How to Clean Your Epilator in Just 5 Minutes [Guide]

There is nothing like having an epilator to remove unwanted hair. It is quick and easy to use the epilator and this not only adds on to the convenience but it also helps you in saving the money that you would have spent for waxing. If you do not have an epilator then you can go ahead and look at some of the Epilators Buying Guide which will help you in choosing the Best Epilator Models. However, if you have an epilator then remember that it is very important to keep the epilator clean. The epilator should be clean before and after every use.

There are many reasons why these need to be cleaned and those are not obvious. First thing is that cleaning the epilator will ensure hygiene and it will ensure that you are not prone to infection. Since the epilator pulls out the hair from the root, it becomes important to clean it. To begin with, it is not complicated to clean the epilator. It would take not more than 5 minutes to clean the epilator.

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Steps to Clean Your Epilator As Effectively As Possible

Brush First – The first thing to do is that you need to move to a basin or you need to have a tissue on your table before you start cleaning the epilator. This will ensure that you do not create a mess while cleaning the epilator. So after spreading out tissue on the table, start by disassembling the epilator. Remove the head and any other removable part from the epilator. Take the brush that you got with epilator and remove the dirt by gently brushing the epilator. If you didn’t get the brush with epilator or if you lost the brush then do not worry and simply use a toothbrush to clean the epilator. You would need to rotate the tweezers manually for cleaning it. Ensure that all the visible particles are removed. Once this is done, you are ready to move to the next step.

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Wash the Residue – Now, go to the basin and wash the head of the epilator with running water. You can use warm water to wash the head and ensure that the water is flowing at a good pressure. Rotate the head again and this will remove all the residue from the head. Once you have washed the epilator, go ahead and shake it a little to remove the water. Keep it on a towel and dry the head properly before moving to a next step.

Bacteria is the Real Culprit – The truth is that bacteria are the real culprit here and most of the skin issues are caused by bacteria. To kill all the bacteria, you need to use an antiseptic liquid or rubbing alcohol to clean the head. You can soak the head in the liquid or you can spray the cleaning agent on the head. Do ensure that you rotate the head manually once again to clean the head properly. Some of the people also use antibacterial soap and you can also use it but do remember to clean it with running water after that. Also, clean the body of the epilator and for that, you can soak a wiping cloth or cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and clean it off.

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Let it Dry – After you have washed the epilator and cleaning it with rubbing alcohol, you would need to dry the epilator. The best way to dry the head is to leave it for a day on a towel or a tissue. Also, you need to take care of the fact that you do not use a hairdryer for cleaning the epilator as this could damage the part because of the heat. Let it dry naturally and after some hours, rotate the head to dry even the backside of the rolling head.

Storage – After all the procedure is done, you need to store the epilator properly. You can buy a storage pouch for it so that you can keep it dry and safe. Most of the epilators come with a storage pouch so it even makes it easy to store the epilator. Keep it at a dry place and avoid keeping the epilator in the cabinet in your bathroom. Clean it before the usage to maintain the hygiene and before using it, you can clean it just with the regular rubbing alcohol.

This was the process to clean the epilator. Effectively, it won’t take more than 5 minutes from disassembling your epilator to drying it. Cleaning it after every use won’t take much of time but it will save you from a lot of skin problems that you might suffer from if you do not clean the epilator.

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