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You might have realized that writing an action page is not necessarily a simple thing. Because of this, there are many complimentary scripts available on the internet that you can download for your site. gives you among the simplest methods to include a remarks section to your site. All you need to do is copy/paste the code below. That’s it! The comments area will be displayed where ever you position the code.

However, in order to moderate the remarks, you will have to log in using a Google account.

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The most significant advantage of this script is its simplicity of use (and it’s complimentary!). The downside of using a service like this is that, you have less control over what your script mades with your users’ comments. Having stated that, you can tailor your comments section to a specific degree.


This is an old-school, no-frills, commenting system that looks a bit home-brew. However, I utilized it for several years on my high-volume site without any issue, so I have to offer it a shout-out. In addition to the free version that anyone can easily add. There are some paid versions available starting from .99 a month.



  • Basic and easy to use.
  • Loads quickly with page (does not use AJAX).
  • Allows really confidential commenting without even email address! (If you set it that way).
  • Comment type at top if you want.
  • Good spam protection (I never ever had a problem).
  • Can download your comments to spreadsheet at any time.

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  • Has threaded remarks, but
  • they don’t appear threaded. The just show up chronologically so it’s difficult to see who is reacting to whom. This is far behind the competitors.
  • Old look and functions.
  • No social networks combination.
  • Commenting requires a page refresh, so it’s a bit sluggish in use..

Final Verdict

If you need truly confidential commenting, this is one of the few services that enables users to comment without entering an e-mail address. However, it’s type of out of date in other respects.

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