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LifeFone Medical Review

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Descriptive Highlights:

  • Superior Choice of Equipment and Service Options
  • Consumer Friendly Policies
  • Range is up to 1300 feet

  • Base Unit Battery Life – up to 32 hours

  • Monthly price by billing option is $30.95/mo. annually*$32.95/mo. quarterly;$34.95/mo. Annually

Company Overview: LifeFone has provided monitoring services since 1976. The company’s emergency pendants and consoles provide one of the longest ranges among medical monitoring services. Its customer protective policies, thorough care plans and excellent customer service have earned this company an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The Lifefone medical alert company offers you a thorough medical monitoring service and a complete range of emergency response services to meet different needs. It offers a solid emergency contact plan in place upon activation of the service. Its call center operators are receptive and courteous, and are based in the U.S. LifeFone’s emergency care plan includes a personalized profile with medical history, medications, allergies, physicians, family members, neighbors and preferred hospitals. Updating the profile is easy, and can be done at any time.

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How Does LifeFone Work & What Do They Include:

  • Personal Emergency Response Services. LifeFone offers emergency response services that work at home, either with or without a telephone landline. They also offer emergency response service that works away from home. Fall detection is available both at home and away from home. It works with AT&T’s 3G cellular network, using LifeFone’s cellular service, not yours. (See the comparison chart on the following page).
  • Systems Quality – Based on competitive reviews, LifeFone offers a superior range of product options as well as high quality equipment in each category. LifeFone has based its product offerings on focus group research with prospective subscribers and caregivers as well as with existing customers. (NOTE: Equipment that failed LifeFone’s internal and consumer-based quality assurance review is currently offered by several providers that some review sites, including Reviewster, rate highly).
  • Caregiver Tools: Having an emergency response service ensures that you or a loved one can get needed help in an emergency. LifeFone can also help you with some of the more routine but important aspects of daily living to ensure your well-being.

Lifefone also  offers the following caregiver tools:

  • Activity Assurance – Subscribers check in with LifeFone daily using their base unit.
  • Daily Check-in Call – A LifeFone customer care agent makes daily, outbound calls to the subscriber.
  • Medication Reminders – Tells subscriber what medication(s) to take and when to take it.
  • Location Service – Indicates location of the subscriber’s LifeFone mobile device as needed.

Mobile Apps: LifeFone now offers personal and family protection through mobile apps that work with any smartphone. There is no equipment to buy, only an app to download and affordable monthly service fees.

For Individuals: If you are ever confronted with a threatening situation, LifeFone’s Mobile Alert™ app is intuitive and easy to use, and ready to provide immediate assistance.   It connects you to the LifeFone call center, where professional call center operators are standing by 24/7, ready to assist you. You don’t have to carry a separate device; it works as an app on any Android or iPhone. Using your cell phone coordinates, we can quickly identify your location (more accurately than 911). Coverage is nationwide with two-way audio.

For Families: LifeFone’s Family Guard™ app gives you all the benefits of LifeFone’s Mobile Alert – a personal panic button on your cell phone – plus it lets you monitor real-time locations for up to three family members. It provides added peace of mind by giving you location tracking and arrival alerts for your loved ones. It’s user-configurable and protects your privacy, giving you control and peace of mind. Panic buttons can be added for the family members of whom you are keeping track.

LifeFone Discount & Promo Codes

Current promos include: Annual plan subscribers will receive the 12th month free + Free Shipping + Free Medi-Lok Lock box at LifeFone: Just Call Toll Free: 1-844-768-6799 to get this deal.

LifeFone Emergency Response Systems

Below is an at-a-glance comparison of features, pricing and polices for LifeFone’s equipment- based services.

Feature At-Home Landline At-Home No Landline At Home Fall Detection At Home & Mobile At Home & Mobile with Fall Detection
Where it works At Home At Home At Home Anywhere in U.S. Anywhere in U.S.
Fall Detection YES No Yes No Yes
Range Up to 480 ft. from base unit; up to 1,500 ft. with extension.

Up to 1,300 ft. from Base Unit.

