Mars+ Smart Mattress Review & Coupon Code by Eight Sleep

Start-up mattress company Eight Sleep gets on an objective: to bring top quality slumber to the masses. Its brand-new flagship product– the Mars+ Smart Mattress which offers a Hybrid of reactive foam and innerspring coils for the coolest sleep. The Mars+ starts around $1299 (but you can use Promo Code: LDSALE and save $100 now + receive 2 FREE Pillows) Click Here to Automatically Apply The Coupon Code.

If buying mattress online is not your thing yet, then these mattresses should be available soon at Costco, Best Buy, and other retailers.

Features Of The Mars+ Smart Mattress:

  • ” Innerspring coils” and also four layers of foam meant to keep you cool down while you sleep
  • Integrated sensors track your rest and you could change the temperature level of the mattress
  • Include smart home gadgets into the mix by means of collaborations with Alexa as well as Nest
  • Android and iPhone application uses fast access to your rest statistics and also related setups
  • In addition to fundamental rest tracking and also the existing integration with Nest’s Understanding Thermostat, 8 Rest states its application will quickly regulate even more third-party smart items like lights as well as locks. And also its upcoming Alexa Skill suggests you can simply ask the voice assistant how well you slept last night.

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One of the new improvements is the sleeved coils with polyfoam. This provides a more stable and cool experience for a memory foam type of mattress.

Get the most effective sleep with all this clever technology.

The Mars+ seems very smart, however, it’s likewise rather similar in idea to Sleep Number’s line of linked mattresses– the 360 Bed, in particular. We’ll simply have to generate both to figure out which one actually provides the most effective evening’s sleep.

Eight Sleep today also announced its more affordable smart mattress, the Saturn+, starting at just $699. Full review coming soon as soon as we receive a sample unit from Eight Sleep.

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