Philips Satin Perfect Epilator HP6576 Review: Expensive but Efficient


Epilators have positioned itself as the new favorite grooming product for the working age with women across the world. Manufacturers and sellers of Epilators have admitted that in the recent past, this modern age hair removal gadget has seen immense popularity amongst different section of women present in every corner of the world. Epilators not only helps you to remove unwanted hairs easily but its usage allows users to reach hard to reach places comfortably and efficiently. The market claims to offer 100 of models of epilator, as per consumer ratings Philips Satin Perfect Epilator HP6576 is a high-end epilator with great efficiency. In order to give broader idea about its feature, we have represented unbiased analyze of the product.

Philips Satin Epilator HP6576 Review

Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator

Hair removing is a lethargic task as we have to revisit same area many times in order to ensure smooth finishing. In order to minimize the usage time Philips Satin Epilator HP6576 uses the modern age ceramic discs. These discs act as the successor of traditional tweezers used in other models and tags this Philips top grossing model as a high end epilator. The compact design of the epilator helps user to easily handle it while using and also makes it easier to access hard to reach body parts. This epilator strengthens users trust with Philips brand value and multifunctional quality.

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The Philips Satin Perfect Epilator HP6576 is classified as Hypo-allergic epilator with egg shaped body offered in trendy white and champagne body finish. Its compact design helps users to handle the tool easily and ceramic discs presence ensures smooth and clean finish of the unwanted hair from all body parts. The power button is located on the upper side of the epilator that helps the user to easily switch on and switch off the epilator as per their desire. The precise design of the model carries the presence of active hairlifter technology that vibrates and ensures wiping out of flat lying hairs in the delicate body parts as the bikini area or the knee area. Philips has also guaranteed this model as its most efficient epilator with presence shave, trim and style attachment which formulates smooth result. The epilation head offers washing option for optimal hygiene quotient.

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Ceramic Discs

Unlike the presence of tweezers, the modern hair removing machine outshines amongst its counterparts with presence of ceramic discs. These discs are more powerful and handy than the traditional tweezers in other epilators. Presence of ceramic discs in Philips Satin Epilator HP6576 separates it from the other model, these discs help you to clean certain body part on the one go, on the other hand presence of tweezers requires users to apply the epilator on the same area multiple times. In addition to the Ceramic Discs, Philips model offers active hairlifter vibrator and active massage functional system for extra benefits. Users also get benefit of the washable epiliation head that helps you to get proper and optimal hygiene in the intimated body areas.

Speed Setting

The available model of the epilator offered by Philips carry voltage permission in between 100-240V and offers only one speed setting. Although it would be better on part of the company if it could have offered multiple speed settings that the user can choose as per his/her desire. You are free to choose the intensity of shave accordingly but the Philips Satin Epilator HP6576 offers only one speed setting.

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Head and Cap Types

Multi-usage high end epilator offered by Philips offers hair lifter system that helps the epilator to detect ingrown hair of up to 0.5mm length. Users can detach its epilation head easily and wash it timely for the optimal hygiene and smoothness of the intimate area skin majorly for the bikini area. The Philips Satin Epilator HP6576 carries active massage system that helps in stimulation and soothes skin from getting dark and hard. Attachments available with the epilator carry options of heads for professional shaving, trimming and styling to ensure ultra close and soft results for the users. Users can utilize the hairlifter vibrators in order to detect and eliminate flat lying unwanted hair from different body parts.

Noise Level

Philips boasts to be the no.01 men and women grooming product range manufacturer. The company has achieved its name by diminishing noise level of its product up to 67 decibels in all their epilators and men’s electronic razor range. Less noise and diminished vibrating agent classifies Philips Satin Epilator HP6576 as the most efficient and handy epilator in the market.

Wet and Dry

The above mentioned epilator offered by Philips has no tagline that it can be used in both wet and dry conditions. Although one of the main feature of the gadget allows its user to dismantle the epilation head and wash it each and every time after usage to ensure proper hygiene quotient. Users can use it in cordless manner but not during bathing or wet conditions inside the bathtub.

Where it can be used

Philips Satin Epilator HP6576 permits its user to use it perfectly for all body parts without any difficulty. As per company manuals you can easily apply this tool to eliminate unwanted hairs in legs and hands.

In case you are looking forward to purchase Philips Satin Epilator HP6576, it is important to view some of pros & cons of the model associated with it.


  • Offers Shaving Attachment
  • Rapid Charging Feature
  • Compatible for major body parts


  • No attachment available for facial unwanted hairs
  • Noisy as compared to other models
  • Costlier in comparison with same range models


The above mentioned model Philips Satin Epilator HP6576 carrier more advantages than the disadvantages. Its handy design and trust of brand name ranks it amongst most efficient epilators of the modern times. In case you are searching for epilator with decent price range with great functionality and effective nature than this product is probably the best for hair removing option.

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