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Let’s be truthful, we’re all prone to leaving our phones in places that typically aren’t perfect. Do you have family members or friends that like to use your personal phone? Are you intending to have a protected phone for your youngsters? If you answered yes to any of these then most likely need some type of protection on your phone.

Hexlock, from Liquidum, is a safety app that aims to secure your information by locking your private apps instead of your whole phone.

When you first launch the free-to-download Hexlock, you’ll be asked to set a pin or pattern to utilize when unlocking your applications. In the app, you can develop accounts for your frequent locations– like Job, Home or Coffee bar– or to limit accessibility when handing the tool to specific customers– a ‘Children’ mode for adult controls, for example.

While it might not protect your phone versus forget as well as on your own, it will certainly safeguard it from every person else. Hexlock will certainly secure your apps with as much as 6 different accounts for when you go to work or home or out on the town. With this app you’ll have the ability to establish a PIN, a password or a pattern to earn it so no person will certainly have the ability to enter your applications or your photos.


Initially, they have actually a setup called media vault. Media vault will conceal images that you may hold most dear or treasure for whatever factor however you prefer to keep them personal. Media vault will also do this with videos, which is most likely an even far better choice. You’ll have the ability to remove them from the main gallery as well as hide them from your sleuthing pals and youngsters.

Hexlock will certainly also stop other’s from being able to access any type of apps that you prefer to them not get involved in. They will not be able to dig with your Facebook or Instagram or other social networks applications you have. Don’t worry about them uninstalling Hexlock since it’s secured with the very same sort of locks as every little thing else. The best component is, if you’re worried it’s most likely to be a lot of work as well as obtain discouraging having to open every application with a password, you’ll be able to have numerous profiles so you could change from a job account with even more safety and security to a residence profile with much less or perhaps a going-out account for the optimal protection.

While it’s straightforward to switch over in between accounts manually– and an eye-catching, fluid design makes it less tiresome to do– an especially clever attribute of Hexlock is the capacity to set network-based accounts. If, for example, you link to the work Wi-Fi while in the office, you can have Hexlock activate your Job account instantly. Likewise, on your house network you could auto-activate your Parental account. If you take a trip in between cafe, house as well as different offices, this takes away a few of the discomfort often related to additional protection procedures. Basing the settings on network– instead of area– is additionally clever as it saves the app from having to track your place frequently (and also burning with your battery).

The very best attribute, most will probably agree with, is the adult control element. Currently you’ll be able to give your children a phone and also not stress over them running up the bill with in-app purchases and those pesky micro purchases. You’ll be able to limit exactly what they could access and also do and send them out into the globe with a safe and also safe phone. This can likewise work in reverse. If you permit your children to have fun with your phone or your tablets, you can, just as easily, prevent them from playing around as well as entering personal points.

All-in-all this application is a certain caretaker as well as a has to have for anybody worried concerning their security as well as intends to maintain spying eyes far from your personal organisation.


Hexlock is an added protection layer that does its best to adapt to the different environments your phone lives in. With the mixing of personal and also private information in public spaces, I ‘d claim it deserves consisting of some more safety in your configuration. There are choices out there, however as a totally free as well as sturdy option, there’s little incorrect with Hexlock.

Download Hexlock for Andorid here

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