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 Online advertising is pricey and getting more expensive by the day. After all, there’s a reason the stocks of Google and Facebook just keep on climbing!

This makes affiliate marketing an attractive, low cost (and effective) “guerilla” technique. Here’s how it works…

You build an army of commission-only sales people. From bloggers to social media influencers, these are the folks with big followings. They have the audience, and you have the product and business model.

When they share your affiliate link, you’ll use LeadDyno to track and credit the traffic that they send your way. LeadDyno will show you which sales came from which affiliates, track their commissions (typically a % of the purchase, which you decide), and help you settle up with your affiliates.

The software even includes an affiliate network, which is free for you to join. They’ll feature you in front of their existing base of affiliates and influencers so that you can get your program kick started right away.

Ready to get started now? The company provides a 14-day free trial, 7-day-a-week customer support and complimentary access to their e-commerce affiliate network.


Launch Your Affiliate Program Now


Here are the 5 easy steps you’ll follow in order to launch your affiliate program using LeadDyno. 

Step #1: Install Affiliate Tracking on Your Website 

LeadDyno works with any website, and includes easy “one-click” integrations with most of the leading web and e-commerce platforms.

For example, if you have a Shopify store, you can install LeadDyno’s affiliate app for Shopify with a single click. (Just hit the Get button in the upper-right corner of the App Store page).

Same idea for WordPress. Just install the company’s WordPress Affiliate Plugin to setup affiliate tracking on your WP site.

Here’s the full rundown of the LeadDyno’s 15+ e-commerce integrations (and growing). And if you have questions about your specific setup, you can contact their support team right here.

Step #2: Setup Your Affiliate Website

Once you sign up with LeadDyno, you’ll get your own affiliate website. It’s unique to you, and you can brand it with your company’s logo, colors and look and feel.

When affiliates sign up, they’ll be granted access to an affiliate dashboard. This is unique to each affiliate and contains everything he or she needs to promote your website and your product.

In the affiliate dashboard, each partner of yours will find their:

  • Affiliate link,
  • Social media sharing shortcuts,
  • Sales “pipeline”progress, updated in real-time,
  • Banner ads (with their affiliate link embedded), and
  • Affiliate commissions.

Step #3: Invite Current List to Join Your Program

As soon as your affiliate website is live, you can begin sharing it with your current partners, prospects, and customers. It’s an “opt-in” page where potential affiliates can sign up to join your new program.

See Also:

Have an existing email list? You can send everyone a note letting them know about your new affiliate program, with a link to sign up.

You can also share your affiliate website link on social media, and link to it from your main website, too.

Step #4: Invite Your New Customers as They Buy, Too,

LeadDyno contains an affiliate invitation email that is an effective technique for reaching out to new customers (as they buy from you) and inviting them to join your affiliate program.

It’s an autoresponder email, which means you just set it once and “forget it.” Though you’ll remember it often as you see your customers signing up as affiliates!

But you shouldn’t limit the fun to your current sphere of influence. You can also join LeadDyno’s affiliate network for exposure to professional affiliate marketers and influencers who are actively promoting products online in your category and niche.

Step #5: Join LeadDyno’s E-Commerce Affiliate Network

Affiliate networks are designed to connect merchants (you) with affiliate marketers. There are free options out there, and there are expensive options such as well established networks CJ Affiliate and ShareASale.

Since there’s no guarantee an affiliate network will work for your product, you may want to join a prospective network as an affiliate to see what it’s all about. Affiliate memberships are generally free because networks make their money charging merchants.

An easy, and free, option for LeadDyno users is the E-Commerce Affiliate Network app. You can setup your own listing in one of twenty product categories, where affiliates can learn about and join your program.

You can even reach out to affiliates and influencers directly through the network. This is a great way to take your recruitment to the next level.

Tools to Keep Your Affiliates Engaged

LeadDyno also provides you with the tools to keep your affiliates engaged and motivated on a regular basis.

You can send our regular newsletters to your affiliates. These are composed directly in LeadDyno. They’ll be delivered to your affiliates’ email inboxes directly, and an archive will be stored online in the affiliate dashboard as well.

You can also “preload” social media messaging for Facebook, Twitter and so on. These are a great way to encourage affiliate sharing. In my experience, I have found that most affiliates simply run with the message that I wrote. They are busy people like you and me and appreciate the time saver.

Most affiliate programs only pay on a quarterly basis. But LeadDyno makes affiliate payment quite easy with its PayPal integration. You can even pay all of your affiliates at once, via PayPal Mass Pay.

This means you can pay monthly quite easily, and gain a big advantage over any competitors’ affiliate programs. A monthly commission payment can be a great touch point because nothing says you care like sending actual money!

Final Thoughts 

If you sell anything online, you should have an affiliate program. And LeadDyno provides you with an easy way to get one up and running in a matter of minutes.

The tool even has many affiliate marketing “best practices” baked into it. You can take advantage of these by setting up your affiliate marketing machine – and letting it run for your commission-only sales team of influencers grows and grows.

Launch Your Affiliate Program Now


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