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We now live in a world where a 2 year old operating a cellular phone is a conventional phenomenon. Mobile phone have now integrated into our lives such that we feel that is a necessity for even the youngest of our kin. It is all fun, home entertainment and games until our young child turns into a teen and can now use technology to access anything without our knowledge. This is where innovation itself gives an option by offering an app to help parents set limits for their children.

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Apps to limit the use of your kid’s cell phone, such as Mobicip– a safe browser app which can assist keep your kid from misusing her iPhone or iPod touch while you monitor without laying a hand on their gadgets. Previously, I have evaluated adult control apps for teenagers and I ‘d suggest take a look at them prior to reading this review.

Despite how much you trust your child and feel that you are entirely alert over her, you can never be truly sure. Kids are naïve and have the tendency to bend to “raging patterns” and attempt to suit as much as possible. Whilst doing so, they end up in the wrong instructions.

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Safe Internet Browsing for your household!

It is definitely typical for a kid to be exposed to what the world needs to offer, but this also consists of the cons being available in. As parents, we need to develop a balance and safeguard our kids by keeping their innocence alive whilst letting them be both entertained and up-to-date using apps such as Mobicip parental control app to set boundaries for them.

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How does Mobicip Family Premium help you, you ask?

It is quite basic, really. Mobicip lets you manage your personal gadgets by quickly notifying you of internet and apps use. You will be informed as quickly as your kid tries to access anything that you have actually obstructed and allows you to override this action.

By keeping track of the apps that your child utilizes, you can understand its score, cost and category on the app shop straight.

How does Mobicip prevent my kid from seeing suspicious material?

Content filtering is a feature provided by Mobicip that uses a refined sifting treatment to keep your household secured.

Centered on a blend of database search for, safe search execution, and a vibrant just-in-time-analysis, the cleaning offers matchless security that is constantly progressing with the internet.

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By using this application you can set time limits on the target gadgets that will inform you as soon as the user attempts to access the web and you can see this in the browsing history reports.

After you set up Mobicip and develop an account, you’ll prepare to personalize your Parental Controls. To do this, go to the Filter Profiles online.


Filtering Presets
You can pick among 4 pre-set filters: Strict, Moderate, Mature, and Monitor (no filter, just keeping track of).

The preset filters are simply a default. For instance, by default, “Social Networking” websites are not obstructed on the “Strict” filter. If you wish to obstruct those too, you’ll simply have to examine the box beside “Social Networking.”

You’ll likewise have the ability to tweak your filters by “whitelisting” and “blacklisting” sites. So if you wish to constantly obstruct, put it on the blacklist. If you wish to never ever obstruct anything on, even when a page is flagged as a “gaming” site, put it on the whitelist).

Time Limits
Here you’ll be able to allow or disallow web usage based on the time of day. This indicates you can block all web access after 10pm for example.

Another method to fine tune your web filter. You might include a filter for “swimsuit” which will obstruct any page with the word “swimwear” on it.

Here’s where you can excuse a certain Network from Mobicip’s filters. You may need to do this to enable Mobicip to work on your child’s school wifi. When a network is whitelisted, it will not be filtered or monitored by Mobicip.

You can personalize filter settings in three methods:

  • By allowing/blocking domains or websites
  • Customizing classifications that must be enabled each user profile
  • Blacklisting particular expressions or keywords

How can I view the material of the cellular phone that my kid has?

Mobicip will initially offer you an account that is password encrypted that just you can access from a simple web-based display dashboard. It will permit you to completely see what transactions occur on the gadget of your kid.

Every user profile may have several gadgets related to it. You can review searching history, data usage and apps usage online or through reports that will be e-mailed to you and that too on a regular basis.

Having multi-platform features, Mobicip can help moms and dads set boundaries for their children on not only iOS, Android and Kindle devices however also on their computers (Compatible on both Windows 7 and 8)– presently Mac is not supported.

Likewise, this application lets you protect not one but all devices that you get in your family. All of this can be acquired without so much as touching the target gadget. Mobicip also lets you register for free as well as provides a trial variation.

This application has an additional feature where you can set it to ‘no filtering’ and see everything that goes on the target device. This provides you an exact concept of the sort of info your child accesses. This will ensure that you understand exactly what to block and what to enable your kid to see.



Do not let the low scores on the Play Store or App Store fool you, Mobicip Family Premium provides wonderful adult controls. A lot of the one star reviews are posted by kids who use the ratings as a place to vent about getting their web filtered. This post reviews its features to assist you decide if Mobicip is right for your household.

Pros: implements SafeSearch; works at home and away on Android, iOS, Windows 7/8, and Kindle Fire; Monitors websites went to and apps installed; plays well with your children’s school filters

Cons: reporting functions could be better, browser is not as function abundant as Chrome or Safari

Mobicip offers a totally free product and a Premium service ($40/year for 5 devices). The complimentary item is really fundamental. You’ll know that your child’s internet browser is filtered whether home or away. But you can not tailor the filter, apply time limits, or see exactly what websites your kid is checking out.

The Mobicip Premium item is a good value if your household has multiple devices you wish to monitor and filter. It’s filters appear to be robust and the browser is quick and has all the functions your kid requires. Like every web filter, if your child tries hard enough, he’ll find an odd websites that has what he’s searching for so you can not absolutely depend on your web filter alone to protect your children. Mobicip does an excellent task of reporting and monitoring your kid’s web use strive enough, your kid will discover exactly what.


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I’ve had Mobicip set up on my kids Android gadgets for a few weeks and so far I think it is one of the much better Parental Control apps on the marketplace. This evaluation is primarily tailored towards the Mobicip internet browser on Android, although I assume the iOS variation works at least too.


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