Up to 600 ft. from base unit. Up to 600 ft. from base unit; up to 350 ft. from mobile unit. Up to 600 ft. from base unit; up to 350 ft. from mobile unit.
Base Unit Battery Life up to: 32 hours 32 hours 30 hours Base unit 30 hours; mobile unit 24 hrs., and it works while charging Base unit 30 hours; mobile unit 24 hrs., and it works while charging
Waterproof Pendant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landline Required Yes No No No No
Easy to Install Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temp. Sensor No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customized Emergency Care Plan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supervised Battery Yes. Both pendant and base unit. Yes. Both pendant and base unit. Yes. Both pendant and base unit. Yes. Pendant, base unit and mobile unit. Yes. Pendant, base unit and mobile unit.
Portable Use in any residence with landline. Just call first. Use in any residence with AT&T 3G service. Just call first. Use in any residence with AT&T 3G service. Just call first. Moves with you. We locate you with GPS. Moves with you. We locate you with GPS.
Free for Spouse Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Activation or equipment Fees None None None None None
Lifetime Price Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lifetime Equipment Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
30-day free trial* Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cancel any time.Prepaid, unused amounts refunded with equipment return. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly PriceBy Billing OptionNote: Sales tax applies in CT, FL, NJ and NY*Free Shipping $24.95/mo. annually*$27.95/mo. quarterly$29.95/mo. annually $30.95/mo. annually*$32.95/mo. quarterly;$34.95/mo. Annually $38.95/mo. annually*$41.95/mo. quarterly*$43.95 monthly $36.95/mo. annually*$39.95/mo. quarterly*(w/ free ship & free 2ndpendant)$36.95 monthly $44.95/mo. annually$49.95/mo. quarterly (w/ free 2ndpendant).$49.95 monthly

Accessories: LifeFone provides a comprehensive suite of accessories designed for added convenience and safety. These accessories include lock boxes that are placed either around the doorknob or are wall mounted. These lock boxes avoid damage to your door when emergency responders need to enter your home. Other accessories include surge protectors (specifically designed for medical alert systems), DSL filters, beaded lanyards for those who want a more decorative option, and car chargers for the on-the-go systems. For more information, click on this link:

Lifefone Customer Service Policies

–Everything LifeFone does is designed to give their subscribers and their caregivers “peace of mind.” For LifeFone, peace of mind includes not only physical safety, but also financial safety. Many customers see these policies as a reason to choose LifeFone. They are:

  • Cancel at any time and pay only for the time used (LifeFone calculates your refund based on the date when we receive the returned equipment).
  • 30-day money back guarantee (if you cancel in the first 30 days, LifeFone gives you a complete refund of monitoring fees, but you will pay for shipping).
  • Lifetime Subscriber Price Guarantee – once you subscribe, your price will never increase.
  • Lifetime Subscriber Equipment Guarantee
  • Unlimited Emergency Contact Notifications

Along with LifeFone’s attractive and highly competitive cancellation policy comes the ability of a subscriber to upgrade or downgrade service with no penalty. The subscriber’s rate is simply adjusted to reflect that of the new service. If a subscriber has prepaid the previous service, that prepayment can be refunded or applied to the new service as appropriate.

Transparency – LifeFone believes that transparency is essential to earning trust. They are in the business of saving lives. LifeFone states all the information about it’s products, pricing and policies clearly on its website to enable prospective customers to make an informed decision. They ask for no personal information in return. LifeFone’s transparency compares very favorably with too many PERS providers that require personal information or force a prospect to call them before that provider will send a brochure, provide pricing or give other important product and policy details.

No hassle sales approach – PERS providers have earned a bad reputation for their industry by harassing prospects with aggressive follow-up, robocalling and the like. LifeFone’s approach is always consultative. Their sales representatives will only suggest a LifeFone service option based on the understanding they gain of a caller’s needs. Many LifeFone subscribers tell us that this approach was a deciding factor in choosing LifeFone.

LifeFone Reviews

– In addition to LifeFone’s A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, LifeFone has been recognized by organizations such as WebMD, The National Stroke Association, Consumers Digest, The National Institute of Senior Citizens, A Place For Mom, an Ivy League Medical School, and more.

Here’s an email from a new LifeFone subscriber that explains the company’s approach to sales:

“In the wake of my ordering your unit (no small accomplishment given the #

of aggressive and well-rated competitors on line) I wanted to thank you

for your urgency and follow up in this sale. The rapport you established and your patience on the phone in answering my many questions was the primary reason you got this sale and I wanted you to know it…Your display of flexibility reinforced my trust in you.”

Call Toll Free: 1-844-768-6799 – To Find Out More About The LifeFone Plan Today

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