Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters Coffee Subscription Review

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters from Calgary, Alberta Canada was founded in 2007 by Phil and Sebastian, two engineering students with passion for coffee andthe science of roasting and brewing the perfect cup.

Since starting out at the Calgary Farmers Market, Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters has grown to 5 award-winning cafes in Calgary and they ship coffee all over North America.

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Image: Chinook Centre Calgary location, one of 5 award-winning cafes

All of their coffees are ethically sourced and shipped to the roastery in refrigerated shipping containers, in order to maintain freshness.

Image: Refrigerated Shipping Container

Phil & Sebastian roast their coffee each week in a historic building located beside the Bow River in downtown Calgary, Alberta.

Image: Freshly roasting coffee at the historic Simmons Building

All of Phil & Sebastian’s coffees are ethically sourced directly from producers in 13 unique regions.  Their beans are roasted beside the Bow River in Calgary and freshly shipped out to eager Phil & Sebastian coffee lovers and independent cafes across Canada and the U.S.

Image: Sebastian and Phil meeting with a trusted coffee producer

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Phil & Sebastian coffee subscriptions can be customized by choosing espresso, filter or decaf coffee and the length of the subscription is completely flexible, to meet any budget.

Image: The Standard Espresso, Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

The Review

Image: Phil & Sebastian Coffee Subscription Boxes

The subscription box arrived and I immediately knew it was from Phil & Sebastian coffee because they stamp the outside of the box. My excitement grew as I opened the box, to reveal 2 bags of coffee beans, an espresso and a filter coffee. Both aptly named “The Standard”.  There were no enclosures in the box or tissue paper; the simplicity of the package was refreshing. Not too slick and indicative of their focus on roasting the best coffee and not getting caught up in the hype with packaging that drives up the cost.

This award-winning coffee is some of the best I ever tried. “The Standard” filter (drip) and espresso are Phil & Sebastian’s most approachable coffees, and are incredibly smooth. I brewed the filter first. It tastes like cocoa, nuts, and caramel, and I found it to be delicious on its own and with cream and sugar. The cocoa notes really come to the fore with the added cream, and make for a very pleasant cup.

I brewed “The Standard” espresso next, and tasted it on its own, then in a cappuccino. On its own, I tasted dark cherry, nougat, and toasted nuts, with hints of cinnamon too. Just like the filter roast, this espresso is very smooth, and is pleasantly free of the usual lingering harshness. The bitterness present is subtle, just enough for a little “kick”. In the cappuccino, I had the same experience of the cocoa and nuts being accentuated. I didn’t even need sugar in this, as the natural sweetness of the espresso and milk mixed nicely for a creamy, delicious drink.

There are a lot of coffee subscriptions out there, but if you are looking to try a Canadian coffee subscription with coffee roasted fresh in the Rocky Mountains, Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters is one to try.

They ship all over Canada and the U.S. and their shipping is included.

To build a coffee subscription, click here.

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