Layla Mattress Review & $100 Off Coupon Code

Layla is one of the newest brands of memory foam mattress today. This brand tries to set itself apart from the other brands by adding unique features to their product. Read on for our full review of the Layla Mattress.

Layla is a unique, sophisticatedly crafted mattress. It is the first mattress made through a combination of memory foam and copper. Also, it has two levels of firmness that makes it suitable for every sleeper.

Features of the Layla Mattress

Layla is still considered a memory foam mattress, but it makes use of a unique kind of memory foam. It has 4-inch high-density first-class memory foam covered with copper cell technology.

Layla mattresses are available in different sizes. Feel free to choose between Twin, TwinXL, Queen, Full, King and California King.

Layla mattresses are double sided and have two levels of firmness, which are firm and soft.

Its cover is wizened with THERMOgel Technology to keep you feeling cool and comfortable all night.

Mattresses come with free shipping, free trial, and warranty.


  • The reversible feature and the firm and soft side make it a flexible choice
  • It offers utmost comfort and support for the whole body.
  • Your nights are always comfortable and cool.
  • It limits movement transfer.
  • With free shipping, free return, lifetime warranty and a 120-night risk-free trial
  • It’s made in the United States which means it complies with strict industry standards.

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  • Its cover is not double-sided This means it must be removed and zipped back on every time you flip your mattress.
  • It has this “new mattress” scent, although that disappears after a few days.
  • Flipping your mattress will take some minutes.
  • There’s a roll off feeling near the bed’s edges.

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What Type Of Sleeper Is Ideal For the Layla Mattress

Layla Mattress is basically made for different kinds of sleepers since it has firm and soft sides. I am personally a side sleeper and I found this to be great for my sleep style. In fact, I have rated it my #1 mattress for side sleepers. The soft side of your Layla Mattress offers utmost support for your body. It’s a little softer than other mattresses on the market. Its firm side doesn’t have anything groundbreaking to offer, but it offers decent support and comfort. This product is designed to offer almost zero movement transfer. So, if you or your sleeping partner turns and tosses a lot while sleeping, why not try this mattress?


The Structure of Layla Mattress

Layla tried making this product with fewer layers. Basically, this mattress has three sections and just two kinds of foams. It has a 6-inch thick long base foam that offers utmost support while keeping everything intact. It’s the part of your mattress that prevents you from dipping through.

The copper-infused, high-quality memory foam sheets are placed on the sides of your base foam. The soft side is exactly 3 inches thick while the firm side is only 1 inch thick. The base foam has two parts, which are the convoluted and solid parts. The soft side is on the base foam’s convoluted part while the firm side sits on the solid part. Everything is wrapped in a nice-looking mattress cover.

Benefits of Copper Infused Mattresses

A copper filled memory foam like this item brings some benefits to health. It improves blood circulation and reduces pain caused by joint inflammation. Besides, Layla Mattress is designed to keep you comfortable and cool while sleeping. Copper is a great thermal conductor, so it effectively transfers and disperses your body’s heat into the room. So, you’ll feel a continuous cooling sensation through the night.

Double-Sided Offers Different Firmnesses

Changing its firmness level is not as easy as flipping your mattress. Keep in mind that Layla Mattress has been designed with its soft side placed on top. If you prefer its firm side, you should:

  1. Open and remove the mattress cover.
  2. Flip the core to move its soft side down, so the firm side will go up.
  3. Put the mattress cover back on and zip.


Temperature Regulation

Aside from copper, Layla Mattress has an egg crate foam that promotes airflow and breathability all over the bed. However, its THERMOgel Technology is the most impressive feature, which is more on cooling. It automatically regulates your body’s temperature since it’s on the outer part of your mattress. This technology will begin to cool when you sweat and it activates only when needed. You can also use a BedJet to move air around any mattress.

Durability and Offgassing

Layla is committed to providing their customers with a high-quality product. For Layla Mattress, they use premium foams and durable materials compared to other brands. Therefore, this product is expected to last between ten and twelve years.

