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IPinator VPN Is 1-Click Easy for VPN & SmartDNS Needs

In the VPN world there are plenty of services to choose from to protect your PC/Mac or portable Android or iOS devices. Today we are taking a quick look at IPinator VPN which looks promising from the ease of use to the number of IPs they offer.

Taking a look at the screen grab on Mac OSX 10.10.4, you can see a ‘minimalist’ approach to the layout. Not much to overwhelm the novice user but just enough to make this a powerful service and security tool.  According to their support, they say they have over 2000+ IPs that are constantly being rotated and cleaned that are used in over 80 locations around the world. This is to ensure that you are getting reliable connections from anywhere you are in the world. The settings are the same for both the PC (Widnows) and Mac versions.

There is also an app for Android users available here. The setup is basically the same as the PC/Mac versions except that the basic version only includes a dozen or so IPs. You can update for a nominal fee or just buy a regular license to unlock all the the IPs including their ‘premium’ IPs.  I was also told that an app for iOS is coming soon but you can use a Chrome Add-On within iOS devices and get the same effect as if you had an app. The Chrome add on is available here.

Here is a quick into informational video we found on the IPinator service:

Overall I’m impressed with the ease of use that IPinator offers for a VPN software.  The anonymous protection that I’ll get on my devices now is as easy as clicking the Hide My IP button. If for any reason I don’t want to hide my ip then again it’s a 1-click operation to get my regular IP back.  So if you are looking for a reliable and easy VPN solution for your computers or portable gadgets, you’ll like IPinator VPN because of the 1-time pricing they offer. At the time of this review the lifetime license is only $49 per device. A great deal since typical VPN services are usually around $10 a month.

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