Latest in Sex Dolls Technology: State-Of-The-Art Hotties

Today’s sex market is as big as it ever was and growing stronger with each day. A big part of this market is various toys with sex dolls currently being the most popular. The technology that is used today to make these dolls is quite impressive mainly thanks to TPE, which will take a deep dive into this article.

Have you ever seen how hot these dolls look? 

No wonder they’ve taken over the sex toy industry so quickly. 

For the first time in history, men can own a realistic doll that looks and feels like a real woman and has a body that’s out of this world. Indeed, technology has gone far in this field, and we celebrate it! 

In this article, I’m going to talk about the latest achievements in sex doll manufacturing, as well as some future trends that you can look forward to. 

So, if you want to find out what it takes to make these babes and what the future holds, read on!

How sex dolls are made

In the following sections, I’m going to describe a doll’s path from an idea to your doorstep, so let’s see how it’s done.

It all starts with a mold of a hot girl. The molds are made either by women leaving imprints of their body parts or by artists shaping them by hand.

Once the manufacturer has the molds, they pour a liquid mixture of chemicals into it and let it cool until it gets firm. I forgot to mention that the skeleton is already inside the mold, so the mixture envelopes it. 

As for the skeleton, it is made from PVC or light metal and usually has steel joints. All this assures that you will be able to move your doll’s body and place her into whichever pose you like.

When the doll is nice and cool, it is taken out of the mold for finishing touches, such as making the skin smooth. The last thing that’s left to do is insert the genitals, clean the doll, and put on make-up on its face.

That’s really all there is to it. It might seem simple when I break it down like this, but it is a sophisticated process that takes a lot of planning and involves many sensitive details. Regardless of what you think about these methods, nobody can deny that the end product is incredible.

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What materials are the dolls made from?

There are two different materials used for making the dolls’ bodies: TPE and silicone. Both of them are high-quality and resemble human skin closely, but they are far from being the same.

TPE is softer, bouncier, and feels like an actual woman’s skin, while silicone is a bit more rigid and even sticky at times. On the other hand, silicone is more stain-resistant because it is not as porous as TPE. 

In short, if you want a doll that feels amazing to the touch, then definitely go for TPE, but choose silicone if maintenance is your primary concern.

The people at Madam Dolly have been around the block, they’ve tried it all, and decided to settle for TPE 3.0, the latest version of this material. In our experience, it is superior to silicone due to the following reasons:

  • Boobs and butt feel very jiggly and bouncy, so they’re more fun to play with
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • Much more cost-efficient 
  • The material is odorless

As long as you don’t stain the doll’s skin and you sanitize it after each use, you should have no problems at all.

There is one essential thing to know about TPE – it doesn’t like heat. If exposed to water that’s over 40 degrees celsius or left in the sun at a similar temperature, the doll might start to deform. 

Know that this kind of damage is beyond repair, so make sure to take all the necessary precautions to avoid it. 

To give you a few examples, don’t leave the doll close to any source of heat, don’t let her sit in direct sunlight on hot summer days, and so on. Just use logic, you’re a big boy.

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The Future of Sex Dolls

If you’ve been following the latest technology trends, you’ve undoubtedly come across the two words that are about to redefine our world – artificial intelligence

Unsurprisingly, AI technology has found its way into the sex doll industry as well, and it seems that the word “doll” is going to get swapped for the word “robot”. 

Okay, then how about Sex robots?

Sounds awesome, right? I think so, but it’s still unclear just how much these products will differ from the dolls that we have right now. Let’s explore some possibilities. 

What Type Of Sensors Are Used in Sex Dolls?

The main thing that makes a sex doll different from a real woman is that it doesn’t respond to your touch the way a human would.

Well, this is about to change thanks to the sensors that the future dolls are going to have built into their bodies. They will be able to detect when and where you touch them and respond accordingly with a sound or movement. 

This upgrade is going to make your entire experience much more dynamic, exciting, and even more human-like.

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Communication Technology

Right now, a sex doll is a sort of a sophisticated masturbation tool, which is great for some guys, but not enough for others. Some men would like to be able to talk to their doll, either for companionship or for more exciting sex scenarios. 

Well, AI is going to make this possible too, and we’ll be able to have conversations with the dolls not so far from now. How sophisticated of a conversation will a sex robot be capable of is still unknown, but just think about the options that you’ll have with this. 

Also, your doll will be able to remember important dates like your birthday and even remind you of your daily tasks. Sexy and helpful!