Just like most memory foam mattresses available, Layla Mattress has a bit of a “new mattress” smell that you will notice as soon as you open its box. This is common in new mattresses and usually, the smell will just disappear after a week. However, with Layla Mattress, the smell will last for about one to two nights.

The manufacturer ensures that their foams and other materials they use are CertiPUR-US certified to guarantee no toxic off-gassing. While other brands may be using petroleum-based foams, Layla ensures to use food or water-based solutions. Whatever the case, if your new mattress has a bit annoying smell, just leave it uncovered. Also, you must keep your windows open through the day. The smell may vanish sooner in this way. After all, this concern is quite normal for a foam mattress.

What Sizes Does The Layla Mattress Come In?

Layla Mattress is always 10 inches high. The most popular size option is the queen-size measuring 60 inches x 80 inches. You will receive it highly compressed in its roll-packed box. When you unbox the mattress, it expands instantly and you can use it right away. Aside from queen-size, Layla Mattress is also available in other sizes:

  • Twin – 39 inches x 75 inches x 10 inches
  • Twin XL – 39 inches x 80 inches x 10 inches
  • Full – 54 inches by 75 inches by 10 inches
  • King – 76 inches by 80 inches by 10 inches
  • California King – 72 inches x 84 inches x 10 inches


Does the Layla Need a Bed Frame or Foundation?

Like most memory foam mattresses, you can put your Layla Mattress straight on the floor or somewhere else. Just make sure that the entire surface is flat and clean before placing your mattress on it. You can also use Layla Mattress with your adjustable bed.

You’re always free to use your mattress pad together with this copper memory foam mattress. The manufacturer suggests the use of a quality protector that can help you keep your mattress clean. Aside from that, you can use some zippered encasement-style mattress protectors that have extra features like allergen filters. These products will also give extra protection that you need while sleeping. Additionally, you can use a heating pad with this memory foam mattress. Layla Mattress is made of heat-resistant materials, so a heating pad can’t easily damage it.


Proper Care for Layla Mattress

It’s easy to maintain your Layla Mattress clean and smell-free. Its cover is removable and you can dry clean it. However, you can use a waterproof, breathable mattress protector to keep your Layla Mattress beautiful and dirt-free.

Unlike other memory foam mattresses sold in the market, you can flip this mattress anytime you want. So, you can always flip your Layla Mattress to use whether its soft or firm side. However, the manufacturer suggests rotating this copper memory foam mattress not so often. Layla recommends switching the foot and head of your mattress once or twice every 3 months to extend its lifespan.


Layla Pillow Review

Layla also offers a memory foam pillow. We tried this out with the mattress and I can say that this is one of the best pillows I have ever used. To describe the softness, I would say it is a perfect medium. It’s not bouncy at all like other pillows and it doesn’t feel flat. Even if you don’t need a new mattress it worth getting a new pillow that offers just the right amount of support

Layla Pillow is a perfect match with the Layla Mattress

How to Order a Layla Mattress

Visit Layla’s official website to order.  After choosing a size, add this item to your cart. The checkout area will appear and give you three payment options. You can pay your Layla Mattress in full, use a discount coupon, or through a payment plan. Layla accepts debit/credit cards and financing with Affirm.

Shipping Costs

Your item would be delivered as soon as you finalized your order. Layla offers free shipping through FedEx covering the entire United States. Once shipped, your item may arrive at your doorstep after 7 working days or longer than that.


What Is The Layla Mattress Guarantee?

Layla Mattress is offered with a 120-night risk-free sleeping trial. You have 4 months to enjoy this mattress and then you can ask for a refund if you’re unhappy with it.

The manufacturer only asks that you try sleeping on it for at least 2 weeks before you decide whether or not to return it. You can get a refund for the full amount. You won’t be charged return fees or shipping fees.


Every Layla Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. They won’t be asking for a reason for every warranty claim.

You must take care of your mattress to keep its warranty valid. However, Layla rejects a request for replacement when the mattress was bought for commercial use. In other words, they will deny your request for mattress replacement if you own a hotel, motel or rental property. Mattress replacement is also not applicable for non-authorized or non-personal use.



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