Lineal Adjustable Base Review

The Lineal Flexible base by Saatva is an adjustable bed that has a motor integrated into for massage. You could buy it through the Saatva website or the Loom as well as Leaf or Zen Haven website. It has different settings to incline the head and also feet. Various other highlights consist of a wall surface embracing style that maintains the base and mattress closer to the headboard or wall so you do not shed cushions or other points under the bed when you are on an incline.

Review of the Lineal Adjustable Bed

Below’s a video highlighting several of the highlights of the Lineal adjustable bed.

In this review, we cover the Lineal Adjustable Base, a foundation alternative produced by  Saatva that allows the head, feet and also knees to be positioned in virtually any type of angle for optimum comfort.

What Kind of Adjustable Bed is the Lineal?

The Lineal is an electrically powered adjustable base. The head, feet as well as knees can be positioned individually so the individual could find the correct rest position. People that enjoy television, surfing the net or various other tasks in bed will certainly also enjoy the Lineal to find that completely comfortable and enjoyable position.

Does the Lineal Supply Great Movement Seclusion?

The Lineal provides a level of movement seclusion that is far above a standard box spring or steel frame or wood base.

It’s constructed making use of sustainable birch for the base, as it’s very long lasting. The Whisper Quiet systems are mounted under the base for soundless changes. It is very important to bear in mind that the structure is just one part of motion isolation with the various other being a mattress that has a great activity isolation layout. When a mattress is appropriately sustained, it can use all of its springs or other features to supply motion seclusion.

This suggests mattress choice is crucial because the structure will certainly make the mattress perform as developed. So with the Lineal, it is very important to pick a top quality mattress with outstanding motion seclusion to obtain the maximum benefit from the structure.

Can I Use a Headboard With The Lineal?

The Lineal will fit inside many common bed structures. It could have a headboard, footboard and also slide rails.

The legs adjust 6 ″– 10 ″ to accommodate various frame designs.

If the framework is custom made, it could or may not fit, so make certain to take accurate measurements prior to buying.

All slats should be eliminated, as absolutely nothing should be under the Lineal. Headboards can be placed directly to the Lineal if wanted.

Are There Pre-Set Positions?


Elevate the head and feet separately and relieve into any type of setting with one tap. The back-lit remote includes a preset mode, three tailored settings, and also a button for features like under-bed lights as well as massage.

Split bases, for instance a split king base, will come with two remotes, so both resting companions can readjust the Lineal to their favored setups. You can customize your base by getting it into the position you want and configuring the remote to save this position. You can also use the built in pre-sets such as the Zero Gravity which is the ideal shape for weight balance.

Other Impressive Features On the Lineal

The Lineal comes with a mild massage therapy feature, with the choice between three rates for head, foot, or full-body wave massage therapy. There is under-bed lighting that can be turned on using remote to stay clear of disturbing a companion.

The base legs could adjust 6″ -10″ to accommodate various frame styles. The complete height can be readjusted from 14″ to 18″.

Below shows the clearance of the frame while set on the 2nd highest tab, which offers a good 8″. But during our test we found that you need to provide at least 2′ of extra space because of the moving bars underneath. So don’t go putting a mirror or any breakables directly under this.

Below’s a photo of the clear retainer bar. To install this you simply screw the secures into the cover. You won’t see any openings, rather simply jab the screw throughout the fabric. These are assembled on the outside part of the frame and this keeps the mattress in place while the adjustable base moves up and down. Also these are not in the way if you sit down on the corner of the bed.

What Mattresses Will Work On The Lineal?

The mattress we used on this base was the Medium Firm Saatva Mattress which is the recommended mattress to use with this base. Although many of today’s memory foam mattresses will also work with this adjustable base. So don’t think you are limited to only using the Saatva mattress with this.



The remote is really simple. There’s even a “TV” setting which puts the head part of the base up and also adjusts the feet up a little yet not way too much so that you can not see over your knees. As you can see there’s additionally a wave feature for the massage therapy.

Lineal adjustable bed push-button control

Below is a graph that offers the weight of the Lineal Adjustable Bed.

Sizes Weight
Twin 140-lbs
Twin XL147-lbs
Full 175-lbs
Queen 184-lbs
King( Split) 147-lbs per item (2-pieces).
Cal King( Split) 140-lbs per item (2 items).

Prices for the Lineal Adjustable Base are as follows:

  • Twin: $1,199
  • Twin XL: $1,249
  • Full: $1,299
  • Queen: $1,399
  • Synced King: $2,498
  • Split King: $2,498
  • Cal King: $2,498v

Does the Lineal Come Pre-Assembled?

Lineal deals in-home delivery and installment. Merely pick an area as well as the distribution team will set-up the Lineal for you.

What Type of Warranty Does the Lineal Come With?

The Lineal features a 25-year warranty which includes complete coverage for the very first 5 years.

As service warranty terms can transform periodically, bear in mind to have a look at the Official Website before purchasing.

The length of time Can I Expect the Lineal to Last?

The Lineal is the costs adjustable base provided by The Saatva Company and also is expected to provide a lifetime of use.

The base is built from steel as well as covered with a long-lasting, antimicrobial upholstery in Textured Granite.

The whisper-soft motors are high-quality that need to remain to operate as made for the lifespan of the base.

Exactly what are the Advantages and disadvantages of the Lineal?

Our team believes the Lineal Adjustable Base is a wonderful system that can sensibly enhance the resting conditions of anyone, as long that a correct mattress is incorporated with it.

As we cannot find genuine adverse points regarding this base, below is a recap of what we believe are the best qualities:

  • Girl pushing a mattressInfinitely flexible head, knee as well as foot positions for maximum convenience
  • Split structures supply activity isolation and also wanted rest setting for each partner
  • Top quality building and construction for quiet operation as well as long life
  • Can be placed in attractive structure or used with any headboard yet looks appealing all on its own
  • User-friendly remote to regulate every element of the structure for every person
  • Similar to many adjustable bases, the mattress should be bought individually. For a seamless experience, we suggest you get a Saatva mattress and also include this base throughout the mattress configuration.

Can You Use Any Mattress on an Adjustable Base?

Technically speaking, you can use any mattress on an adjustable base. However, it would not be the wisest thing to do. If you are getting an adjustable base for the bed, you should find a mattress that is compatible with the base. For instance, you may have to check the material of the mattress. You would not have trouble using memory foam and latex-made mattresses on an adjustable base, but that may not always be the case.

Therefore, you must do some research to see if the mattress you have in mind is compatible with the base you have purchased. Choosing an incompatible mattress would mean that you have to compromise overall comfort. More importantly, if you are getting a memory foam mattress, only a suitable adjustable base can provide you with health benefits.

My Lineal Experience And Overall Thoughts

The Lineal has excellent attributes and also a quiet massage therapy motor. The extra touches such as the under bed lights and the LED light at the end of the remote to make use of as a flashlight is a wonderful touch.

A flexible base is a great means to get even more usage from your bed mattress. In this period of Netflix binge enjoying, having a “TV” setting for your bed is an excellent idea.

The Lineal is an excellent option if you want several of the added features such as massage therapy and also the ability to conserve setups. If you want a no-frills option, I have located that the Leggett & Platt Falcon 2.0 is a good entry level flexible bed.

Are There Any Lineal Coupon Or Promo Codes?

At the time of this writing, the Lineal is a new device and there are no promo codes or coupon codes available. However we will keep an eye out so if any discounts or promos happen, we will list them here.

Check out the Lineal Here


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