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  • On October 2, 2017
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One of the best copper infused mattresses we have tried so far.

You will spend almost a third of your life sleeping. And you should know well that it is most important part of your day. The quality of your sleep heavily affects you throughout the time you are awake. With poor sleep, you tend to perform poorly in your job, have a bad mood, and even make rash and irrational decisions. Today, we are reviewing the Pangea Bed Mattress infused with copper. To sum up in a few words, ‘Pangea offers the best copper infused mattress we have seen to date.”

What Is Pangea Bed?

The Pangea Bed is a luxury mattress that offers lavish and exceptional sleeping experience. It takes advantage of the Talalay Latex and copper. For those who choose this mattress, it is an excellent investment. This is the perfect solution to improving your sleep and your life.

We tested this mattress with these accessories that you may want to consider

Talalay Latex

100% Pure Talalay is a unique process that transforms natural rubber, sustainably extracted from rubber trees, into the Latex used within your PangeaBed™ mattress. It provides an optimal balance of comfort, support, and durability while maintaining superior consistency and feel. Talalay Latex is the “Gold Standard” upon which all other foams and latexes are compared. It offers 33% more pressure relief than conventional foam and 4x more breathable than memory foam or synthetic Dunlop process latex thanks to its unique open cell structure. Talalay latex is made from rubber that has undergone Talalay processing. The process typically involves molding, freezing, and vulcanization. With those, the manufacturer of the latex can easily manipulate the look and feel of the product.

The Talalay Latex Pangea Beds use is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. The rubber used in producing the Talalay Latex for the mattresses come from rubber trees. After the latex is manufactured, it will undergo rigorous five-step washing processes.

Because of the washing process, all the unwanted materials are removed, like residual soaps, curing agents and proteins. This makes the latex hypoallergenic.

Copper Mattress

To improve the effectiveness of Talalay Latex, copper is added to it. What does copper have to do with anything sleep-related anyway? Copper is one of the elements with the highest thermal conductivity. In laymen’s terms, copper can conduct heat. It also has natural antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

Aside from its thermal conductivity, copper is known to also have antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Those properties further amplify the same effects of Talalay Latex. All of the 1.5” of Talalay Latex is infused with copper. This kind of setup is often referred to as the golden standard of latex material for mattresses.

In addition, the copper infusion makes the outer layer of the mattress more durable. Due to this kind of setup and the level of quality, Pangea Bed’s latex material is certified as Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.

We’ve brought together the most innovative materials in the industry to bring you a healthy mattress that showcases the exceptional benefits of copper. Our mattress is made up of 4 incredible layers:

  1. Soft Foam Quilted Cover: Crafted with premium materials to deliver a cover that is plush, breathable and durable.
  2. Copper Infused 100% Pure Talalay Latex: Creates a cool, antibacterial and hypoallergenic layer.
  3. PangeaBed™ Cool Gel: Reduces heat retention and pressure points, limiting tossing and turning.
  4. PangeaBed™ Support Foam: Offers superior support while contouring to the sleeper’s body weight, making it the optimum base for our layers.

Talalay Latex + Copper Mattress

We use a unique combination of Talalay latex and Copper to provide a cleaner and cooler sleep. These two materials work wonderfully together to complement each other. Talalay latex is naturally hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, inherently antimicrobial, as well as mold- and mildew-resistant. When copper is added it takes these cooling and cleaning attributes a step further. This element naturally fights off against all those germs while you sleep creating an antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial layer.  Copper also has unique heat dispersing properties that will keep you sleeping cool all night long.

Did You Know:

“Humans naturally produce 26 gallons of sweat in bed every year”

Scientists are speculating that our beds may be the cause of allergies

After just one night, your bed can accumulate a horrifying amount of bacteria, fungus, dead skin and mites

How We’re Solving That:

Our not-so-secret weapon? Copper. This antibacterial, hypoallergenic element naturally fights against all those bad guys while you sleep. Keeping you and your loved ones cleaner and safer.


