with an organic cotton insulator. Next is the layer of organic latex topped with organic wool batting. The mattress is then topped off with a luxurious organic cotton stretch-knit fabric for a total of 10″ height. The sides of the mattress contain an additional organic cotton fabric plus batting.

  • ●  Organic Cotton Fabric
    • ○  Grown without pesticides, herbicides or defoliants
    • ○  Comes from an organic farm using fair labor practices
    • ○  Processed without bleaches and toxic dyes
    • ○  Non-GMO
  • ●  Organic Wool Batting
    • ○  Comes from an organic farm with free-roaming sheep
    • ○  Processed without bleach and toxic chemicals
  • ●  2″ Organic Latex
    • ○  Sourced from organic rubber trees in India and Sri Lanka
    • ○  No unnecessary processes or treatments
    • ○  Harvested sustainably by hand with fair wages and treatment of workers
  • ●  8″ Pocketed Springs

○ Made without any glues or adhesives

● Organic Cotton Filling
○ Made in U.S.A. organic cotton

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Happsy Promo Codes:

The most current coupon code for the Happsy matteress is for $200 off is: SAVEMORE Click here to apply the code

Happsy mattresses are handcrafted here in the US, and we make responsible and sustainable choices from materials to our business practices. We give back and support organizations such as 1% for the Planet and Women’s Voices for the Earth.

Though it is generally known in the industry that Happsy is a cooperative venture with Naturepedic currently, they are strictly separate companies in the customer’s eye. We do not want Naturepedic mentioned in Happsy reviews.

What Sets Us Apart:

Our ENTIRE mattress is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic and not just an individual component like our competition. Therefore, Happsy customers know with certainty that every element of their mattress both organic and other, including the steel springs and down to the threads, was approved as being non-toxic and safe to the GOTS standard. Without this reassurance, mattress shoppers have to rely on trust alone, which is not something we recommend doing in the mattress industry.

Moreover, GOTS ensures that every part of the supply chain, from the farmers to the textile workers to the laborers making the latex, are employed with a standard of social and safety guidelines, the same guidelines created by the International Labour Union, meaning no child labor or unsafe working conditions. Right now, Happsy is the only exclusive mattress-in-a-box company with GOTS certification.

Natural/organic mattresses have a reputation for being uncomfortable, usually being way too firm. Our hybrid design of organic latex and encased coils results in a perfect combination of contouring and support. To most people, the Happsy mattress is a perfect medium firmness, not too hard and not too soft. But an even softer feel can be achieved with our optional plush topper.

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Additional Features to Call Out:

  • ●  120 Night Trial
  • ●  Local touch: From design and development to production and packaging, ourorganic sleep products are handcrafted by skilled artisans right here in the U.S.A.
  • ●  Offer an optional certified organic Topper for plusher feel
  • ●  Easy/fast set up, watch now >>>https://happsy.com/products/happsy-organic-mattress

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