How To Write A Post For Reviewster

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for being an author on Reviewster, this guide will go over the best methods you can do with your writing here that will give your articles the best chance to rank, get exposure, and ultimately get you evergreen revenue :).

Steps For Success

  1. Create an account on the platform here (This is a WordPress site)
  2. Join the Reviewster Writers Guild FB Group here
  3. Email me your username so I can upgrade your account to be an author: reviewstercom (at)
  4. Choosing topics to write on will be a back and forth operation. Meaning that I will help you pick out what topics to write on that should get you the best chance for success. A few things come into play here such as: your passions or what you are excited to talk about, and if the topic is already covered by 1000 other sites (ie. Credit card reviews)There are two types of posts that will give you the best chance to rank here:
    a) A Buyers Guide on a topic and…
    b) A Review of an individual product, service, or brand.

Creating A Buyer Guide on Reviewster

This section will show you the best methods to employ when creating a Buyer Guide type of post on Reviewster.

Please watch this video for overview of what we’re looking for here. πŸ™‚ It is worth your 20 minutes. Plus it will help you in your writing for other sites. Bonus..Bonus πŸ™‚

Example pages that are getting results:

Best RV Travel Trailers Review Guide – 2019 Edition

If you follow this type of layout then you will be on your way to success here.

In short, the post should contain:

  • Introduction to the topic 4-5 sentences
  • Reasons why they should ‘trust’ you for providing this buyer guide and review. Make an introduction to yourself, your reasons for wanting to review the topic (pain points you have yourself), and just be real so that the reader feels confident you will help them with their search.
  • Mini reviews of 5-10 products, services in the topic. 5-10 sentences for each.
  • Buyer Guide section – FAQ’s on the topic – answer in detail as many questions on the topic that you can find. Do a google search for the topic and generally Google will have a ‘people also asked’ section or look at the suggested keywords on the bottom of the search results page for other ideas to what you can answer related to this topic.

Overall should be at least 2000 words, but the more the merrier as they say.

We’ll be discussing best practices and providing feedback and results in the Facebook group so be sure to stay active there.


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