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While Hemp Bombs has a range of products like CBD E-Liquids, CBD Oils, and CBD Syrup, we will specifically be reviewing Hemp Bombs High Potency Gummies.

Hemp Bombs line of CBD Gummy products includes counts of 5, 15, 30, and 60 gummies. These “traditional strength” gummies are 15mg per gummy, or about 15-30mg per serving.

Hemp Bombs Higher Potency Gummies are available as a 60 count and have a strength of 25mg per gummy, nearly 70% stronger than the traditional strength products, for a total of 1500mg per bottle.

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Traditional Strength ($ / 100mg)                                  High Potency ($ / 100mg)

600mg CBD Gummies – $11.111500mg CBD Gummies – $9.33


As you can see in the above table, Hemp Bombs High Potency CBD Gummies represent a better value than traditional strength gummies. For every 100mg, you save almost $2 on your purchase.






Why would you need “High Potency” CBD Gummies?

Perhaps you are unsure about whether to make the jump to high potency products. While better value is a compelling reason, here are some other reasons to try extra strength products.

More Severe Symptoms

For users that have severe pain and other issues, traditional strength products may not remedy their struggles as much as they would have hoped. They may have received some relief from a traditional dose of CBD but need more to work with their ailments. Traditional doses of CBD tend to help users most with sleep aid, anxiety, and mood enhancement.

If you are a person who has more chronic issues with pain or more severe problems, higher potency products may be recommended. They would provide you the best chance for relief.


Physiology and Biology

This basically means “knowing your own body. A few factors may include physical size, gender, and age amongst other considerations. Gradually increasing your dose and microdosing might be two good ways to test how your body reacts to Cannabidiol. Keep in mind, there is no hard and fast rule to a person’s physiological and biological makeup. The best person to make the call is you.

High Potent CBD Is Longer Lasting

WIth Higher Potency CBD Gummies, you may find that you need fewer servings to get the effects you are looking for. For example, Hemp Bombs higher concentration CBD Gummies are about twice as strong as traditional strength products. Like for like, you can the same dose of CBD by taking a ½ serving of our higher potency products. If you are looking to trim down the servings and make your product last longer, you will be able to achieve that with Hemp Bombs high concentration products.

Hemp Bombs CBD Formula

While we have taken a look at Hemp Bombs Higher Potency gummies as a specific product, it is important to have information on the CBD the product is made within the first place. All Hemp Bombs products, including the High Potency CBD Gummies , are made from CBD Isolate. CBD Isolate is a crystalline powder that has over 99% purity without THC. CBD Isolate goes through a complex Hydrocarbon extraction process in order to separate it from THC and the other constituent chemicals from the Hemp plant. What this means to the consumer is that they get a pure product that doesn’t put them at risk for failing a drug test.

Benefits of High Potency CBD Gummies

While it may seem that the buzz around CBD is too good to be true, there are many reasons to be hopeful that CBD can bring many benefits. When you take CBD into your body, CBD interacts naturally with what is called the “Endocannabinoid System,” which helps maintain and regulate your body’s health. The Endocannabinoid System has receptors all throughout the body whose main function is to create homeostasis. It’s because of the widespread nature of the Endocannabinoid system that CBD is suspected to have so many diverse benefits.

Some of the most common benefits attributed to CBD are:

  • Lower Anxiety and Better Mood
  • Inflammation and Pain Reduction
  • Better Sleep

Many users have a positive response to CBD, describing benefits similar to those listed above. Again, the CBD doesn’t “fix” you like a band-aid covering something up. CBD interacts with your body in a natural way to encourage balance and its own best performance. CBD gets your health going on all cylinders.

Overall, Hemp Bombs has our vote both as a company and for their products including the Higher Potency CBD Gummies. Order and you won’t be disappointed.

About Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a CBD manufacturer based out of Tampa, Fl. They consider themselves to be an industry leader in marketing, manufacturing, and product quality. They are committed to storefront distribution and their digital presence in equal measure. Here are a few highlights the company prides themselves on:

  • In-House Manufacturing – Each and every consumer product is made on-site
  • Competitive Pricing – Because Hemp Bombs doesn’t have to outsource its business it can offer lower prices than its competitors
  • Team Players – Hemp Bombs is proud of its team and feels like they offer the best customer experience on behalf of the full-service web, marketing, sales, and customer service teams.

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