Hit The Dot App Review

Hit the Dot is a basic video game created to be difficult and fun. There is only one action, flick the circle into the dot. The video game is the most basic I’ve encountered on the AppStore however do not be tricked. The more you advance the more difficult it ends up being. It can get addicting, a lot so that I have actually invested 30 minutes playing simply to attempt an beat my high rating and to see how difficult it gets.


The video game is quite fundamental and basic. You can use your very own or challenge a pal to the high rating. You begin playing by snapping a little circle at a larger one. The difficulty features the timer that diminishes through the video game and a dot that obstructs your course to the bigger circle. You will need to bounce off walls to attempt and get the hit. You can bounce your circle off obstructing dots too to obtain to the bigger circle, so technique enters play. The course to your target will never ever constantly be clear, it’s up to you to snap the circle in the proper way. The obstructing dots begins to appear in around level 4, development to about level 12 and more dots appear, and a growing number of and a growing number of. You get where I’m choosing this, it gets harder because of the obstructing dots.

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There isn’t truly much to state about the video game. It gets harder with every effective hit. You will desire others to experience the video game so it’s a reason to challenge your good friend. It’s an excellent interruption video game, certainly one for the train trip to and from work. If you’re into basic and enjoyable video games then Hit the Dot is the game for you. Hit the Dot– A Simple Flick the Dot expense $0.99 and provide hours of enjoyable if you can advance through the levels.

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