Muse Sleep Mattress Review & Current Promo Codes for Muse Mattresses

Muse Mattress is one of your greatest choices to consider if you’re looking for a memory foam mattress today. It’s one of our best memory foam mattress that we have reviewed so far and it comes with amazing features. In this review, you’ll find a lot of reasons why it’s a must-have mattress.

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Why Choose Muse Mattress?

Muse Mattress has several comfort levels so it can be customized to fit your needs. It has the advanced cooling technology that will let you sleep comfortably tonight and wake up tomorrow while feeling good and rejuvenated. When you lie down on this mattress, you won’t feel that “sinking” sensation because this product offers a body contouring & hug feel.

Every sleeper will benefit from this mattress. This product is available in different comfort choices as it has 3 layers of premium-quality memory foams that will support your every move. This is a one-of-a-kind memory foam mattress because its cover has the Cold Wire Technology that keeps you feeling cool while sleeping. Moreover, this mattress magically distributes your weight all over the bed so you’ll feel utmost comfort through the night.

We tested this mattress with these accessories that you may want to consider

  • Bedjet V2 – cool or heat your sheets
  • Lineal Adjustable Base – 3 position option for any mattress

How to Order Muse Mattress?

Interested consumers are advised to visit the product’s official website to send their orders. But, this mattress can also be purchased at the authorized dealers on the web.

Size & Shipping

This mattress is compressed and rolled in a sealed plastic to lessen the carbon footprint and to lower the shipping cost. The product is always shipped in good, sealed condition to keep it fresh and new until the mattress arrives at your doorstep. If you live anywhere in the US, this product will be shipped to you for free, and the shipment will take five to seven business days. Once it arrived, you can easily unpack the mattress for decompression inside your bedroom.

Mattress Features

This product is a thick, 3-layered memory foam mattress. This 12-inch thick mattress is made of carefully selected, premium materials to offer the highest level of comfort and support. The top layer is made up of comfy gel-infused memory foam. The second layer offers primary support to your body while the bottom layer acts as the base.

These 3 layers of foams are enclosed in a creatively woven cover featuring the Cold Wire Technology, giving you a soft and comfortable mattress. Furthermore, this product is available in 3 firmness choices, but many customers choose the Medium firmness model.

How Does It Work?

Muse mattress is good at minimizing the “sinking feeling” that you can usually experience when using an ordinary memory foam mattress. You won’t sink down too much if you sit on this mattress because it is made of premium quality thick foam sheets. Muse mattress offers excellent edge support because it distributes the support evenly up to the edges.

Moreover, this mattress is good at reducing the motion transfer with its all-foam construction. It helps a lot when two persons are sleeping on this mattress. Therefore, you can move freely on the bed without disturbing your sleepy partner.

Muse has superb temperature absorbers that allow the mattress to react to your sleeping requirements. These absorbers work magically as they keep the temperature always right for a comfy, soundly sleep every night. Also, the mattress comes with extra features that are focused on giving utmost comfort and cool feeling. Say goodbye to that sticky feeling if you switch to Muse Mattress today.

Washing and Care Instructions

The cover of this mattress zips off. Wash the cover in cold water on the gentle cycle and tumble dry low. Do not iron; do not dry clean.

Don’t use any cleaning agent that may contain harmful chemicals like ammonia and bleach as they can damage the memory foam’s interior. Instead, use a protective cover for your mattress to keep it clean. You may try the hypoallergenic, breathable and waterproof mattress protector made by Muse.


Warranty and Refund

Muse Mattress is offered with a ten-year limited warranty. This warranty feature is offered to all first-time buyers who live in the US. Don’t buy cheap, fake Muse Mattress. You must buy from an authorized dealer to get the original product with warranty.

Muse is made in the United States. The manufacturer guarantees that only premium quality materials are used by their skilled workers in making their product. Muse complies with the industry standards & regulations so the product’s quality is 100% guaranteed.

Muse Mattress has a long-lasting water-resistant coating that protects the mattress itself. Also, it has a modern solid design that effectively endures pressure and wear. Its appealing features and the guaranteed quality made Muse Mattress a great choice for customers across the United States.

Just like some other manufacturers in the mattress industry, Muse also offers a long risk-free sleeping trial. The manufacturer lets you sleep on this personalized mattress for up to 120 nights to see and feel how good this product is. They recommend sleeping on it for one to two consecutive weeks as your body needs time to adjust completely to your new mattress. And, if you’re not fully satisfied with Muse Mattress, just return it without hesitations and you’ll get your money back. If you bought it from somewhere else, you should contact the seller’s customer support team to ask for a refund.

This 120-night risk-free sleeping trial is among the greatest worry-free policies so far. This policy is giving the consumers with enough time to experience and enjoy this mattress. Also, Muse gives back to the community. Customers who have requested a refund will be asked if they want to donate the mattress to a local nonprofit organization. If the local charity accepted the mattress, customers should email a copy of the donation receipt to the manufacturer. Muse will give you a full refund once they received the copy of your donation receipt.


Muse Mattress is indeed a high-quality, risk-free investment for every meticulous consumer. It has nice features that give the best value for your money. Try it now and see for yourself.

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