Inofia Hybrid Innerspring Mattress Review

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A good night’s sleep makes all the difference to our daily performance. When considering an ideal mattress for sleeping, Inofia manufacturers consider people’s needs for a night of quality sleep. They know that every person has their own preference when choosing a bed. The most important consideration is the level of comfort one can get. So in our Inofia Hybrid mattress review we hope to answer the main questions you would have to help you determine if this is going to be the best mattress or your sleeping needs.

With consistent research from years of experience, the company commits to creating mattresses that satisfy all kinds of sleepers.

Mattress Specifications

The Queen Inofia Hybrid Innerspring Mattress for sleepers has the following components: 

  1. 1.Cooling-sleep surface 
  2. 2.Pressure-relieving memory foam 
  3. 3.Smart airflow layer 
  4. 4.Dual-cool fiber layer 
  5. 5.Powerful and durable comfort spring 
  6. 6.High-density base

What We Loved About It

This mattress comes with a 3D knitted dual-layer cover on top. We appreciate that it is neither too soft nor too hard. In fact, it creates a firm feel for anybody with a strict back, stomach sleeper, side sleeper or anyone with different sleeping positions. It especially creates a comfortable cushioning on the back that helps reduce some of the pain usually experienced by people who get discomfort while sleeping on really soft or hard mattresses. 

The Queen Inofia Hybrid Innerspring promotes airflow through the mattress. This is great for hot sleepers who may sweat excessively in the middle of the night, especially during the hot summer months. What this mattress does is absorb your body heat to keep you cool, thereby giving you the ultimate comfy feel through the night. 

Allergies are certainly annoying, fortunately, the cover is hypoallergenic. A great thing about it is it minimizes moisture. It is easier to clean by simply wiping the surface with a damp cloth or vacuuming. This mattress is typically safe for those people who suffer from allergic reactions when exposed to dust, weather changes, pollen, and dust mites. 

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The Inofia Hybrid Innerspring foam is CertiPUR-US Certified. This means that this mattress does not contain materials that may harm the environment. These substance may include PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals that are hazardous to the body. We are happy to note that this is made from eco-friendly materials. Homeowners are assured that their family is safe when using this product. 

For people who spend a great deal of time on their beds, it is common to experience pain in some areas of the body. Inofia Hybrid Innerspring Mattress has a pressure-relieving memory foam that evenly distributes the pressure points on the head, hips, shoulders and back, so you sink into its softness instead of feeling your weight against the surface on the mattress. It allows people with varied sleeping posture to feel comfortable when sleeping and also relieve pain.


This mattress has a smart airflow layer which allows the air to circulate evenly through the middle and top part of the mattress to manage the temperature. As a result, it provides a neutral feel for the sleeper in hot or cold weather.

The manufacturer of Queen Inofia Hybrid Innerspring Mattress designed it with a hybrid construction of individual pocket springs. If you make restless movements on the bed while you sleep, this issue will not affect your partner one on the other side of the bed. They won’t even feel you move. 

People who use spring mattresses often complain about squeaking or creaking noise whenever they roll on their beds. The Inofia Hybrid Innerspring mattress has pocket springs that provide independent movement of the springs which makes it noise-free. 

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The pocket spring layer also works to distribute your heavyweight evenly on to the mattress so that the pressure points on body parts are prevented. This helps people who have a hard time finding the right mattress for their body to keep them from the ache in their preferred sleeping position. 

The spring layer is made of carbon steel that is capable of resisting rust, deformation and bacteria accumulation which occur over time. 

The high-density base provides a sturdy foundation for the mattress that ensures support during your sleep.

Don’t do what I did when unpacking the mattress. I used the cutter on the end and caught the tag. Just be careful with a blade in your hand. 🙂

Our Verdict

The Queen Inofia Hybrid Innerspring Mattress utilizes a breathable knitted dual-layer cover, high-density innerspring base layer, CertiPUR certified memory foam and hypoallergenic top to provide a steady support and comfortable feel for all kinds of sleepers.

Check out the Inofia Mattress Here

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