  • Since it is significantly more resilient and durable, a Talalay mattress has a lifespan of more than a dozen years, more than most mattresses.
  • The foams in our mattress are CertiPUR-US certified
  • Talalay Latex is tested for harmful substances according to OKEO TEX Standard 100
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • 100 night trial
  • Free shipping
  • Comes condensed into a box and delivered right to your door

Copper Mattress Benefits:

The Manufacturing Process

The Talalay latex in our mattress goes through a unique manufacturing process that is environmentally friendly from start to finish. Keeping energy and water conservation in mind, utilizing natural ingredients from renewable resources.

Talalay Latex is put to the test. Each piece is robotically tested in 9 areas for consistency and uniformity, ensuring you an exceptional product.

The final product is extensively passed through an environmentally friendly 5 stage fresh washing process— the only one of its kind in the industry. Within this multi-stage self-cleaning washing process, water jets wash away residual soaps, curing agents and proteins. Between each set of je

ts, the products are squeezed to less than 4% of their total thickness to remove the maximum amount of residual materials from deep within the product. This vital step improves hypoallergenic properties by removing residual soaps, curing agents and proteins – therefore supporting the “hypoallergenic” claim and resulting in zero complaints of allergies over the past 30 years for Talalay Latex.

Mattress Layers

The secret in Pangea Bed’s effectiveness in improving your sleep is its mattress layer configuration. The topmost layer of the product is its cover. It is quilted with 5/8” of super soft foam, which makes it comfy, sturdy and almost maintenance free.

Pangea Bed mattresses also use high-quality welt tape for its cover’s edges. The welt tape adds durability, and it adds a luxurious appeal.

The next layer is the inner copper layer. Since copper is naturally antifungal and antimicrobial, this layer protects the next layers from getting penetrated by odor-causing fungi and microbes. In addition, the added durability makes the mattress capable of providing an additional 33% pressure relief, which makes it more relaxing to sleep on it.

After the copper layer, the Phase Change Gel Infused Memory foam layer can be found. It provides cooling effects and minimizes stress on your back’s pressure points. And due to its right mix of softness and hardness, this layer makes the user not turn and toss too much while sleeping.

At its core, the Pangea Bed Support Foam is situated. It is around seven inches thick, and it has a well-designed contouring to make sure that the mattress can support the weight of the user.

How to Get Pangea Bed

The fastest way to get your Pangea Bed mattress is to go online and visit its website: To get one, hover your mouse pointer on the Shop button located on its navigation menu — it should be located on the upper left part of the webpage. Once done, you will be provided with two items: Copper Mattress and Copper Pillow.

Click on the Copper Mattress image or label. You will be directed to the Copper Mattress product page. In there, you can select the size of the Copper Mattress that you want to have. In the same page, you can change the number of mattresses that you will get. If you are done selecting the size and number of mattresses that you will order, click on the Add to Cart button.

After that, the Shop Cart window will appear. In there, you can either checkout, view other cart items, or continue shopping around. Click on the checkout button to proceed. You will need to fill all the needed information in the checkout page to finish the transaction. The site accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. If you are finished providing all the necessary information, click on the Place Order button.

Unboxing of The Pangea Bed Mattress

The mattress will come in a shipping box rolled. About the shipping costs, you do not need to worry because it’s free.

When you unbox the package, expect that the mattress will have that “new mattress” smell. Do not fret; the smell will be gone after a few days of being out from its packaging. In terms of weight, Pangea Bed mattress weighs like a regular mattress. Of course, the larger mattress you ordered, the heavier it will be. The full-size box was around 65lbs. Handling the mattress was not very difficult. Two people can easily move this around. However, the lack of handles still has me baffled for these types of mattresses. This is not only for Pangea but I have not found one ‘box’ mattress maker to put handles on the sides of these. There must be a reason that I have yet to understand.

You do not need a bed or mattress support for Pangea Bed. You can just use it as is. The mattress easily passes the usual stress test. Jumping on it does not leave any indentations. If you are a bit heavy (around 200 pounds), jumping on it do leave indentations; however, the mattress will just spring back to its original form.

Sleeping on it is truly rewarding. It is a bit stiff at first, but after three to four nights of sleeping on it relaxes the mattress.

Durability wise, it is difficult to determine. Relying on online reviews of owners who already have it for a long time, Pangea Bed is difficult to damage unless you intend to. And if you are afraid of wasting money on this mattress, you can take advantage of the Pangea Bed 100-day guarantee.

One of the best copper infused mattresses we have tried so far.

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