Medical Guardian Review

As people grow older, they or their families may have concerns about their continued safety and health while living alone. Many older people are healthy and capable enough to continue to live in their homes without constant care or supervision. However, accidents can occur and some medical conditions can lead to serious emergency situations. For better peace of mind and safety, many older people choose to use the services of a medical monitoring system. There are many of these systems available, and it can be challenging to pick which one is best. By considering the various medical alert systems, it is seen that the Medical Guardian monitoring package is one of the best.

The time may come when you find yourself in need of one or more medical alert systems. These systems may be for personal use or they may be for a loved one. With many to select from, you could find yourself confused as to which is best for your needs. With the help of consumers reviews, narrowing choices becomes a much easier task. Many, upon reading this medical guardian review, find they no longer need to compare medical alert systems. The information contained in the review is all they require to make their selection. What makes this brand so popular?

What Is Medical Guardian?

When you opt to choose a Medical Guardian device, you will find you have a number of products to select from. One client may need a mobile system that can be taken everywhere they go, yet another may only wish to have an automatic fall detection. Medical Guardian offers devices of both types and many more. The company is known for their outstanding customer service as well as their emergency service care, providing consumers with the peace of mind they are searching for with a device of this type. Users love the fact that they can maintain their independence with products from this company.

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Battery Range and Life

Individuals who choose the Classic Guardian find this device works with a wristband or necklace, both of which are water resistant. In the event the button is pressed, immediate help will be accessible up to 1,300 feet. Loved ones will continue to be protected if a power outage occurs, thanks to the 32 hour battery backup on this device, and it has a maximum tested range of 2,000 feet. This is longer than any other device reviewed in this category. In fact, the listed range for this device is the maximum range for certain others. Choose this device and the indoor tested range comes in at 450 feet.

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Additional Services Offered

This unit offers additional medical monitoring for one other person, like a spouse. Both parties must use the same base to obtain this service and there is an additional charge for the necklace or wristband, but this charge is only assessed once. Furthermore, the company offers service check ins. The check in is designed to ensure the system is working as it should and that the user has no problems. The device supports 200 languages and the unit undergoes self-tests. Another benefit is remote answering service. Many find these additional services to be just what they need to make their choice among the many alert systems.


Customer Service

If customer service is of importance to you, you’ll love a Medical Guardian device. Staff members at the call center are certified and helpful at all times. In an emergency, users speak to a live person and help is never more than a call away. If a problem does arise with the unit, a staff member walks the person through the process of diagnosing and correcting the problem and then walks him or her through a self-test of the unit. In addition, live chat is an option on the website, or one can call or email the company. Those who just have questions find the staff will be happy to answer these also, and the frequently asked questions address many concerns without the need for one-on-one contact.


How Much Does Medical Guardian Cost?

Many worry about the price of a medical alert system. When one chooses Medical Guardian, there is no activation or cancellation fee. Individuals find they have payment plan options, such as monthly, quarterly or yearly plan payments and equipment delivery is free. The peace of mind one obtains with the medical device is worth every penny which is paid for the service. Prices start from $29.99 a month.

What Premium Features Does Medical Guardian Offer?

Medical Guardian offers a variety of features one may add on for an additional cost. This includes a wall-mounted button, lock box, fall detection and mobile GPS system. The price varies by the features selected, and individuals can customize their device to meet their unique needs.

Other Devices Offered Through Medical Guardian

Many opt to purchase the Classic Guardian system covered in this review. Other options are also available. Some find the Home Guardian best meets their needs while others prefer the Mobile Guardian as they are constantly on the move. The Premium Guardian is also available and has an unlimited range for those who are concerned about a loved one moving out of range. Be sure to check out all products to determine which is the best for the user’s unique needs.

A medical alert system provides peace of mind when something goes wrong. With many devices to select from, every consumer can find one that meets their needs and fits their budget. Medical Guardian offers a variety of products for this purpose so be sure to check them out.

Medical Guardian FAQ’s

Here are the most asked questions about this service.

What Type of Equipment is Included in the Medical Guardian System?

