Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser vs Magical Butter – Cannabutter Machine Showdown!

Battle of the CannaButter Machines:

As a medical marijuana patient, I spend oodles of money on edibles, as they seem to work best at keeping my pain at a distance for the longest duration. Edibles help me sleep through the entire night and I am able to wake up not feeling hung over. I’ve tried the crockpot method, stovetop method, and the jarring method so I thought it was time to test out the automatic butter maker machines that are most well known in the cannabis industry; the Magic Butter Machine and the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser. Everybody has an opinion online and these 2 products seem to be the ones that most often people are using.

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My initial research led me to believe that the Magic Butter Machine was geared more towards the recreational user with its bright flashing lights, their advertising all over showy cars, motorcycles, hang gliders and lastly, their recipes seem more towards the typical stoner crowd with less emphasis on health and nutrition. Contrastly, my online research showed the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser seems more relevant for the recreational as well as the medical community as their machine is more ergonomically designed and their recipes are written by a holistic nutritionist as per their customer service rep.

Machine Costs

The Magic Butter Machine runs about $175 and the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser about $159 which is $15 dollars less. They both come with accessories although the accessories are quite different. The Magic Butter comes with a plastic filter bag and a silicone oven glove. The Mighty Fast comes with an organic hemp filter, a plastic cup, and a metal strainer. The organic hemp filter is stupid cool. It is organic, reusable and it’s really nice to see a company giving back to this community by using a hemp-based product.

For purposes of limiting my typing, I will refer to the Magic Butter as MB and the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser as MFHI!

Machine Settings

The MB has 4 settings; 2 hours for butter, 1 hour for oil, 4 hours for tincture, 8 hours for I guess anything you want and 5 different temperature controls.

The MFHI has 3 settings with the times and temperatures already preset; Mighty Fast 1 is a 45 minute cycle, Mighty Fast 2 is a 90 minute cycle and Mighty Long is a 4 hour cycle with temperatures already preset in the times. Honestly, this seemed less anxiety provoking so I did not have to fuss with different times and temperatures as it is pre-programmed.

A big difference is that the MB tells you how long to cook butter, oil, tincture while the MFHI seems to give customers more leniency and choice for how each customer wants to make their “infusions”.

Making Cannabutter Tests

Cannabutter was my first experiment. Both machines have a minimum of 2 cups and a maximum of 5 cups. I filled each machine with 2 cups of liquid butter and 1 ounce of weed. The Mighty Fast promotes itself as making highly potent cannabutter in 45 minutes while the MB takes 2 hours. I was curious about the difference in potency and effect of each as the cooking times are quite different. I decarboxylated my bud for about 30 minutes around 250ᵒ F before putting it into the machines. I then put an ounce into each machine and dumped in my liquid butter. Literally, all I did with the Mighty Fast is push 1 button, Mighty Fast 1, 45-minute cycle and it began. I did the same with the Magic Butter except I had to choose the time and temperature. Both machines sound similar while they are working but of course, the Mighty Fast ended at 45 minutes while the Magic Butter took another hour and 15 minutes to finish. While I was waiting for the Magic Butter to finish, I was able to strain the Mighty Fast butter which was really quite simple using the included metal strainer and organic hemp filter bag. The butter after straining smelled amazing and was very clean and clear looking especially after the straining through both included filters. Two hours later the Magic Butter was complete, I strained using the included plastic filter bag and the smell was pretty much the same as the Mighty Fast butter. The Magic Butter was a bit more cloudy than the Mighty Fast butter but they did look similar. I yielded the same amount of product from both machines. Both machines sounded similar while running and although the flashing lights on the Magic Butter are “cool”, they honestly gave me a headache. Anyone with any seizure issue, traumatic brain injury or other neurological issues would have a problem with these flashing lights.

Potency Challenge

Next was the potency challenge. I did not want to send my infusions away to a lab and I don’t own a machine to test potency but I figured how I felt from each batch was more important. I saved the challenge for the weekend so I could devote one day each to both butters. I was curious the difference in potency if any due to the cooking time difference. I decided to test the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser butter on a different day than Magic Butter so I could truly see any clear differences. I used a teaspoon of the Mighty Fast butter Saturday morning, on a piece of toast. The taste was delicious, a little earthy but not overwhelmingly cannabis flavored. Within 30 minutes my body began to feel floaty and over the next few hours I experienced an incredible body high, pain-free for hours that was far superior to other pre-made edibles I have tried. Honestly, I felt great all day and had an incredible afternoon nap that was deep and super restful.

Sunday morning I did the same exact thing with the MB cannabutter; 1 teaspoon on toast. The taste was definitely stronger and more earthy than the Mighty Fast taste. Within about an hour I was tingly and high. I did feel a bit jittery but overall the body high lasted the same time as the previous day. I also enjoyed a nap but woke up a bit groggy.

Final Verdict

Overall both machines yielded a good supply of potent cannabutter that will last for months but my pick for winner of the cannabutter challenge is the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser. It was easier for me to manipulate, it took an hour and 15 minutes LESS time than the Magic Butter to make a product that was as potent as the 2 hour Magic Butter one. I was not a fan of the flashing lights on the Magic Butter. Although the Magic Butter filter bag filtered well, I got a better filtration from the metal strainer and organic hemp filter bag included in the Mighty Fast and it was less expensive. Lastly after calling both companies to ask random questions to their customer service line, I found the Magic Butter service to be a bit abrasive as I felt they did not answer my questions conclusively and seemed to be too busy to speak while I ended up having a lengthy conversation with the Mighty Fast customer service who was super knowledgeable.

In the end, both units do a good job at making great cannabutter. But in a vs. competition, I need to pick an ultimate winner….

Therefore the winner of the Battle of Butter machines is the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser.

Make sure you use promo code: REVIEWSTER during checkout as that will take $30 off the unit.

Get it on the official site here.

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  1. Thank you for providing this informative article. I appreciate the time you spent sharing with others.
    Although my primary use is going to be extracts of different herbs, cannabis butter for my husband is also on the list.

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