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NECTAR is a newer mattress company that is part of the new wave of mattress firms that are looking to cut out the middle man and sell directly to the consumer. This is not only a proven business model but one that helps the consumer save on their mattress purchase. I remember paying $4000 for a Sleep Number bed only 4 years ago from our Mall. I was thinking that this was going to be an outstanding bed because it was ‘$4000’. Turn out it probably should have cost much less, especially after comparing it to the mattress like the NECTAR and the Eight mattress, which are much less cost wise but still offer a quality mattress at a reasonable price.

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How does the NECTAR Mattress Sleep?

Your ideal night of sleep is expected to last about eight hours each night, which means your bed is the place you spend more time than any other. This is especially true if you factor in time spent reading or watching television in bed before closing your eyes. You sleep more than your total commute time. You probably sleep more than you actually work. In fact, chances are good you are mattress shopping right now instead of working.

The one constant and most important element to a night of good sleep is the mattress under you. If you are spending eight hours a night on a bed, you should expect it to be supremely comfortable and just as importantly, healthy to spend 1/3rd of your life upon. NECTAR Mattress succeeds at making you comfortable in multiple healthier ways.

The NECTAR Mattress is described as medium firm, which might mean something slightly different to you than it does to your neighbor, but it definitely implies comfort. If you’re one of those people who has avoided memory foam mattresses in the past because you feel like you are being swallowed by the mattress, the NECTAR will offer you far better support while retaining its shape and preventing you from rolling to the middle the way a spring mattress might.

That doesn’t mean the NECTAR isn’t soft – it still offers that plush comfort of memory foam, just without the uncomfortable give. NECTAR accomplished this with premium grade Certi-pur foams, which represent less than 1/10th of 1% of the foams produced for bedding and are certified free from unhealthy chemicals such as formaldehyde. In fact, NECTAR uses a very high proportion of vegetable ingredients for NECTAR’s custom made foams.

An 11-inch mattress thickness makes the NECTAR slimmer than some of the spring mattress pillow tops out there, but a luxurious thickness for the memory foam mattress options and a full two inches thicker than the standard premium offering. Still, at 11” you won’t find yourself needing to buy all new sheets when you upgrade your sleep experience to a newer mattress.

If you sleep with a partner, the NECTAR only moves under you, meaning your partner won’t be disturbed if you ever find yourself tossing and turning. This further improves the quality of sleep you get from a NECTAR Mattress.

How is the NECTAR Mattress Constructed?

The mattress is made up of five layers that combine to provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep.

The thickest layer and the one that makes the NECTAR Mattress durable enough to offer what the company calls their “Forever” Warranty is the bottom or Breathable Base Layer. This layer is a 2.2-pound high-density foam base, which means if you had a 12-inch cube of this foam, it would weigh 2.2 pounds. This heavy density foam is highly unusual to see in a mattress as the higher the density, the higher the cost to manufacture.

Above the base layer is a layer of Hi-Core Adaptive foam. This is the layer that provides contouring to your body and adapts the mattress to your pressure points. It’s designed to bounce back when you leave the bed, making sure you never get permanent indentations in the mattress. NECTAR uses a medical grade foam they have perfected over years manufacturing for the medical and healthcare market.

The first three layers of the mattress combine to keep you cool while you sleep. The removable Tencel and long staple cotton cooling cover on the outside wicks away any moisture generated while you sleep. The quilted gel memory foam layer below lifts you up and helps improve airflow through the mattress. The third layer made of Lush Foam gel memory foam absorbs and distributes heat to further assist in giving you a comfortable night’s sleep.

One other thing of note about the outer layer is that it can be replaced. For instance, if you buy one for your kid and she wets the bed, you can remove the original outer cover and replace it with a new one. This is handy for any wear to the exterior or other stains as well. In fact, a little known feature is that NECTAR will replace the premium removable cover once at no cost, simply by request.

Edges of the NECTAR Mattress are consistently firm, meaning you won’t feel like you are sagging off the bed while sitting on the edge.

What kind of bed frame does NECTAR work with?

The NECTAR Mattress is highly versatile. While the foam does not need a box spring underneath, you can use one if that’s your preference. Various types of platform and traditional frames are all compatible with the NECTAR Mattress, so you can keep your current bed frame and use it when you replace an existing mattress or if you decide to change out the bed too, feel confident the NECTAR Mattress will work with your chosen bed.

Adjustable Frame Support

We also tested this mattress on the new Lineal Adjustable Frame which offers support for all types of memory foam mattresses. This worked great with both the head up and feet up frame. The Lineal offers a massage function and this also worked great with the NECTAR mattress offers the full massage as you would get with the official Saatva mattress.

Packaging and Delivery

Among the many great benefits of the NECTAR Mattress is the fact that shipping is free.

The NECTAR Mattress ships as a tight roll that is sealed in multiple layers of plastic and canvas to keep it safe during transport. Convenient handles on the outermost layer make it easy to move NECTAR to the bedroom where you plan to set it up.

Setting up NECTAR is as simple as removing the plastic layers and letting the mattress unroll and expand to full size. If you’ve never watched a foam mattress expand before, it’s a fun experience watching something so compact grow to full size. It’s recommended that you wait to open the package until you have it in the bedroom where you will set it up, so that you don’t need to move the fully expanded mattress around your house.

Like some more expensive mattress products, NECTAR offers white glove service for removal of your existing mattress if you are replacing an old mattress with a NECTAR.

The NECTAR Mattress “Forever” Warranty and return policy

NECTAR is so confident in the quality of their mattresses they give you an industry-leading 365 days to decide whether you want to keep your NECTAR Mattress or not. That means you can sleep on the mattress every day for a full year, and if you decide on that last day you just weren’t satisfied with the past year’s sleep, you can still return it.

While it’s unlikely you will want to return your NECTAR Mattress, the company makes it easy if you are dissatisfied for any reason. You simply contact customer service, arrange a pickup time, and someone will come and take the mattress away.

Assuming you’ve decided to keep your mattress, NECTAR sweetens the deal further with what they call their “Forever” Warranty. If your NECTAR breaks from normal use, the company will replace it. If there happen to be any impressions in the mattress that exceed 1.0 inches over the course of your ownership, the company will replace the mattress. That replaceable cover mentioned earlier is also covered by the warranty – you ship the cover back to them in a prepaid return envelope and they will send you a new one.

Bottom Line on the NECTAR Mattress

That 365 day trial period makes it almost impossible not to try out a NECTAR Mattress. You can finance the total cost interest-free over six months directly with NECTAR, so you can even take it for a test drive without having to pay the full price up front. The quality of construction is comparable to the brands you’ve seen advertised at mattress specialty stores, but at a fraction of the price because there’s no storefront or commissioned salesperson between you and the mattress. If you’re a Goldilocks looking for a mattress that’s “just right” then you’ll appreciate the way NECTAR has managed to provide a just-firm-enough mattress to give you a comfortable cool night’s sleep without any of the sacrifices some other memory foam mattresses seem to make.

But don’t take my word for it, or do :).  See what others are saying about NECTAR here.

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