The basic package available from Medical Guardian is called Classic Guardian, and it comes with one base unit and two waterproof medical alert call button pendants. One of the pendants is in the form of a bracelet to be worn on the wrist, while the other is made to be worn around the neck. These pendants can be used during any type of activity, as they are waterproof and very durable. This means users can stay safe no matter what they choose to do. There is also the option to add a wall-mounted button for added convenience and range, as well.

How Long Will the Battery Life Last For this System?

The Medical Guardian system offers an impressive thirty-two hour battery life. This is especially helpful for areas that experience regular power outages or blackouts, as help will still be available when the power goes out. This can be a true life-saver in some situations, and it can keep people from going without needed help during emergencies.

How Far is the Range for this Alert System?

As with all medical monitoring services, the device’s exact range will depend on its environment. Homes or buildings made from certain materials like brick or concrete will not have quite as far of a range as others. However, the range of this device averages at about 1300 feet in any direction from its base. This is plenty of space for most people, and encompasses the space needed for most normal household tasks and activities. In addition, there is also an option for a wall-mounted call button which can improve the range of the system significantly. Very few medical alert systems offer this wall-mount option, which makes the Medical Guardian system especially attractive for many people.

Range of Standard Systems

The range of medical alert systems typically only includes the distance the person can be from the base system in the home. It can vary between as little as 250 feet, which just covers their home, and 1300 feet, which will cover a large home and yard. The unit will not be able to contact emergency personnel past this distance. This is best for a person who doesn’t leave their home alone often or who tends to stay very close to home.

Range of Mobile Systems

If your loved one regularly travels to get groceries, visit family members, or go to the movies, you’re going to want a system that can go with them. Mobile systems work with a person’s cell phone instead of the landline phone so they will work anywhere the person has cellular service. This is perfect for a person who is more mobile and loves to get out of the house and go places. It will help keep them in touch with emergency personnel no matter where they are.

The Difference Between Companies

Each company offers a different range, and not all companies offer mobile systems. You’ll want to check the range for each system you’re interested in and look for mobile systems if that’s something your loved one will need.

If your loved one regularly goes outside to tend to a garden, check the mail, or chat with neighbors, you’re going to want a system that will cover the distance they need. If they don’t often leave home alone, you may be able to use a system with a smaller range. However, if they travel far from home frequently you may want to consider a system with mobile capabilities. Look into the different systems available and make sure you keep the range in mind to find the right system for your loved one.

Does the Medical Guardian System Require the Use of a Landline?

While the Classic Guardian system does use a home phone line to function properly, there is also an option called Home Guardian that makes use of cellular technology instead. This option is great for people who no longer have a landline phone in their homes. The Classic Guardian provides thirty hours of battery life, and it works within six hundred feet of its base. This is the perfect way to stay safe at home for people without a landline.

Who is Staffing the Monitoring Equipment?

The individuals to work at the Medical Guardian’s monitoring centers are highly-qualified to handle any time of emergency. They are able to contact the police or fire department directly, and they can send an ambulance immediately if needed. This means that no matter what the emergency, whether it be a fire, a medical concern, a burglary or even just a slip and fall, the professionals at the monitoring center will be able to provide excellent care and service. Everyone in these centers is well-trained and certified. They will also be aware of any medical issues that the user of the device may have, so they will know what to look for or to communicate to medical professionals during any health emergency. They can also contact loved ones, if needed. Nearly every medical guardian review speaks very favorably about the staff at these monitoring centers.

Is this Service Available in Other Languages Besides English?

For now, the website of Medical Guardian is available in Spanish as well as English. However, the monitoring centers have employees available who speak a variety of different languages fluently. More than two hundred different languages are spoken in these call centers, so almost anyone will be able to find help.

Is a Contract Required for this Service?

To use Medical Guardian, it is not required to sign a contract. There are no cancellation nor activation fees, and the equipment needed is delivered to users for free. This means Medical Guardian is a great choice for people who aren’t sure if they want or need the service, as they can opt out without penalty at any time. There are a variety of payment options, including annual plans. The annual plans often come with a moderate discount, but affordable monthly payment options are available too.

Medical alert systems can provide a lot of peace of mind for family members of older people, and they can help the elderly remain in their homes on their own. While there are several medical monitoring alert systems available, Medical Guardian is one of the best. By choosing medical alert systems, people can stay safe while enjoying their lives.

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