Jason Bond Picks Review – Best Penny Stock Trading Platform?


Jason Bond picks is a solution that provides day trading as well as swing trading picks.

They have a library of training videos and a live chatroom with a mediator and members who publish their day trades in the chatroom.

Jason resembles he has actually been uploading picks for multiple years as well as he is very open about his past profession performance. If you ask, he will certainly supply you a spreadsheet of all his trades in his account.

The stock universe he trades is stocks under $10 as well as some under $1.00 with a market capitalization emphasis of $100million to $2billion.

The focus gets on fluid volatile (” high-beta”) LOW Priced supplies and also the goal is 5-20% revenues in a very brief amount of time.

As you can see from the picture over, Jason trades plenty of shares on low priced supplies so the % steps can be as low as 5 cents a share.

What I Liked About Jason Bond Picks

The training videos are respectable at clarifying the types of professions he is trying to find and also just how he scans for supply ideas yet there is absolutely nothing specifically one-of-a-kind about his method.

The earlier video clips were done 3-4 years ago however the web content is still pertinent.

The videos undergo in detail just how he finds supplies, what chart patterns to look for, and great deals of videos concerning technological analysis based upon trades he did.

Essentially, the supply arrangements that Jason concentrates on are:

What I Didn’t Like

While the watch list as well as e-mail that he sends out concerning his picks has some helpful information, I am unsure exactly how most customers will certainly have the ability to follow his professions if they simply wait there informs(see examples listed below). You would profit extra from discovering the approaches as well as adding his watch listing names to your own watchlist. After that produce your own price access activates so you typically aren’t awaiting the notifier.

Also, I have seen some examples where I see a big volume of shares traded before when he send the alert email and after that customers appear to enter as well as in some cases the stock never ever recoups a minimum of intraday.

I am always weary around low-cost supply alert solutions where the solution is taking the professions before they signal members because the trades are short term and occasionally not extremely fluid which could create the members to inflate the price.

Is Jason Bond Picks A Scam?

If you’ve been doing your research you have possibly discovered this a couple of times. It is necessary to understand what you are obtaining when it concerns stock alert services. Many newsletters out there are apart of larger companies known as supply marketers. Stock marketers are paid to advertise stocks as well as cause an influx of quantity but also for no actual reason. In a lot of cases the stocks that are promoted can run 10’s as well as 100’s of a percent in just a couple of days and afterwards instantly dump off when people realize exactly what is truly occurring. Jason has actually specified often times that he is NOT a stock marketer. Actually, it is required by the SEC that Jason or any type of known supply marketer need to make it recognized that they are in truth stock promoters as well as they themselves are not enabled to have any type of money in the stock that they are promoting.

Jason utilizes his own system of scanning charts and trying to find his favorite technological arrangements that he utilizes to make his 5-20% revenues. I’ve invested over two years signed up for Jason’s service as well as I am still a believer in his capacity to pick stocks with the highest likelihood of making me money. Whenever you hear negative testimonials, its normally because people typically aren’t following the policies. They are just mirroring Jason’s alerts and purchasing any kind of rate when they obtain it. I view Jason deal the majority of the professions he notifies due to the fact that he streams his e-trade account live every day in the coach solution. Discover an additional solution out there that does that!

Jason Bond Picks Pricing and Deals

On the majority of the trading websites you will find 3 various sort of subscriptions. Generally, these are essentially just various levels of accessibility to the same kind of program. Jason Bond Picks is managing this in different ways. They supply three plans being based on the solutions they offer.

The majority of subscribers probably use the Day and Swing Trading Bundle, a fairly standard offer for day trading. With this one, the subscribers obtain ten swing trade deal notifies in each week. It is up to the subscribers if they wish to obtain these real-time signals by email, by text or in the conversation or if they choose a combination of all three possible ways.

This bundle seems to be best for traders making their initial experiences with this system and for investors that don’t have adequate time to watch the securities market all the time.

You can get this plan for $ 399 per quarter or you can conserve 38 % of the fee by paying for the complete year.

The 2nd possible membership is called Long-Term Trading. This one is made for investors who are not able to trade throughout the day and it is just available for an entire year.

The Long-Term Trading choice gives the clients with up to two swing trades and also with as much as 3 long professions weekly. It likewise contains a listing of stocks that Jason views as being promising for lasting financial investments.

This membership is available for $ 1,999 each year.

The third and last option for registrations is the Millionaire Roadmap that provides full access to everything. Along with this, Jason Bond himself acts as an individual advisor for the subscribers of this alternative. This implies that he provides a specific program inning accordance with their demands as well as preferences.

This alternative is available for a quantity from $ 7,999 per year.

Before you will certainly make your choice which among the feasible memberships could be perfect for you, you need to take into consideration the business’s reimbursement plan. There will be no reimbursements in any way. This is based on the idea that sort of details you reach get even more understanding and experience have a certain value. When you subscribe to the solution, you can not cancel it before a minimum of one month and also you are totally responsible for signing off 2 days prior to the following revival if you want to leave.

Jason Bond Picks Review recap

Is it really worth it to invest money for Jason Bond Picks?

You undoubtedly saw that the prices are quite high being compared to various other deals. When you remember the prices discussed above, you recognize that the Day and Swing Trading Strategy costs $ 399 each quarter, the Long-Term Plan $ 1,999 per year and the Millionaire Roadmap Plan even $ 7,999 annually. According to the guidelines, every price you pay will never ever change and also if you stay in there, you will pay the exact same for all your life.

If you don’t have sufficient loan to pay for these memberships, you still have the chance to sign up for the complimentary email listing that Jason Bond Picks provides for everyone who has an interest in it.

It is not a great idea to begin with the Millionaire Roadmap.

Novices in trading need to constantly have a look behind the scenes for as less money as feasible. That’s why the lowest academic package may be the best deal to begin with. In this manner the investors have a likelihood to obtain to recognize the entire website and for more information concerning Jason Bond’s training capacities. You could upgrade later when ever before you desire and also it is less uncomfortable to throw $399 out the window compared to $7.999.

Nevertheless, there is a large disadvantage in every pure trading instructor. There are no refunds available!
That’s why I advise first to take a look at Profession Concepts services and products. They use a fantastic market scanner based upon Expert system, numerous complimentary training courses through webinar, cost-free trading ideas and an excellent refund policy. Trade Concepts is an excellent selection for day trading and also for swing trading supplies and also alternatives. Continue reviewing the detailed Trade Suggestions Review.