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KAYA is a new hybrid mattress company that opened in the fall of 2017, and after extensive sleep studies, have crafted a new mattress using the finest materials and technologies available today. This is a durable mattress that will last for many, many, many years. This design is quite impressive while it is still shipped rolled up and compressed but it’s base layer has actually contacing 1000+ pocketed coils to offer great support.  Offering more cooling tech then other mattresses, their single knit cover offers ThermoGel, which offers cooling when heat is detected from the body. The KAYA mattress is ideal for body contouring, good edge support, and to offer minimal motion transfer. See our full review below of this new mattress as we think it one of the best new mattresses out there.

About the Kaya Mattress 

The KAYA Mattress is a premium hybrid mattress that is generating quite a buzz in the online premium mattress world. It offers higher foam densities and a high quality pocketed coil core. Its build that will likely last longer than other mattresses out there. The quality of a mattress is determined by the amount of material you put in it. In that sense, KAYA is quite unique.

Its build will likely last longer than other mattresses out there. The quality of a mattress is determined by the amount of material you put in it. In that sense, KAYA is quite unique. KAYA Sleep offers a 20-year warranty, 120-day risk-free trial, as well as free shipping (which is pretty standard in the industry). The mattress is total 11 inches in height and is currently only offered in the US.

So, let’s take a look at this mattress and see what it has to offer.

We tested this mattress with these accessories that you may want to consider

  • Bedjet V2 – cool or heat your sheets
  • Lineal Adjustable Base – 3 position option for any mattress

Kaya Materials and Construction

What’s inside? Here are the full details of each layer of the KAYA Mattress:

  • Cover Infused with ThermoGel: This is a high-quality cover, made with ThermoGel, a special gel that starts cooling only when needed. A gel-infused in the cover is quite unique, and it’s the closest layer to our body. This method is supposed to work better than foam infused with gel. The cover of the KAYA mattress is designed in one continuous knitting process so that it has a seamless feel with no stitching lines.
  • 1 Inch Responsive High-Density Foam Layer: The top layer of the mattress consists of an inch of high-density foam, which is designed to give the maximum comfort and react to the shape of your body, yet spring back quickly. In fact, it is one of the highest density foams out there and it is able to offer 5-PCF (pounds per cubic foot).
  • 2 Inch Memory Foam Layer: The second layer of the mattress consists of two inches of 4-PCF memory foam. This layer is provided to give relief for pressure points and it helps to support the layer above.
  • 1 Inch Transitional Foam Layer: The third layer of this mattress is one inch of a 2-PCF foam layer. This layer makes a transition between the foam above it and the coils below it and it offers added support.
  • 1000+ Pocketed Coils: There are over one thousand pocketed coils in this mattress, made from high-quality top grade steel. These coils are set between two layers of stabilizing foam which helps to make the most of the coil system.

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What Makes The Kaya Mattress Special?

The highly stable base layer with the coils provides this mattress with excellent edge support and body contouring. It also negates the effects of motion transfer. This means that the mattress is great for couples, as you will not feel your partner if they move around at night.

This is also an excellent mattress for you if you sleep on your side. The responsive foam will adjust to your shape and cushion your pressure points so that your spine can stay aligned, and your hips and shoulders will be cradled. The KAYA mattress is a medium-firm mattress which is currently the most popular firmness option.

Since there are over 1,000 pocketed coils within the mattress, this makes it much sturdier and durable. Since KAYA is offering a 20-year warranty, it seems that they are very confident in the quality of this mattress and believe it will last for a long time.

Hybrid Design

Hybrid mattresses are becoming more and more popular in recent years. With new technologies allowing for a more effective compression of these type of foam & coil mattresses into a box, you can expect to see more and more of them.

Hybrid mattresses are usually cooler and more durable than all foam mattresses. Cooler just because of the air between the coils, and more durable as quality pocketed coils tend to perform better than foam in most cases. Motion transfer is often an issue with these mattresses. However, in this build, the use of pocketed coils and having super high-quality foams at the top, leads to practically zero motion transfer.


The KAYA mattress uses foam densities that are higher than most mattresses out there, with 5-PCF and 4-PCF foam densities in the first two layers. Additionally, the quality of the pocketed coil core and US-made makes this mattress one that will outlast most of its competitors.


When looking at the value of a mattress, consider three things: the quality of the build, the warranty, and the competition. KAYA is offered at less than $1000 for a queen, with a 20-year warranty and a 120-day risk-free trial. This makes it one of the best deals out there today.

Kaya Shipping & Warranty Info

Shipping is free, and we offer a 120-day free trial, with free returns and a 20-year warranty.

We designed a dream mattress that combines the comfort of foam and support of coils.

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