Different personalities 

In the future, not only will your doll be able to talk to you, but you’ll even have the chance to choose the girl’s personality type. Another thing that you’ll be able to set is the interaction grade (how much she’s going to talk). Imagine if you could do that with an actual woman! 

Facial expressions

Future dolls will be able to hold and change facial expressions. This means that, besides making sounds, they will also respond to your actions with the appropriate facial expression (smile, frown, grin, etc.). 

Now, some folks are creeped out by robots that can move their faces, and the phrase “uncanny valley” has been used to describe this feeling. In case you’re one of those people, you might not like this new option.

Future market of sex dolls and industry trends

Ok, so we’ve learned about the technological advances that we can expect in the near future, and now we’ll take a look at some other trends that are also relevant to the sex doll industry.

Are all sex dolls going to become sex robots?

The answer to this question is: probably not. AI dolls are going to be more expensive to make, so they will be sold at a price that is several times higher than that our current sex dolls. 

This means that the sex dolls that we have now will become a cheaper alternative to sex robots. And of course, not everyone will be interested in having a walking, talking doll in their home; some guys just want a beauty that looks and feels good but keeps quiet.

It’s going to be much more socially acceptable

Some predictions claim that by 2050, human to robot sex is going to be more common than human to human sex. Now, some might find this scary or weird, but I say “to each according to his/her own liking”. At least you won’t have to worry about being that “weirdo” who bangs a sex doll since everybody’s gonna be doing it.

More customization

Customization is the keyword of the future. As you know, the digital age has brought us the ability to customize and personalize almost anything that can be ordered online; from shoes to t-shirts, and now, sex dolls. 

However, the customization features that are available today are but a speck compared to what we’re going to have a couple of years down the road. It’s also quite possible that you’ll be able to put together your perfect woman in a few minutes using a smartphone app.

Madam Dolly’s Top 5 Latest Additions

I’d like to introduce you to some of Madam Dolly’s most exquisite dolls, or should I say, girls. When you lay your eyes on them, you’ll forget all about the future and focus on what’s really important – the here and now. They are our top-rated sex doll maker.

1. Ava

Ava is a friendly girl from the neighborhood; the kind that all her male neighbors fantasize about. Well, my friend, you can turn your fantasy into reality with her! 

Her impeccable hourglass figure will make your jaw drop. A glimpse at her massive boobs is a catalyst for rock-hard erections. Best of all, Ava is in the mood for sex all the time because she is charged by the desire to settle the score with her cheating ex. 

A few tips for sleeping with her: squeeze her boobs a lot, and gently slap her ass. She loves it!

2. Gabbie

Gabbie is not for the faint-hearted! This horny beast is up for action all day, all night. She’s very open about it – she wants to get banged HARD. Yes, you read that right. Are you up to the task? I bet you are, stallion. 

Grab her curvy body, throw her on the bed, and start doing whatever comes to your mind. Anal? Sure. Oral? Mandatory. Gabbie is the type of girl who’s very comfortable with her sexuality, and she needs a guy who is the same way. 

She genuinely wants to be your toy, in every sense of the word.

3. Donna

If you’re into the whole Playboy bunny look, then you’re going to adore Donna. This naughty bunny is as dirty as it gets. She loves good, hard sex, but she also gets bored quickly, so you’ll have to get creative with her. 

The “old-fashioned” bedroom sex doesn’t really do it for her. She wants you to catch her off-guard! Grab her from behind while she’s standing at the kitchen counter, throw her over the table, and make her feel like you’re 100% in command. 

What do you think? Can you do it? Well, when you see her amazing tits and well-sculpted body in that tempting costume, I’m sure you’ll do all kinds of things to her.

4. Anastasia

Our girl Anastasia is a lady. She’s classy, successful, and has an expensive taste. She’s into lingerie, jewelry, perfumes, and dirty, nasty sex. 

She likes to say that she wants to enjoy every minute of her life, and sex is what brings her the most pleasure. Anastasia wants to do it every night, all-night, and once she looks at you with those piercing blue eyes, you’ll want to do it too! 

Her body is a work of art – massive boobs, wide hips, and an ass to die for. Now imagine all that wrapped up in sexy lingerie. So freakin’ hot!

5. Candice

Candice is a skinny blonde, who just got out of a bad relationship with a guy who treated her like garbage. She doesn’t want to go through that ever again, so right now, she just wants to have a good time with someone.

Candice likes kinky, unusual stuff, like dirty drinking games, or giving you a blowjob while you’re watching your favorite TV show. She’s into trying new things, and with her, you can do anything that comes to your dirty mind.

All of this can be yours, given that you know how to respect and appreciate her.

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